Signs of Spring

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I'm mildly aghast at how much knitting I've done this winter.

The lavender vest was actually finished in November. The lavender cardigan-in-progress I just started last week. It's called Gilipeysa and will be a steeked lopapeysa cardigan, made not with lopi wool but with the Summer Wool. Yoke colors in olive green and cream. Ribbon to trim inside of button band to be chosen from the above, but will likely be the third from the right (and those were from here). For those who asked about how I added the ribbon to my Cricket sweater, I actually used a piece of purchased bias tape (I think it was from Fabric Depot, ages ago) and followed dear Mrs. Cleaver's tutorial, which is very good. Her sweet Little Buds sweater (the greenish-blue) was actually made (I just looked it up) right before she was born, when I knew she was coming but still didn't really believe she would be ours. Oh, knitting. You do help with everything, dear knitting.

Today is the first day that it hasn't been pouring cold rain in as long as I can remember. Spring is just starting to make herself known here, especially now that there isn't cold, pouring-down rain falling on my head every minute. Buckling a kid who won't sit down into a car seat twelve times a day basically sucks when cold water is pouring down on your head every minute of every day. I know I shouldn't complain about rain since I spend every minute from July through September longing hopelessly for it. But honestly, Portland, you have been trying my patience in a million ways lately so thank you, I say petulantly, for the one non-pouring, almost-sunny day out of about the past fifty thousand. Or so.

Quilt kits are in the homestretch, you guys. I'm hoping for next week? I have a few more things to do. You see, I have ZERO concentration at night. All I ever do after Amelia goes to bed is knit and surf Etsy for old patterns and eBay for used kid's clothes (because Amelia now has almost nothing that will fit her this spring) and watch Rosemary and Thyme episodes on YouTube. That's it. I've tried to change this but I'm so fried at the end of the day. I've been trying to stay up a little later, past 9:00 p.m. (seeeeeeeriously), but we get up so early around here that it is almost impossible. Ah, well. I've never been a night owl. But it is hard to only ever have about two hours a day, other than when the kiddo's at pre-school, to myself. When Andy's home I have a little more time. But a lot of the time the three of us do stuff together, then. Well, it's all good. It's just hard to balance everything. I don't know how people do it. I don't seem to do it very well. I get tired. There's really a lot to do. I really need to start the taxes, too. Ugh.

If you've been reading this blog for a while you might have heard me mention cherry soap, specifically Crabtree and Evelyn cherry soap. This was my favorite soap back in the 'eighties, when I was a young lass. This soap was discontinued sometime in the early 'nineties and I've never stopped longing for it. Occasionally, through the years I would surf eBay looking for some and could never find any. Well, I finally found some a few weeks ago and was practically sputtering with excitement. I've never hit that "buy now" button so fast in my life. ALAS, the soap came and the scent is completely gone. SOB!!! This is what you get when you buy twenty-five-year-old soap, I guess. But was there ever a prettier box in the history of the world???


Oh God bless you for making me feel normal. :) I especially appreciate your comments about nighttime energy. Every night when I'm doing the dishes I make all these plans for the evening. But once I get the littles to bed I'm so exhausted all I can do is surf etsy and dream of things to make. sigh. This sunny day is glorious and that vest so beautiful! I've added it to my must do list.

Jergens cherry almond lotion is so delicious! I quit buying years ago because I was afraid it had a bunch of crappy ingredients. Avedas Shampure shampoo and jergens cherry almond lotion are very nostalgic and remind me of being 19! Sigh!

I think it's the end of winter or something. For the last few weeks, I've been in bed and too tired to read by 8:50. Crazy! Once we get to Spring for real I bet we all perk up!!

Your daughter is so precious in her little ballerina outfit...oh my....I am still smiling...too cute for words. I am making your Beatrix Potter blanket... I, like you, can only relax in the evening and I want something mindless to work on and that blanket fits the bill! I tried to match the colors as well as I could with what I have and I am happy with it so far. Thank you so much for the inspiration you give as I needed something to perk me up after having frogged about 3 knitting projects in a row! I just don't know how to fix or undo mistakes in knitting...sad but true! Spring is here in the Ozarks too but now we are supposed to get our first snow of the season tomorrow! What?
I received my kits and yarn from you and I've started on one of the bunnies...only to round 6 so far and counting those stitches very carefully! I'm slow right now but I hope I speed up a bit. they're going to be so sweet when they're done.
I'm glad to hear I am not the only one feeling so tired out lately.
You will never know how much I appreciate your links to patterns and websites. You have 'perked me up' more than once with your projects.
Sometimes that all a gal needs is a new book, a new tea, a new recipe, or a new project to get the mojo back! Thank you for providing it! I can't wait to watch Rosemary and Thyme....I had no idea! Have you watched When Calls the Heart on Netflix? Love that one too....I think you would like it! Have a great weekend!

Yes, I remember the cherry soap. Back in the day we had fewer luxury bath options (which made life simpler) then my town got a little Crabtree and Evelyn apothecary type shop. While a teenager, it was a splurge for me to buy that soap *sigh* oh, the nostalgia!

It should have confections, that pretty box. This post is raising my giddiness to new levels... as Maria and I are anticipating another PNW visit. With spring getting ready, our days hold even more promise for goodness.

I just a wrote blog post this week all about how my productivity is basically shot once I get my daughter into bed, which means that because of her nature and her age, I only get about 3 productive hours (total) a day :). So it goes! But there are so many other things about this season of my life that I absolutely adore, so I'm okay with having a lot of things take a backseat for awhile!

I have never heard of nor smelled cherry soap, but if it is never to be experienced again that is certainly a loss to mourn. :-(

I used to like to buy Palmolive soap because it reminded me of my grandma. At our house we used Ivory, but at hers, it was Palmolive for our baths, and its unique scent. I was truly crushed when it was discontinued many years ago -- it was as if part of Grandma had lived on until that moment, and I grieved.

Then what do you know, I saw some at Grocery Outlet and bought at least a couple dozen bars of it, which I still have on a shelf. I think now that you have reminded me I will take out a bar and use it :-) - And especially when the grandchildren come and take baths at my house!

Long past the days when I was exhausted at the end of a child filled day, I find myself remembering certain elements of my life then. I made all my clothes and uniforms then (nurse) and would sew in the evening when the littles were in bed. Sleep was such a luxury. I have held on to many of the routines that served me well then. Savor this time ladies, wrap your memories in your head and heart. I don't remember the Cherry Soap Scent, remember I was child rearing and exhausted and thrilled if I had time to bathe :) The Bath and Body Shops have one that I have been using for several years, it is Japanese Cherry Blossom. There are two versions, I prefer the older style. Lovely photo's, sweet child. Here is hoping the rain least for a while.

Melissa Brock says: March 10, 2017 at 06:55 PM

For your old Cherry soap try roughing it up/sanding with a file, sometimes that helps with the smell to come out again. That's what you're supposed to do with old cedar blocks also.
Lovely photos, thank you.

That lavender vest is SO sweet! (happy sigh)

cynthia brenner says: March 10, 2017 at 07:53 PM

back in the 70's when i worked in downtown chicago, i shopped at marshall fields...a lot. i found a strawberry soap that made my face feel and look so good. i understand your excitement about your cherry soap. yesterday i found a pattern at a nice resale was written on an old marshall field receipt. *sob* alicia, if you taught knitting classes, i would be first in line. thank you for your brilliant post, as always.

Traci Barr Segal says: March 10, 2017 at 08:18 PM

Recently, I tried to find a carnation scented soap that I had enjoyed many moon ago, from my favorite bath works shop in Sonoma County. Sadly, they no longer make it but they do still produce my all time favorite rain scented body oil. It's the rain oil that smells just right! I no longer live in the area but they have been sending it to me for years.
Cheers, for the rain finally stopping g today, in rural Mendocino county. It's been raining nonstop, since October, and we have gotten nearly 80 inches at our home.

I love the ballet class pics. They are just lovely.

I always get happy when I see you've posted. I'm so amazed at the things you've knitted.. just wondrous. I adore the ballet photos.. I took it for a while and even got on toe shoes.. then mom left my dad and moved us to another town and I never got to do ballet again. I should have tried to get back into it.. Anyway, I'm so happy she is supported by you to do ballet. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I buy so many of my kids' clothes used on eBay, too! That, and I stock up like mad at summer garage sales, which can be great in my area. Wish I could manage sewing and knitting a fraction of what you do... I dream of doing both constantly, but eke out so little in real life. Oh, and the day my oldest started buckling his own car seat? Golden!

Your mention of Rosemary and Thyme made me wonder if you've watched Detectorists on Netflix. It seems like a show you might enjoy. 😊

Flowers are absolutely stunning?
Can I use your phote as my phone wallpaper?)

I'm also useless for anything in the evening by the time the boys are in bed, it's disappointing. Maybe there is a little scent left in the middle of the soap? Perhaps you need to delve a little deeper. CJ xx

I love these spring pics! And i hope ill have a baby girl one day so i can dress her up as cute as Amelia is!! And waiting for the quilt so much...

I used to have lots of time in the evenings - from say 8 pm until 1pm (if I were caught in the moment, sewing or some such, or 12 on a normal day.) we got up at around 8 am. I am often staggered by the very early starts people have, often it seems unnecessarily so. No wonder there is no room at the other end of the evening. I would feel cheated if there were no evenings. I have always resented getting up early though, as I am definitely a night owl.

People complain about their children getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning but get up with them and set that as a pattern. My daughter would occasionally wake early when small but she was taken back to bed and then would get up at a more appropriate time for us all. School does not start until 9 am here which I always used to think was too early. I understand many US schools start much earlier which we both would have found very difficult.

"It's just hard to balance everything. I don't know how people do it. I don't seem to do it very well." Well, I think you do a mighty fine job of finding balance! I love your posts and am in awe of what you achieve in each of your days. So please stop being so hard on yourself; you are an inspiration to many of us. My children are in their 30's and I am still trying to find that elusive "balance".
I am back after many years, to the art of knitting. One day, I hope to come close to your artistic level and produce many beautiful articles--Example: A's long vest--my goodness that is gorgeous.
So thank you for being a muse to many.
PS that bird does not look real!

Yup, I feel the same way by the evening and look forward to some type of handwork to relax with. There never seems to be enough time in the day and I, like you, get up so very early... I work part-time and shouldn't complain, but I guess I need to work on organizing better!

Looking forward to your quilt kits!

It's coming in to Autumn over here, so the leaves are starting to turn. I love Autumn and Spring the best. Beautiful flowers and buds! Rosemary and Thyme is one of my favourite shows... gardening and investigating mysteries... what a great combo! As always, I love all the wood in your home. To have floors like those - sigh.

Rosemary and Thyme!!!! I love that show!!

Lynn Marie says: March 11, 2017 at 05:56 AM

I use to be able to work until 9:00 or 10:00 at night. Now, as soon as supper is over and the dishes cleared up, I am on the couch! So you are not alone! I have lots of projects in my head just waiting to get out. It has been a very lazy winter for me. I am looking forward to Spring.☺

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