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Apple picking with Mimi, just the two of us, yesterday. The apples were high in the trees, and small. I love apple trees. The air was cool and dry, the noonday sun dusky and golden. After about an hour she said, "Mom, let's go home," and I had been thinking the exact same thing. The drive through the country was long and sweet. We talked and sang. We're almost never, ever home by 2:00 p.m., but yesterday we were. I peeled and chopped apples while she stirred in the sink and filled it with apple peels and mountains of dish-soap bubbles (a cheap thrill I encourage). Applesauce simmered on the stove. The house smelled like cinnamon. Today I bought an autumn door wreath, little fake red apples on dried grapevine. I knew she'd like it, and she does. It will remind me of yesterday. Xoxoxoxo.

Thaaaaaaaank you for all of your great comments on my last post. Because of them I decided to chill psychologically the way I was already, in spite of myself or my to-dos, chilling physically. It's taking longer than I thought it would to find my motivation to do my chores, or much of anything else, but I'm down with it. I am knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting! I can't believe how much I am knitting. Last weekend we went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival with Amelia's birthgrandfather and -grandmother, who is a spinner and knitter. She made me the most gorgeous shawl for Mother's Day, using fiber from last year's festival that she spun and knit in lovely, natural shades. I need to take a photo of it, and luckily it's finally getting chilly enough that I'll be able to wear it soon. We've all gone to the festival together for the last three years, and though I don't often find yarn for myself there (there is more fleece than yarn available to buy, I think) I do come away so inspired. Sometimes I think I just want to do nothing but knit. I've been knitting so much I haven't even taken the time to photograph the things I have knit. This gorgeous, russety weather won't last, so there will be time (though perhaps no gorgeous, russety light).


you had me at "russety."

happiest autumn to you and yours ~

Yes, the light is gorgeous right now isn't it. The apples look just perfect in it. It's the time of year for knitting I think. I loved reading the comments on your last post too, I found them very reassuring! Wishing you and yours a good weekend Alicia. CJ xx

Goodness, your baby girl looks like a character straight out of a picture book about autumn here! Lovely light we're getting now.

She is so magnetic!♥
And your photos are too.

When did your little baby girl turn in to a big girl! That one photo of her looking back. Whoa! Gorgeous photos, as usual. I didn't comment on the last post but yes, it's ok to take things slow. Enjoy the peace and quiet. There's not a lot of it these days. :D

These lovely, warm Autumn days are getting shorter so enjoy every second. Your photos are lovely, your prose is like a refreshing cup of tea. And now you've made me think about apples. I just heard about making apple butter in a crockpot. I've never even bought a jar of it but I want the house to smell like yours looks Maybe I'll even put it up for Christmas gifts. Another project for the list...mine, not yours!

...those legs...how did they get so long?!?!?!

it makes me uber happy to see these pics with their autumn feel and light. it's so encouraging to know it's fall somewhere! our september, much like our august has been hot, humid and unseasonably green. i yearn for the orange, yellow and red of fall. i am amazed at how grown up amelia is since starting her school...she's grown 6 inches at least! so sweet and so fetching in her seasonal clothes.

I really enjoyed the images in this post.. so Autumnal.. I need to get some photos of the apples on our tree.. pears too. I so wish I'd seen you at the OFFF.. I'd really like to say hello to you in person some day. Although I feel like you're a friend even though we've never been face to face. :-) Now I want to make apple sauce. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I want to make apple 🍎 crumble now x

Big girl legs! My goodness the time passes too fast. Fibre Festivals...so fun and yes, so inspiring. Love those copper kitchen lamps. Love the apple with the little bite too. Thanks for this.

Amelia is looking SO mature! She didn't just grow this summer, she's looking like a young lady.

i love love love that mimi walks so much. as a child in chicago, we walked everywhere. we romped through axehead lake by o'hare and thatcher woods, you know where. :>)) what a brilliant young lady she has become. tomorrow is 01 october. my birth month, as well as meems'. what a perfectly smashing choice for her top at the orchard. i love the expression in 'apples 11'. as always, a beautiful post. thank you, alicia.

Despite it being the second month of Spring here in South Australia, we are still experiencing deepest wintry weather. I mention this because I too have had a crazy upsurge in knitting and now wonder how I had let it go to a level of around only one project completed every two years or so. Since May I have knitted my daughter a cardigan, hat and boot toppers and four scarves for me. Now working on another cardigan for my daughter. Have also started a knitting club at the school where I teach and have 'Knit a Row and Go' bags set up in the stateroom where staff are communally knitting on scarves and rug squares to give to charity in break times. Yes, I too could just sit and knit and knit and knit,

Seeing your blog pop up on my screen always brightens my mornings. Knit, knit, knit... being retired I am lucky enough to have the time and certainly the desire. Downside is that once an avid reader I rarely pick up a book - always go for my needles instead! Your sewing is amazing and you also KNIT, cook and lovingly raise that adorable girl. Good for you!

Oh, how I love your posts! Enjoy your knitting and beautiful girl. Life comes in seasons. I love how you are enjoying each one to the fullest and sharing it with us. You always make me smile and remember when my now 20 somethings were babies and how much fun we had.

Thank you for bringing beauty to this crazy world!!

Apple day's delight . . .
Love this time of the year . . .
If it would only stop rainy . . .

I am starting to plan my knitting projects, getting excited as the days get cooler. I love all of the photos you share-thank you for that! And I love that copper lamp your kitchen, have to try and find one for me!

Beautiful pictures. Your sweet girl reminds me so much of the illustrations in the Eloise Wilkin illustrated Little Golden Books. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

A girl's day out ~ perfect. Yum, applesauce. Did you add cinnamon candies to turn it pink & spicy? ❤️
I thought I heard the sound of knitting needles humming right along. Good for you, this is the best time of year for knitting. I'm knitting right along with you. Seems I just can't knit fast enough in order to finish all the patterns I want to knit. 😍
I so look forward to the Oregon Flock & Fiber every year. We must encourage you to try your hand at spinning. I just know you'd like it. And if you ever do there's a new book on the market that is perfect for the beginner to the expert. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/1612125212/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=JIN2B4LL9TRP&coliid=I3KJ2M09TSBH5R
And while I'm here there is also another fun book you might enjoy.📚 https://smile.amazon.com/dp/163217068X/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=JIN2B4LL9TRP&coliid=IJJJZRC4MINL2

Oh, this "russety" weather... makes my world go around. :-) Sometimes you just need to take a break from life & knit. I'd be happy knitting for days... too bad the laundry needs to be washed. :-)

It all looks so warm and cozy. I need to start knitting again. I got cross last year after I knit the same hat 3 times and managed to destroy it each time right at the very end. I wonder why apple picking is not such a big thing in the UK🤔

Fall is just the best, isn't it? It's in the air here, too, though still a little bit warm but the humidity has finally receded. I've been eating lunch outside and reading Harry Potter every day during my lunch hour and it is my slice of heaven. Apple picking with littles is sooooo much fun, I really miss those days, but love reliving the memories here. Keep Fallin'😉 Beautiful post, thank you! P.S. I really must learn to knit, I know I'd love it!

Lovely photos. Fall is my favorite season and I miss it so much, living in Puerto Rico. I'm thrilled that I'm hopping on a plane with my kids to visit Grandma and Grandpa in NH this week!

I have been away from my blog for many many months. So glad to keep up with you on instagram :) This will be my first fall/winter in my empty nest...I will be so glad to spend time going back and catching up on things here. Your words always bring me ginormous amounts of peace and calm and love. She is such a sweet pea...loved this age so much! Sending love from Muskoka! xo

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