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Well, hello! Apparently, it's March. The days just go so fast. . . .

Thank you for all of the sweet words and reminiscences on my last post. That was so much fun. It took forever to put together but it was really fun to do. I wish I could do cool stuff like that more often but I don't because my brain is not that organized. I made a to-do list the other day and it looked like the dog's breakfast, as they say. I'm kind of all over the place. Volleying at the net, as I say. Thwack, tennis ball. Thwack at you, another tennis ball. Backhand, forehand, through the legs. Missed that one. We all went for a long walk last weekend and got lost, and wound up wandering around randomly, eventually working (ugh, it was a slog, uphill) our way back to a favorite cafe and a club sandwich for mama, after which I felt much better about everything. Everything feels mildly reckless and scattered. My projects are coming together, but I need to keep my racket up. I feel flat-footed. Quilt kits are 75% of the way there but they're not there yet.

I love age four. I love it. She's so sweet and so dramatic and so imaginative and so, so, so sweet. Aaaaaaagh. I love her so much. Girl doesn't stand still. The only clear picture I could get of her in her new sweater was when she was trying to balance a yardstick on her head. She never stands still, or sits still, or lays still until the minute that last note is sung (I sing her to sleep every night) and we get under our covers together and I wrap my arm around her, and she literally falls asleep in less than a minute. I lay there in bed with her, luxuriating (finally stopping for a minute) in between the pale pink flannel sheets before slipping out of bed. I leave her in the big bed until Andy gets home at 9:00 p.m., and then he transfers her to her own bed long after she's fallen asleep. When I open the bedroom door, Bridget and Clover Meadow are always just on the other side of it, waiting for me. The minute Amelia is asleep the pets always come out, and seem to relax. We all go downstairs and clamber onto the couch to wait for Andy to get home. I pull out my yarn basket. I'd made a new Cricket sweater for Mimi much earlier this winter but just got around to blocking it. The Thousand Tiny Tulips sweater came out quite cute, and she loves it, and I needed that. I saw Amanda's blanket and, at almost the exact same moment, a little vintage copy of Tale of Two Bad Mice that Andy had bought me as a surprise arrived in the mail, so I decided to start a sport-weight stash blanket for Mimi inspired by its colors. The blanket is crocheted, in moss stitch, with an E hook, wide enough to fit across her toddler bed, done is horizontal stripes, each one as wide as whatever amount of yarn I have left in that partial skein. No thinking, other than choosing the next color. This is the start of my Beatrix Blanket (it's folded in half, here):


I think this is right:

Chain an odd number of stitches the width of the blanket you'd like.

Foundation Row: Sc in the 3rd ch from the hook, *ch 1, skip next ch, sc in the next ch; repeat from * to end, turn.

Row 2: Ch 2, sc in the next ch-1 sp, *ch 1, sc in the next ch-1 sp; repeat from * to end, ending with a sc in the ch-2 sp at the start of Row 1, turn.

Repeat Row 2, changing color at the end of a row when you run out of yarn for each color, until your blanket is the desired length.

It feels good to make a stash blanket and use up some of this stash that has been, literally, in some cases, almost two decades in the making. I think Beatrix and I have almost the same palette, so, colorwise, this is no stretch, and immensely satisfying for that, as well.
***Oh, and: Mimi is wearing her Bunny Rabbit sweater, above, too, which is here.


Just so lovely -- all of it! I love seeing a glimpse into your world, full of magic and pink, all around! It makes my happy :-)

Oh! I sent you an email last week inquiring about the quilts. I'm hoping you got it. I know you are so busy...

Thank-you for brightening my day! Happy March!

Your post reminds me of the ONLY afghan my mother made. She made it out of RUG yarn so it is really heavy. She didn't know how to change colors so each stripe is a skein's worth. A stripe may end in the middle of a row; it ended when the yarn ended. I wouldn't give it up for ANYTHING. She's been gone for 15 years now and it's like a hug every time I use it or even just see it. People who wait to be perfect at something--please don't. Make that tangible something for the ones you love; it will comfort them longer than you can know.

The little sweaters are so precious! I have made several blankets with that stitch and lots of left over yarns. I love them.

Oh 4!!! how wonderful it is! as i looked at all the pictures of Mimi and saw that little book about the mice, i was reminded of this book that you HAVE to get for her (and for you--i KNOW you'll love it).

also, she's ready for Shirley Hughes' Alfie and Annie series. my son and i spent many happy times reading together. i think your girl will sit still for these books. the illustrations and the stories are enchanting and engaging.

Two bad mice are a real joy. Only surpassed in my view by Peter Rabbit (I love the white cat staring into the pond) and the lovely Tomasina Titlemouse. Beautiful blanket, love to you and yours from Abingdon, Oxon, England

oh wow, that green yardstick sweater is the best ever! it could be worn by anyone any age anywhere. beautiful....just like that little muff!

What a lovely sweater! I sure would like to know how you did that cute little fabric placket on the inside of the buttonholes!

Have you seen the ballet of Beatrix Potter's stories? It's wonderful! You two might enjoy watching it together. We have it on video--from the 80s I think. The costumes are amazing!

Hi Alicia, I love your blog and have been reading it for a while, though have never commented. But your Beatrix Potter blanket reminded me of a book on my shelves that you might be interested in: 'The Beatrix Potter Needlepoint Book' by Pat Menchini - it also contains some knitting patterns inspired by Tom Kitten et al.
Looking forward to seeing how your blanket goes; The Two Bad Mice is one of my daughter's favourite Potter stories - I think because those mice are so naughty!

So much wooly goodness here! I still can't crochet [sigh]. Four is a fabulous age. Last night we spent some time watching old videos of the kids (now 12 & 16) and it was wonderful, gosh they were so darn cute! Glad you are enjoying Beatrix Potter. I remember having several of he books as a child but I especially loved a record which had several stories read by Vivien Leigh I loved to sing along with it!

I opened up my old copy of The Tale of the Two Bad Mice and noticed the inscription says 'to Wendy on her 4th Birthday', so sweet.

Was it difficult to make that fabric button band for the Cricket sweater?

Love your posts and especially your pictures xx Hayley ( all the way from Australia)

Hi Alicia, I was going to mention the movie, "Miss Potter" with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor but I noticed someone else already suggested it. When I saw that movie, I went out and purchased a set of Beatrix Potters books. My grandson was only 1 at the time, so I just read them and enjoyed them myself. I recently moved and came across the set while trying to pack everything up. So I set it aside to remember to read the stories with my granddaughter. I really love the new crocheted blanket and will begin one as soon as I can decide on the colors. Thanks for all the crafty inspiration you share with us.

I just want to sneak into that living room, curl up, and escape the world for a few hours... so cozy and inviting. Life at four.... so much fun and lots of things to explore! Every time I visit your blog I just gaze at your gorgeous pictures.

I always enjoy having my morning latte while reading your posts - can't wait to see your kits! I'm finishing up Mr. Fox and love doing handwork. I'm sooo glad you share your world with us (and your wonderful crafts too)!

Raised in the lush Pacific Northwest, I was so happy to discover your wonderful blog about 6 months ago. Thank you for such generous sharing. I was pleased to see your beautiful blanket and learn of the moss crochet stitch. ;-)

She is growing so incredibly fast! The sweaters are beautiful! You're so talent! Love the photo of your city. Thanks for showing a blanket made in crochet. I usually see lots of things made in knitting and I don't knit. I appreciate seeing some crochet work. Wonder what type of yarn you used and the needle size for the crochet blanket. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Alicia - what a wonderful post! Routine when I see a new post from you - small squeal, close laptop, go and make a hot drink, snuggle up on sofa, open laptop and enjoy :)
Everything in this post is lovely, and so wonderful to watch your beautiful daughter grow and blossom.
I share your love of Beatrix Potter and am inspired to start an embroidery of those little mice!
Crochet blanket cast on - thanks for sharing! xx

What beautiful cardigans. And Amelia is the perfect cardigan model. When my older son Oliver was little we used to listen to a cassette tape of the British actor Wendy Craig reading (and singing) some of the Beatrix Potter stories. She had the perfect voice to bring out the humour and the mischief of the characters. I see you can still get this on CD or vinyl. Oliver is now 36 and the little songs, e.g. for Piggling Bland or Squirrel Nutkin, have stuck in my head even though the tape is long gone.

How beautiful is she? It's only a few weeks since she was a little baby, really... the time flies by!

I know you are a really busy lady, but don't ask, don't get as my Dad used to say. I write a hyggely blog called How to Hygge the British Way and I have a Friday feature about hygge blogs... like yours, rather than blogs that say hygge in the title. The aim is to show how we've been hyggering all the time but now we have the word to call it. I would really love to feature your blog. I'd love for you to answer a couple of questions and give me permission to use a couple of photographs. Please contact me if this is something you'd consider it.

You have inspired me!
Have you seen all the new Beatrix Potter things from Magic Cabin?

Your blog, your home, your knitting, your embroidery, your celebrating,your baby:)you, your family are just a delight. In this busy busy world you teach us all so much.

May God continue to bless your sweet family and the work of your hands.

The sweaters are so cute..especially love the blue one with the tiny floral fabric. I wish I knew how to knit so I could make tiny doll size sweaters like that, but knitting seems very scary. I recently went and bought some yarns & hooks & re-learned how to crochet after 25 yrs (hard for us lefties) & my granny squares are still somewhat skewed..weird.

as the mother of a crazy child who never sits still I love the joy you have in this aspect of Mimi! It's all too easy to get exhausted by this type of child but it's possible to be energised by them with the right attitude. and camomile tea helps :) lovely lovely photos as ever xx

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