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I organize all of my blog photos in folders by year, and then by month, and then by day. In looking through November's this morning, I don't think there is any other month that starts as much in one season and ends as much in another. I love winter. I feel like I come alive, somehow. Winter, winter: Bare branches. Pink skies. Muddy streets. Evergreen scents. Misty rain. Cold mornings. Smoke from neighborhood chimneys. Kitchen afternoons. Fogged up windowpanes. Mimi takes a bunch of miniature fake pine trees and and sets them up in her room next to her mushroom nightlight. She fluffs up her bed, all flannel sheets and gingham comforter and quilt after quilt, and climbs in. "Mom, look at me." I open the back door in the darkness of early morning and sniff the chilly air. Delicious shiver. Hot coffee. Winter. I am a daughter of the North Wind.

I hope you are well. Thanksgiving was lovely. The whole past weekend was so wonderfully long. I kept getting my days messed up, forgetting where we were in the long stretch. We made the house a bit Christmassy on Saturday and Sunday and then I spent as much time as I could hand-stitching a whole bunch of felt ornaments for Amelia's little tree that we usually put upstairs in the big bedroom. I used so many different patterns (all other peoples' patterns) and they all came out so cute and I had so much fun doing it it was ridiculous. I will take pictures of them and show you next time. We haven't gotten our trees yet.

Fabric for the rest of the kits is supposedly on the UPS truck right now, coming to our house by the end of the day. Stacey just left after having pulled all of the floss. I'll pick up the patterns on my way to get Mimi at school. We are sure we can get everything out by the end of the week, so thank you again for all of those (new) orders. Love and Joy is sold out, and we won't be doing more. We've held out fifteen kits, as we always do, for emergencies and lost packages and all that sort of thing and once we have confirmed that everyone who ordered has received their kit we will trickle them back out onto the web site but for all intents and purposes, the kits are all sold and I thank you so much for that. Thank you.

Do you remember the Alice dress? That was 2010. I know. Dear me. All of it. This girl. And that lovely creature peeking out from behind her mother's elbow up there is my beautiful niece, who just turned eighteen. whole. years. old. this month. I recently found that painting (it started here, went wrong here, recovered here, and ended up here) I did of her in 2009 and gave it to her just this weekend for her birthday. Oh, time.


oh I can't believe the kits are all sold out!!! i was hoping to buy one maybe. i'll keep my eyes peeled if they do happen to trickle back into your store. :) love love love your work.

Amazing that she's wearing that dress now :) That whole post was so sweet. I love this blog. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!

I had been waiting and wondering when the Alice dress would make its appearance. 😊 I remember when you made that many years ago and bring so amazed and enamored with your talent.

That photograph of the silver. Be still my heart. I just love the quirky photograph you take turning ordinary things into beautiful ones. I'd never think to photograph my silver ware. Now I just might!

I started working on my Love and Joy kit. I'm a bit nervous I'm going to run out of white floss. Fortunately I have a skein or two in my stash. And also just an FYI the link to the floss organizing in the Love and Joy page goes to the Night Neighborhood floss organizing page. Fortunately I think I managed to organize my floss with the help of a DMC floss chart.

It's just all so very beautiful. I'm grateful for your blog. It's such a warm place to visit every week. As ever, thanks so much for sharing your sweet life.

Oh, lovely, so much love and wonderment here. I remember Alice and so much that you have shared through the years. I am thankful to be a part of your world, thankful that you share the up and down and in between. There is magic in all of it.

The clean lines of the stemmed glasses on your Thanksgiving table gave me pause--I've been looking for something just like them. Can you please share where you got them?

Your silver drawer...swoon! Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. My college guys come home and we all eat, talk, eat, watch football, shop, eat, watch movies. I love it.

Raising my hand! I remember the Alice dress and have always thought it was exquisite. How absolutely lovely to see Amelia wearing it now!

Julie Melia says: November 29, 2016 at 04:46 PM

I will be stalking your store for the few kits may trickle in. I missed my chance to order Love and Joy. Hopefully not this time.

oh my goodness could anything be cuter than those little name cards and rocks? what a little crafter! and i am loving the window decor. it's fab. lovely photos and life.

I, too, have been waiting on tiptoe to see your daughter in the Alice dress. It was my personal favorite!

Thank you.
If this were a party, and not the comment section of a blog, you might see me gazing in awestruck wonder, and you'd know by my expression how happy, thankful, impressed, inspired, and quiet I can be. Sometimes words just cannot be summoned, but I think you know... I hope you know...

Kristen from MA says: November 29, 2016 at 07:04 PM

That painting! Is there no end to your talent, Alicia? ❤️

I always say this, but thank you so much for sharing your soft, pretty world. Your photos and gentle words inspire me so much.

Lovely to see Arden here again. I recognised her photo before i read your words. So grown up. Time indeed flies. Miss Amelia's table decorations are so sweet. And I truly appreciate your first paragraph, a poem in praise of winter. I love winter too.

Oh my heavens! Is that truly Arden? 18 already??!! I swear I was reading her mom's blog just the other year and that Arden was still a young girl. Shocked I am. OLD am I!!! Eek. I like dreaming of winter where you are. I'm up in central-northernish Canada and we've got this awful snow, melt, snow, rain and supposedly plummeting temps this weekend. Ick. All it means is awful skating rink roads. But your winter sounds lovely. And bearable. Lol.

A beautiful girl indeed, and how the years gallop by. Love the photos of the woodpecker and that little splash of red on his head, amazing. Glad you had a good week. CJ xx

Stefanie P. says: November 30, 2016 at 04:47 AM

Loving the smattering of freckles across the bridge of Amelia's nose! You are such a dear to allow us this incredible glimpse into your world. Seeing Amelia's childhood played out, makes this old mother's heart ache. Keep her close and enjoy each moment! They are truly fleeting!!!!

Beautiful silverware. Can you tell us what pattern that is? Amelia's dress is pretty, a lot of work. I don't think I would mind your winters instead of our snow and cold and

Can I ask where you got your plates? I have seen so many cute ones of yours. Are they all thrift shop purchases?
Love all your photos. Happy Holidays!

Such a great post. I moved from WA State to Virginia and was thinking the other day how much I miss seeing smoke from everyones chimmineys and the smell from the evergreens. So happy to see Amelia in that dress and your niece's haircut is the cutest.

*sigh* as always, a lovely lovely post. your meems photos tell a story of a child always in motion. re your love of winter, wasn't river forest and oak park just beautiful in winter and decked out for christmas? as a chicago native, i love a change of seasons. i especially loved the snow in the streets when it began to look like brown sugar. it's snowing now here in omaha. alicia, you are a brilliant woman. thank you for sharing and letting us "peep" into the windows of your life. *siiiigghhhh*

I Love your holiday photos. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday: all the family, traditions and food without the hassle of gift shopping and worrying about the gifts.

Rats. The links from your painting post back to Blair's blog posts on the photo painting and glittering (dating back to 2009, I guess) no longer work. Do you know of any linky-dinks about that process or what that particular process is called? I'm going to try to research that. Looks creative and much rewarding. I'm sure your niece will treasure that painting for the rest of her life. :-)

Janine Olson says: November 30, 2016 at 10:29 AM

Your blog is a place of peace and beauty. Thank you! Have a wonderful holiday season. X

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