Calicozy ComfyQuilt Top Kits Available Again

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Hellooooo. I have more quilt kits!


I've been making these quilt kits out of vintage calico fabrics from the 1980s and '90s since early this spring and they make me very happy. If you haven't read what I've written about them before, you might check out this post from the first time I sold them, because it has some information about how I came to design and make them. I've recently had the opportunity to buy many yards of new-old stock fabric from a quilt store that closed in the '90s back east, and the fabrics in the kits below are almost entirely from that collection. It's really extraordinary fabric, and there is only so much of it left in the world. Once each of these kits is gone, it's gone. I've been making more, but no two colorways are alike. I've had enough fabric this time to do three or four kits in each size in each colorway, so I truly hope that everyone who wants or has wanted one of these is getting that chance. I will have more later in the fall, but probably not until November.



Don't forget: To make the Calicozy ComfyQuilt, you will need to purchase the Calicozy ComfyQuilt PDF pattern, available only as a digital download, HERE.

And then if you are interested, you can purchase a quilt-top kit (please note that the kits are for the TOP ONLY) in one of several colorways, shown below. Click on each image to be taken to my web shop where you may purchase a kit for one of five sizes. Approximate finished sizes are: Toddler 42" x 58" (107cm x 147cm); Throw 58" x 58" (147cm x 147cm); Twin 58" x 80" (147cm x 203cm); Full/Queen 80" x 80" (203cm x 203cm); King 101" x 80" (257cm x 203cm).









Orchard House960



Plum Tree960








And there is one more WILD LILAC in size KING only.

Wild Lilac 960

Please note that the virtual tops shown here are an approximation of the prints and solids you will receive with this quilt-top kit. The kit you receive will include vintage cotton calicos and non-vintage cotton solid fabrics already cut for you into 4.25" (11cm) strips. Because these print fabrics are vintage and available in limited supply, you may not receive every fabric pictured, but you will receive 15 unique fabrics that are consistent with the overall colorway presented. Each kit includes enough fabric to make the top for each quilt size as described. I believe that all of the print fabrics are vintage, and 100% cotton, but I can't absolutely guarantee it.

We do ship overseas! To place your order, you will be required to read this information, which contains details about international shipping and customs fees you may incur when ordering outside the U.S. (If you are overseas, the shipping cost charged by Posie does not include any further charges you may incur when importing goods.) To see the shipping-only costs for your order and location, just place the items in your cart and choose your location (or enter your zip code, if you are in the U.S.) and it will tell you how much the shipping is. As usual, I have a sincere request: Please check on and update your shipping address correctly in your Paypal preferences so that there is no confusion when we go to ship. If you do need to add things to your order or change your address after you've placed the order, just email me and we'll figure it out, no worries! I just like to remind people of this ahead of time, because it's a bit easier.

Thank you, as always, for your enthusiasm for and interest in my work and in these kits. I will keep making these as long as there is interest, so if you miss out this time, more will be coming.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you here. Thank you!


Hi Alicia, I'm not sure why you popped into my head today but you did. So, I popped over here to see what you've been up to. What a beautiful, puffy quilt. Comfy and fun.

I have to say, I can't believe how your little girl has grown up. I think the last time I was here, she was just crawling around the house with little tufts of hair and an occasional ribbon. She's adorable as ever.

It's always my pleasure to browse your beautiful handiwork, colorful projects and expressive photos that capture everyday life.

I'm glad I stopped by.

Have a great week.


I see your Coming Home references! Did you finish it yet?
Good luck with all your endeavours. I think Plum Tree is my favourite. My aunt had a thatched cottage called Plum Tree Cottage. I loved to visit her in the country. I was a bit scared of her Siamese cats though!

Hello! I love these, and was finally able to order one in the Eleanor colorway. :) I just re-read your post, however, and noticed your link to the pattern PDF. Do I need to purchase this in addition to the quilt top? Many thanks for all you do and share. Looking forward to making this sweet quilt for my sweet girl.

Penny Tasker says: September 13, 2017 at 12:00 PM

I love the Plum Tree colours. My favourite plums (in England) are Victoria, Damsons, and the little yellow ones I call Golden Eggs. All these colours are here!

Hi Alicia -
I've read and followed you for some time. I was thrilled, today, to see more than one post for me to "catch up" with! Just love your blog: your lovely images, stories about your daughter and your work. Simple, comforting pleasures.
Felt like the right time to come out of shadows and thank you.
All the best to you.

Love these designs. Amazing quilts. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

I have been down with flu all week, and I have spent so much time just browsing your posts becuase the beauty you create just makes me feel better. What loveliness you bring to the world with your beautiful family and work. Thanks for making my days better!

I'm working on my Calicozy quilt right now! Looking forward to snuggling under it in the fall and winter ahead.

The Nancherrow is beautiful! Love the colours :) Great selections again :)

Sandy Emery says: September 14, 2017 at 05:14 PM

Hi Alicia -
I was SO excited to see these new kits today. I've been on vacation and only now am catching up with my favorite blogs. I ordered a kit when you last sold them with no special plan in mind. I just liked it and tucked it away. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer and is going through some chemo and I thought it would be the perfect thing for her. So while it was in the 90's here in Seattle a few weeks back, I was slaving away at the sewing machine, then spending hours tying it once I had it together. Oh, and making a trip to the dreaded IKEA. I gave it to her on a 90 degree day as well. She has bundled up under it many times since and just adores it. Thank you so much for putting these kits together and I'm excited to order another and maybe make it for myself. Who knows?

Thanks for the smile I got from seeing that you named two of your quilt top colourways Nancherrow and Porthkerris. I'm happy for you that you still have Winter Solstice, September, and The Shell Seekers in store, should you wish for more Rosamunde Pilcher.

Oh, I just love you. Anybody who ends a post with a pie is a kindred spirit. :)

Well, I can't believe I was able to purchase your quilt kit - yay! I've tried before and they were always sold out so I'm happy it worked out! It must be meant to be. Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather! As always, enjoy your pics/posts!

i love love love how you named the quilts from coming home! the names just make me smile as i think of coming home.....not to mention that they are lovely!

The quilts are beautiful! I wish I sewed!

Can you share/link the lavender detergent you used? I tried one from amazon, but was less than thrilled.!!

I love the quilts!! They are amazing! I have not made my first one yet. Hope life will give me a chance to make it soon. I pray you will continue to offer them! Your little girl is adorable!! I love to see your photos it gives me serenity and contentment! Sending you hugs and wishes for peaceful and lovely days! Hugs!

The quilts make me smile. Somewhere I have a trip around the world quilt made with some of these same exact prints.minthink I also have scraps in a Rubbermaid tote in a closet because I rarely throw things away that could be used or were for a specific project that was never completed, but will one day perhaps. Wink. I was popping over to look up your cloud icing recipe and had to read what you've been up to lately. There's no way little one can be five already is there?! I'm inspired as our daughters 12th BD is the 24th and I know she would love the crown and cake topper. (She has Down syndrome so yes she still loves little girly things at twelve. )

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