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Birthday preparations are underway in the Paulson household. Cupcakes are in the oven. Amelia's "friend" party is tomorrow and we are excited. Her first friend party! Squeeeee! I think you're supposed to have one friend for every year, or something like that? Yeah. I did not get that memo. Apparently she's turning eighteen. . . .

But look at that face. I cannot deny this child ANYTHING, I tell you. Not possible.

On demand: A dress like Hunca Munca's. I might have sobbed with delight. I've finished the dress and am about to start the pinafore, in creamy white Swiss dot. I'm using Little Vogue pattern #1326. More to come on that. That one's for her family party.

A few weeks ago we went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, as we do every year with Amelia's birthgrandparents. Her grandma and I were looking at the punchneedle and rug-hooking patterns and I remembered the pillow I made several years ago, and remembered that I had an Oxford punchneedle (I have the Mini #14) and a big hoop. I bought a piece of monk's cloth at OFFF and then found this cute pattern on Etsy. Marijo Taylor, the designer, generously sold me only the paper pattern, drawn at 10"x10", and I enlarged it on my printer/copier to 18"x18". I think it's originally a rug hooking pattern (curious about the difference between punchneedle and rug hooking? Here is some information) but I wanted to use my stash of worsted-weight yarn, so that's what I've been doing. Punchneedle is FUN. It's really, really fun. The bunny, above, will be the first pillow I make as part of my new Personal Pillow Endeavor. When I'm finished I'll just back it with some calico (with an envelope closure) and stuff it with an 18" pillow form. I like bamboo pillow forms because they're pretty hard. I hate soft pillows, personally. I'll show you more about how I do it when I get closer to being finished. I was hoping I might finish for Amelia's birthday but I have a lot to do so I'm not sure. . . .

I finished the cardigan I showed you last week and it's still on the blocking board, though completely dry. That will get pale pink buttons. I still haven't put it on Ravelry. I like that sweater but I'm not sad to be finished with it. Next up, knitting-wise, are hats for everyone and gloves for me and a new neckwarmer for me.

Last night I made African chicken peanut stew and it was really good. You're here, October. I was so ready for you to arrive it was ridiculous. Hence the creative mania.

P.S.: I got that cute little painting a few weeks ago at Goodwill for $3. And the sweet invitation was from this Etsy shop; I printed it out at home on cards from Paper Source and made the envelope liners with their templates and a printable flower pattern from this adorable book (and CD) that I've had for years.

P.P.S: Oh jeesh, and thank you so much for all of your kind comments on my last post. I really appreciate them!!!


Oh my this embroidery is absolutely adorable! And this little card! I'd surely like to be invited too!!! Have fun pretty Amelia!

Beautiful photos and it looks to be a wonderful party!

Love that photo with the pumpkins, what a beautiful corner. And Hunca Munca's dress and pinafore, oh how lovely. There's a birthday on the horizon here as well, alas nothing so pretty for a 14 year old boy though. Have a good weekend Alicia. CJ xx

Hola, que linda esta tu hija, ya bien grande, yo tengo una nieta igual ya esta proxima a cumplir 6 años. Me encanta tu blogs, siempre te visito, me gustan las colchas, saludos desde Costa Rica

*H*a*p*p*y 5th *B*i*r*t*h*d*a*y* Miss Em!!!
I too share your birthday month. Isn't it wonderful to be an October girl.
Love the first photo of autumn in all is splendor. This season brings much needed comfort.
The cardigan turned out beautifully. Liking that stitch pattern a lot.
Genius invitations, the children will love them.
Can't wait to see the finished pillow. How smart of you to use up some of your worsted yarn, again genius!
Hope you all have a lovely party and many happy returns of the day.

I hope her birthday is wonderful!

Oh this is so sweet Alicia. My daughter had a thing for Hunca Munca too (I cross stitched on linen a picture of Hunca Munca with all her babies, a true labour of love - it took me years!) and she loved dressing up in pinafores which I made from my stash of very old and worn Victorian nighties. I have my grandma's rug hooks and have in mind to hook a rug featuring the Flopsy bunnies from a pattern in the Beatrix Potter knitting book by Pat Menchini. The book was published in 1967 and has so many delightful knitting patterns for babies upwards if you ever come across a copy.

Thank you so much for your blog, it has meant so much to me over the years! It's my happy place.

Have a wonderful birthday week-end!

Patti Smith says: October 06, 2017 at 04:45 PM

I remember when Amelia was just born. Has it been 5 years already? It has been such a happy time watching her grow up. She is a beautiful little girl. So happy for all of you. You make such a cute family. Happy birthday wishes to a sweet girl.

please please please post many pics of the friend party! i can't wait to see the goings-on, food and fun!

Oh, please don't tell me punch needle is fun; I know if I ever decide to try a new thing it'll be punch needle, and I need to get organized before I do that! But we have a couple of enticing books at the library, and I love the look of the patterns. Looks like you've got the hand of it very well! Love your pillow, too.

Happy Birthday No. Five... it looks magically festive and good at the Paulson’s. Such cheer and making joy~

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* Miss Amelia! What a wonderful celebration you will have.. both of them! Lucky little darling girl! Now I have to look at all the photos again.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

everything about this post is just lovely and charming! Amelia's dresses always remind me of the dresses my sister and I wore in the 80s that our mother made for us. I wish I still had them. Can't wait to try that chicken recipe. It sounds perfect for the fall.
i hope Amelia has a wonderful birthday and a great time with her friends!!!

Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time! Love the fall and so glad it's here! Your pics are wonderful. Gorgeous sweater too! So nice you share all these wonderful things with us! Not sure how you get it all done - you are really a wonder woman!

It sure doesn't seem possible that Amelia is five! I've enjoyed watching her grow. Thanks for sharing. Also, your pictures are always fab, but the combination this time got me right in the heart. I don't know why, but thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and party!!! Us October girls have the best birthday month! :)

LoriAngela says: October 07, 2017 at 08:02 AM

I delight in your photos and stories. They remind me of how much fun I had raising my two wee ones and sewing and knitting for them. Their favourite thing, other than being read to (Harry Potter) was our Science as Art shenanigans. They come home for our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, so I have to hide my knitting- outdoor sweaters for Christmas. Thank you so much for your strong aesthetic and the resulting inspiration

Five?! Whaaa? When? Wow. Also, how do you like your squirrel buster? I'm considering one because our squirrels (in Hillsboro) are cheeky little buggers - currently hiding acorns in all of my flower pots, then digging them out again! My poor plants, succulents, Japanese maples, one little pot of perfect moss, all swiss cheesed. But...I don't hate them for it. It's a tough life out there. Need a Hunka Munka of my own to clean up after them! My fave as a kid. Happy 5 to all three of you!

Aw! So sweet! Your bunny pillow hooked with yarn is lovely. I love the color combo of blues, pinks and browns.

Happy birthday Meena, 5 years old! That's a big deal. Can't wait to see the finished HM dress. I hope the party went well and trust me you are doing it right. You start with eighteen friends at 5 and then REDUCE one per year 😉 Parties get expensive as they get older!

The night before my daughter's 5th birthday as I tucked her into bed, she said, "I guess I'll have to say goodbye to fuh (four)," and then burst into tears. I remember it like it was yesterday. She's 16 now.
I admire the way you're raising your precious girl. She knows she's loved! I wish her a beautiful birthday.
I'm working on 4 1/2 calicozy quilts at once, and loving every minute. The camping quilt I made for my husband's 50th was put to use this week. We had a tent up in the backyard for an entire week.
Happy fall!

Lynn Marie says: October 09, 2017 at 06:10 AM

The invites are so sweet and I am absolutely positive a great time will be had by all---what fun. And look how big she is--helping you make the cupcakes for her own party--where does time go? The sweater is super cute but looks painstakingly time consuming to me (a non-knitter) I always mean to take it up but there are so many other projects calling my name. Happy Fall!

Happy birthday to Amelia! Love the dress you're making for her! Thank you for the link to the pattern and also for the recipe which sounds delicious!

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