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Well, thank you! Thank you for your feedback on my questions! I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It was really interesting reading your comments, and it will help me make some decisions about offering these, this time and in the future. Firstly, although many people indicated they would love to be able to pre-order, unfortunately that just isn't possible. As I've mentioned, these quilts are few-of-a-kind, made with vintage print fabrics that I source from dozens of different sellers, and there's just no way to sell large quantities of any quilt that I could design and present. On top of that, and perhaps even more importantly, I don't take pre-orders because there are just way too many things that can go wrong when you have peoples' money but you don't have the goods in hand. Every once in a while I think it would be a good idea but then I quickly, thankfully remember that it's a terrible idea (for me; maybe other people can handle it but I'll never be able to).

That said, what I generally took away from the comments was that people really like having the option of all sizes available, so that will stay. I also loved what someone said about listing the actual solid colors that are used, and that is easy for me to do — all of the solid colors I used this time are Kona Cottons, available in tons of fabric stores and online. I will put the names of the solids I've used on the individual product pages, so if you do want to buy a smaller-sized kit and supplement it with your own fabric to make a larger size, you could get more of the solids. (That said, the beauty of these quilts is that they are really random, and thrive on a great mixture of patterns and colors, so don't get hung up on this -- if you like the colors I chose but can't find them, do just choose something else that's close in color, if you want to. Everything works here.)

Also, I will have two different sale times for people who live in different parts of the world, or have different schedules. The virtual quilts that appear below are for your preview purposes only. The kits, in all sizes, will be available for sale here on Wednesday, April 26, at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and then again on the same day at 4 p.m. PST.

Once again, thank for your sharing your thoughts! I loved putting this batch together. I think it has a delicate, Pacific-Northwestern springlike palette, with a few bright spots signalling blossoms to come. For more information on these kits, please visit this post from the last time they were on sale. And I would also suggest that, now that the pattern is available, if you are interested in shopping for a kit when the time comes, either purchase the pattern ahead of time (or later), or even just put it in your cart so you don't have to do that when you're trying to get a kit. Not that I'm trying to tell you how to run your life or anything, but I'm just sayin'. And without further adooooooo, here's a parade:












Morning Song









Jennifer O. says: April 24, 2017 at 12:22 PM

Very pretty!

Jennifer O. says: April 24, 2017 at 12:40 PM

Also, apparently my office has decided your shop site is dangerous and blocked it, so I'll be attempting to shop from my phone. Fun!

One suggestion for people who can't get a kit is to purchase the pattern and go to their local quilt shop and have the employees there help them chose their own fabrics and have a similar but original quilt!

The names of these quilts are so pretty as well as the color combinations. You've done a wonderful job - truly. You should be so pleased : )

All the best!

Such pretty fabric! Your color sense is wonderful! Perhaps you should open an online store that features vintage fabric and the Kona solids. You could suggest certain combinations together, but let people buy yardage and cut their own blocks, or use for their own pattern or design. You would need to have a place to store material! I would buy fabric from you and I bet a lot of others would too. I love your blog, shop, and little Amelia - even if she does stamp her feet and refuses to come when called. She will be a woman who persists!
Thank you for sharing your talents for our enjoyment,
61 year old granny from Columbus, OH

Penny Holliday says: April 24, 2017 at 03:28 PM

I love them all! Your fabrics, colors & names of the quilts are wonderful! Fingers crossed & counting down to weds!

Just having a laugh at Jennifer O's comment above! Your shop *is* dangerous! 😂

Okay, you've done it again. These are even better than your last! I think it would be really helpful to note the Kona colors on this post. I'm driving myself batty. I love some quilts on my phone, but when I look at them on my laptop they look different. I'd probably find my way to a fabric store to look at the Kona colors to help me decide before the big day. Being able to see, in person, thee three Kona colors that tie each quilt together would help a lot.

Elizabeth says: April 24, 2017 at 03:38 PM

These quilts are just beautiful! It is even harder this time to choose which one is my favorite!

What a feast for the eyes! They're all so lovely!

Katherine says: April 24, 2017 at 08:37 PM

Is the time PST or PDT? Thank you!

Kathy Stewart says: April 24, 2017 at 09:56 PM

I love seeing these fabrics. I'm pretty sure they were hundreds of yards of calico from the 80's and 90's that I shipped off to goodwill 2-3 years ago. It is so good to see them getting new life. Some of them seem to be old friends acquired at pioneer quilts in rapid city South Dakota then made their way to Pdx in the early 90's

Beritbunny says: April 25, 2017 at 03:15 AM

GOODNESS!!! Alicia, I love all of these; they ALL tie for #1 (except Marjoram, for some reason, poor Margie-may she find all her true loves!) in my eyes!

I think it is odd/unusual (as a specimen of human desire) that I like these even MORE than the first run, even more than those I was blessed to be able to buy at that time, yet I feel no regret or disappointment or wish to trade what I own or etc. I think these are peaceful kits that can bring Contentment. :D I think this bodes really well for anyone who is unable to get an particular run, and please do keep them coming! I can really see myself getting into buying one each year or etc. it would be pretty fun to see a seasonal or bi-annual release of these from you, even if a "first rush" settles into a more smooth pace.

Thanks again, they age gorgeous!!!

Some of the blue calicos in Twilight remind me of my great grandmother. She always wore a blue flowered apron.

Cynthia L Wehrwein says: April 25, 2017 at 08:28 AM

Where do you find prices?

I am enjoying just looking at your combinations - and their names. I am not in the market for a kit but I am appreciating the way you put them together, creating a little story and a mood within each one. It is inspiring me in other projects. 'Twilight' is a particularly lovely palette! I am busy embroidering and making a felt bunny with clothes at the moment. I think your tips on colour are useful for lots of things and I loved that post! Xx

AMAZING!!!! Sold out at 9:31 !!! Crazy funny. Congrats again!
All the best,

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