Finally: Rain

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Oh, the sky had mercy. It's been raining off and on for the past couple of days. I have no words to describe my relief and my joy. Amazingly, most people around here are conflicted: They don't like rain. I love rain. It could rain every day, as far as I'm concerned. (It doesn't, even though people think it does, here. But it really doesn't.) We are getting a new sofa tomorrow and I plan to sit on it with my windows open to the rain and knit for 7,000 hours, starting tomorrow. I can't wait.

Thaaaaaaaaaaank you, thank you for the quilt kit orders guys!!!!! Thank you! There are still quite a few of some colorways left in the shop, and a few king-sized kits in the more popular colorways (which are always the ones I think won't be the popular ones — go figure) that I will probably break into smaller kits when I catch my breath. I've just packed up the last seventeen orders today and I'm hoping we can stop at the post office to drop everything off on the way to ballet; if not, they will go tomorrow. Thank you ever so much for all of your orders and your emails and your kind words about these. I do hope you are pleased with them and I hope people send me pictures of what they make. I really want to see these made up.

So, no kidding, I've been cleaning and reorganizing pretty much nonstop since Amelia went back to school. Over the weekend I cleaned out the upstairs medicine cabinet in the bathroom and rewallpapered it. Then I went through every single piece of clothing in Amelia's room and got everything organized to either keep for next summer, save forever, or sell on eBay. It was a great feeling. The feeling is hard-earned, however; these things do not do themselves. I literally spent the whole weekend doing these things, which was fine because on Saturday it was so smoky again (before it rained) that we had to stay inside, and then on Sunday I just wanted to get it all done. I've hit the reorganizing plan hard this month. Some of these things, like the books and the linen closet and the medicine cabinet, I've been wanting to do for five years. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why it's so hard to do these things when your kid is super little. They (these projects) just seem to take a concentrated amount of energy and a long-enough amount of uninterrupted time alone so that you can actually, like, think and make decisions. About even the smallest things, like Why did I spend money on this expensive BB creme when I hate putting things on my face? Why do I have fifty pillowcases that don't match? Why does my child insist on changing all of her clothes (and taking half of everything out of her dresser) every time she spills four drops of water on her sleeve? Just a few thoughts that run through your mind when you're experiencing your first, uninterrupted fit of binge-cleaning in five years.

We are getting a new sofa tomorrow. The old one is so uncomfortable. And this, after I was just crowing about Ikea! Oh well. It's been a long-time coming in our minds, but perhaps not in reality, because it's only five years old. But we've lived hard on that thing. The new one is less scratchy, smaller, and, hopefully, more firm — the old one is literally like sitting on one of those puff-ball mushrooms. Or an air mattress with a slow leak. Bah. No. Just — no. My back. Too soft. Andy and I both got so fed up with it at exactly the same time, and we are giving it to a family down the street. They're excited. They're probably younger and less annoyed about anything that interferes with their own established levels of personal comfort. Well, this is our twentieth anniversary present to each other, just a bit belated and quite a splurge for us. I'll take some pictures after I get the room back together. Uncovering the spot where the old sofa was has been illuminating. Andy, on hands and knees: "Look, there's Indian corn." Also, many knitting needles, cable needles, yarn needles, embroidery needles, and countless mini-legos and countless ponytail holders.

Next week I'm pretty sure I will have burned through most of my motivation for cleaning. It's like a fever. It will run its course. Then I plan to start several other projects. Here they are, in random order: Amelia's birthday dress. Many pillows for new sofa. Quilt to raffle off for Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma relief. School clothes for Amelia. Several flannel nightgowns for Amelia. New curtain to cover up built-in bookshelf in living room. I don't know what else. Halloween costume: She told us this morning that she wants to be a "pink and purple kitty, with a saddle and a rider on its back." Oh my.

A few people asked about the lavender and cedar chips and stuff I mentioned that I got for my linen closet. Now I'm out of time to look them up and I have to go but I will take a picture and show you and link to them next time soon.

P.S.: That's Clover Meadow's face when she is listening to the dustbuster. The dog who jumps out of her skin when she hears hummingbirds or airplanes is singularly unperturbed by vacuums, the dustbuster, and Roomba, who I have seen actually hit her in the rump before she will move herself out of its way. GOOF. BALL. FAMILY.


Amber Kelley says: September 19, 2017 at 03:49 PM

Have you seen these little costumes?

There is a sweet little brown bunny with long ears that reminds me of your Amelia. I'm sure you have a vintage coat pattern in your stash for a small wool coat. A hood, add in some ears. Though goodluck on the saddle!

I think it's the time of year when Summer is over and school is back in session and you know winter is coming that gives one the urge to clean and organize. I just decided one day I wanted to rearrange all the furniture in my living room right when my husband got home from work, but he is a good husband and helped move furniture. Then I noticed the wood floors needed a good cleaning and then the curtains just had to come down and be washed and of course, the windows had to be cleaned..... It just kept getting to be a bigger and bigger job. We are looking for a new sofa too. That will entail more organizing!

I'm in total agreement about the rain. I was so relieved and happy when it began to fall. First off everything in our garden was parched and some new things had died. And the way it scrubbed the air clean of smoke. And mostly to help put out the fires that have been raging in the Columbia River Gorge. So devastating. We won't be able to get back to the MF lodge for months. Have a great week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I would love some rain in Davenport, IA!! I looked out the window last night about 1:00am and it was pouring but just for a very short period of time! 90° plus the next 4 or 5 days. Enjoy your rain!

Yay! for sweet Clover photos!

Hi Clover! You look a little confused about the furniture changeover but I'm glad to see you found a little bed on the floor. It's always great to see you, sweet dog x. And to your mom, I love a good nesting post. I have been doing the same thing to drawers and cupboards. I feel so good getting rid of things I don't use. Now I look at the very small gaps I made, I want to throw out more. I look forward to seeing what kind of pillows you make for the new furniture.

It's finally raining here, too--after something like 75 days of no rain, and a super hot summer, I feel like the Northwest is finally returning to her true self! Besides, what on earth is there not to love about rain in fall? So happy. :)

You're getting rid of your Kivik?! We had to replace ours...some wood broke underneath, but it's got a 10 year warrantee, and Ikea took it right back without even flinching!! Gave us a brand new one!

Leslie Budd says: September 19, 2017 at 07:19 PM

I love seeing your sweet Clover Meadow! What a brilliant pooch! Love that babe so much. Glad to hear of your rain! I really enjoy those energy surgers. I am quite a bit older and wish they would they would come more often! Hugs to you all!

Rain is such a blessing; such a peaceful thing, esp when it is long awaited and soft. I totally get the fever-organization thing. And that when the child is young, it is hard to make decisions etc. God keep you all well! * Also so happy for the better couch for you and yours! :)

Rain is pure nectar for all living things, from plants to people. You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief. Clear smoke free skies. So nice.
Nothing like moving things around, having a new piece of furniture, starting new projects. It's refreshing & invigorating.
I love this time of year!!!
Good luck on the Halloween costume. Sounds like a right challenge.
Love seeing all the photo's of Clover Meadow. She is so very precious.

i'm with you... i love the rain. well, i love it up until spring and then i'm ready for sun. then come fall, i want rain again. your sweet corgi pup :) have you seen "a dog's purpose"? it's so sweet. the dog is continuously reincarnated, and one of it's lifes is as a corgi. reminded me of your darling clover meadow. i love your ambitious list! wow! so motivating! i really want to start purging and reorganizing, but i have to finish canning all of the fresh produce i have first (and i am so sick of canning).

Stefanie P. says: September 20, 2017 at 03:58 AM

LOVE THIS LINE: "They're probably younger and less annoyed about anything that interferes with their own established levels of personal comfort."...Thank you - as always - for sharing a "glimpse" into your world!...I too LOVE the rain!...

Oh, Alicia. When I see the images of your home, it is like a sweet breath of enchanted air - like the magical "stuff" of which fairy tales are made, but so much better because I know it's so very real. I read your blog often, but rarely comment. Thank you for the glimpses into your beautiful world. It is a sweet salve for my soul.

Laura smartt says: September 20, 2017 at 05:35 AM

My youngest one is four and a half and my oldest nine. We have lived in this house since the nine year old was born. Just this summer I FINALLY can "start" to organize the house. I find it impossible to organize with little wee folk around. My sewing room is up stairs with kid books ,so ever time I try to clean up there I hear a thunderous commotion coming up the stairs! It's as if they cannot wait to terrorize the place. So it is what it is. Oh and my oldest is a pack rat and I can't get rid of anything without him hoarding it in his room! And your pumpkins,butter nuts,cabbage,and scarlet runner beans look great.You can dust BT on brassicas for those cabbage worms. BT is a bacteria the caterpillars(I don't know why they call'em worms) injest and kills those little @$?"!!!

I found the cedar lavender sachet bags on Amazon Prime for $11.99.

Thanks for sharing ;-)

Oh, what a fabulous costume idea! Good luck with that one...hee, hee.

The rain is coming down so hard here on the coast at the moment it's a little unnerving. So glad for the forests though.

I have been nesting as well--getting ready for Fall and Winter and getting my house ready to actually live in it for the duration thereof. Summer is when we are just constantly in and out and rushing here and there and even though it is my favorite season, I am ready for a tucking-in and being there for a time. Love the pictures of Clover--as I have probably told you before, we have her look alike living at our home--a Cardigan Corgi that goes by the name of Vanessa. I am sure you know all about the stories of these dogs and that were made so close to the ground so that the fairies could jump on and run through the forest on them---love fairytales.

LoriMcDermid says: September 20, 2017 at 07:35 AM

I agree that cleaning is short lived fury like cast-on-it is. I go with it when it strikes and just keep a running list of organizing and cleaning needs when I'm taken up with something else like baking or quilting. Lovely to see the pup. So gracious of you to share your moments with us. YAY rain! I'm in the Fraser Valley and like any rain that is good for my roses. 💕

Lovely pics (especially the dollhouse ones! ;) I like how you took photos of flowers that aren't perfect and fading into fall. They are just as powerful as 'perfect' blooms.

Fall cleaning/organising is one of my favourite pastimes! Feels good to pass on or get rid of stuff that has accumulated. You're doing a great job. The less I own, the more I feel on top of things. Lovely to see Clover again.

Joan Lesmeister says: September 20, 2017 at 09:12 AM

♥ your blog & your family!!! Thank you my dear!

I love the dollhouse pictures. My daughter never wanted to use the human dolls in her house and always used whatever little animals she could find. I'm glad the rain I've been trying to send from the East Coast finally made it there.

Lovely photos, as ever. I am with you on feeling like projects just need to get done! With a 2-y/o and a 3-y/o in the house, it's hard to tackle anything that involves clear thinking. I love that the Calico Critters have an AGA (lucky bunnies). We have an IKEA sectional sofa, too, and while my husband loves it, I can tell it's getting squooshier and squooshier and is not destined for a long lifetime in our house. On the other hand, our expensive upholstered sofas bit the dust quickly, too. We're just hard on things.

The Halloween costume thing never ends apparently. I got a text from my middle daughter today, Halloween Costumes, Go! This means she wants me to do her thinking for her. And she is 28, in grad school!
I would love to know what you do for pillow inserts when you make your new pillows. I made a bunch, with zippers even when we got a new couch and they have gone so flat that I curse them daily. What stays fluffy?!

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