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One more weekend away, squeezing the last golden drops out of summer at our favorite place on the river. It felt slow but it went fast. Crickets sang, ducks floated by. The beds were cozy and the coffee was hot. The mornings were dark and freezing, the afternoons bright and blustery and filled with falling leaves and spinning maple seeds. The river was low. The bees were plentiful. We laid on the quilt and looked up at the sky and listened to the wind in the trees and the birds calling to each other. I didn't get a picture of the bright green bullfrog that sunned himself on a rock right next to me yesterday morning. We both sat watching the river roll by. And what a lovely time it was!


Ah, life is good. Sounds like a glorious week-end at such a beautiful time of year.

Such bliss. So happy to enjoy these lovely glimpses... I feel an easy sigh of contentment, just from gazing at your pictures. Thank you for that~

Lovely girl of the river photos. These days will set you up for fall. By the way that quilt has beautiful colours.

These last few days of summer are blissful aren't they. You've captured it beautifully. Is that a lobster?! CJ xx

What a little beauty you have on your hands! That picture of her on the rock with the green net is idyllic. Don't you just treasure those moments with our kids? And how lovely to capture one or two of them on camera to freeze just one moment for the future. It goes too fast.

Did you put her in Waldorf school? Wherever she is it sounds like a wonderful experience!

we are definitely slipping full on into fall quickly in the pnw! LOVE the photos of Amelia in her nightgown, sneakers and net with the misty river. what a great get away. :)

I live in Australia so we just came into the wettest spring on record. Looking at your pictures makes me so long for summer with my 2yr old!

I've never enjoyed anything so much as I do your blog. The pictures are beautiful. The narrative comparable to professional writers and so beautifully descriptive. I don't post much, but your blog always touches something deep within. Thank you.

Your blog is gorgeous - you even made me feel better about the end of summer.

Sometimes your photographs take my breath away and I have to remind myself to breathe.

What little sweater pattern is that?

Wonderful final summery days . . .

Spending the official end of summer enveloped by nature. 🚣🌳🐛

What a wonderful place to spend the last golden days of summer. How fun that Mimi caught a crawfish! Heck, if you'd have caught a bucketful, you could have made crawfish etouffee! Loved the image of her balancing on the rock in the river. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

lyn lindsay says: September 15, 2016 at 02:27 AM

Your little girl is growing and so is her hair she looks like she enjoys life, you are a clever sewer, knitter, cook and a great parent, enjoy these magical moments, they are precious.

Lovely photos as usual!
Question: what yarn do you use for Amelia's sweaters? I am going to be knitting my first baby sweater soon and I would like it to be machine washable, but I hear all sorts of things about yarns stretching in the wash and having to be squeezed back into shape. Any words of wisdom?

I always love your posts. I get lost in the pictures. Do you mind sharing the sweater pattern. I love it.

These are beautiful! I love the one where she is holding her hair away so she can see what she is trying to catch! My little girl does that too. :) Can you share where you get her cotton gowns? My little one has started to ask for gowns instead of jammies with pants and all I can find are gowns with flame retardant in them and they are a yucky feeling, not natural material. :) Thanks!!! Also, enjoy those fall days. Here in South Carolina we are still in the 90s!

Love the sweater! What is the pattern. I looked at your Ravelry page, but didn't see it. I need to whip up one for my daughter and it looks perfect. I love cables!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures....I would LOVE to be somewhere like that right've made my morning tea much better!!

I wish the temps here would hurry up and drop! That sweater is beautiful. I'm almost finished with one that has a cable yoke for my youngest, then I need to do another for the 6 year old. I just want knit all the things right now. :)

Seems like you had a nice weekend! Beautiful pictures you have :)

Your images and words are soothing beyond belief. Thank you.

I so hope you're working in your novel :)

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