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Oh, hello! How are you? I've been doing almost nothing but making dolls, doll dresses, doll stockings, doll capes, doll hair, doll sweaters, doll blouses, doll skirts, doll collars, and doll hats, and then remaking them trying to get them how I want them. It is so much fun. I have so many ideas. I'm thinking about all the details quite a lot. I dream about them at night and wake up with potential solutions in the morning. Then I try to work them out that night. Yesterday we forgot Amelia's ballet slippers and had to borrow some from the ballet mistress. She asked me what size slippers Amelia wore. I told her I wasn't sure, but said I knew what size my doll's feet were (16 sts around on size US5's in sport weight yarn). Everyone in the foyer laughed nervously. The teacher turned and asked Amelia. Amelia said she was size 11. I knew that!!! Sheepish.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S.? We sure did. My family came and squeezed around our table and it was great. My sister Susie stayed on afterwards and made me laugh for hours with her work stories. Me, in nightgown, falling asleep: "Good lord, this story is taking forever!" Her: "Dude, I told you, I work 12-hour shifts! A lot of stuff happens!!!" On Friday I hung my two new prints that I got for my birthday last year from the English artist Jo Grundy. I had wanted these forever and I am so glad that I got them (for Andy to give to me [wink]). They inspired my mantel decoration this year, which is a frosty-winter-fields theme. Andy worked on Saturday and Amelia and I went out to Craft Warehouse and got some new little things: the lighted willow garland and a couple of little resin birds and her absolute favorite, the snowy owl. Believe it or not, I had almost everything else already, and a lot of it came from Craft Warehouse (a local indie craft store here in the Portland area) over the past few years. The little wooden plinths and the woolly trees and the metal houses (not sure where those were from, actually) and the cottonwood wreath I already had. Andy's grandfather carved the tall Santa many years ago. We bought a spray of fake frosted fern leaves and cut them off and scattered them around, along with a couple of little bottlebrush trees and juniper sprigs. The teapot was from Goodwill for $3. The snowflake garland I've had for years and years, and the stockings are from Etsy. We couldn't find Amelia's bunny stocking but I think it's in with the Christmas ornaments; we're getting our tree this weekend and I'm sure we'll find it when we open those boxes. Speaking of, Andy brought up everything seasonally related from the basement — Christmas stuff, other fake-foliage stuff for spring and fall that makes Andy insane, wreathes and such. We went through it all on Sunday and that was sort of an exhausting exercise. At some point while Andy was still cleaning I tried to pluck Amelia from the fray and took a bath while she played on the side of the tub. This is one of our favorite winter activities. I love winter baths and I never cease to give thanks for them, and for hot water. Afterwards, when everything in the living room was clean and pretty, Andy put on carols and made us some hot chocolate and it felt like the perfect start to this lovely (my favorite) season. Winter is here. I wish you peace and warmth and kind shelter and love in the days ahead. XOX


Something about your miracle-of-hot-water comment made me think of "I Capture the Castle." She is always SO COLD in the first half of that book. (Which surely you've read, yes?) Whenever I think I'm cold in my 65-degree bedroom, I think of her, waking to a room where the basin water is iced over. (Or was that Laura Ingalls?) Anyhow, hurray for things like hot baths and hot cocoa & your beautiful new art.

I just love your holiday posts! I like to look at your archive holiday posts this time of year. Your mantel is so inspiring and gorgeous. I was going to work on your quilt kit or start a new ornament (also your kit) today but I just sat in front of the TV and knitted. Hopefully tomorrow!

Your prettiest mantel ever!

We are visiting family in the Caribbean and it always reminds us that water IS a miracle. It really is scarce in some parts. Hot water is almost nonexistent. We are so blessed in America.

Your mantle looks lovely and wintry. Thank you for the wonderful posts all year long.

I adore how your mantel turned out.. *LOVE* the galvanized houses! I need to shake up my mantel but I always use my Jim Shore sleigh with Santa and reindeer.. 2 ship's lanterns and 2 lighted trees and wreath. But you inspire me to think of something new. I got 4 new things though.. from the Vermont Country Store.. retro things.. I put them on my blog post today. Fun times! Enjoy your cozy and beautiful home! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Love that you said hot water was sort of a miracle. When I am taking a hot bath during cold weather, I always thank God for hot water! There is nothing better than a hot bath on a cold night and then getting into a bed warmed by a heated mattress pad. Heavenly! Wishing all of your family a wonderful Christmas season.

You have used the Frosty Winter Fields idea to create the dreamiest decor - I am getting giftloads of vicarious Christmasy enjoyment out of it all.

I own the same apron your daughter is wearing and it's one of my favorites!

Such sweet photos. The doll is adorable! I am wondering if she is destined to become a pattern. I made your bunny, mouse and fox last year for Christmas and would love to make another one. Hint, hint....
Happy wintering!

The paintings are gorgeous, a very good choice for Christmas. Love your mantel, especially the handcarved Santa. Nicely done. CJ xx

I also love your mantle! Our local thrift shop has wonderful vintage Christmas items!!
The goodwill prices have gone way up so I shop at the smaller shops now. It's really fun to try something new!

I just love the mantel! I am going to hunt for the lighted garland--seeing it laying down instead of stuck in a tall pot gave me inspiration. The teapot is adorable and was a steal for $3. I cannot wait for the doll pattern. I will definitely be making it for my granddaughter. I just received my winter cross stitch kit and will be starting on it as soon as things settle down a bit. Your new winter prints are so beautiful above your mantel. I always enjoy when I can also change out my artwork to match the season.

My goodness, I never fail to be deeply inspired by your holiday decorating. I hope to begin mine soon--new carpeting will be installed tomorrow in my family room and then I can get my house in order and decorate! (Right now, the contents of that room are crammed into the living room, so the house feels so ugh.)

Amelia looks so grown up now as she competently helps in the kitchen! What a wonder to see children grow up before our eyes. It feels in the moment like it is slow, but when you look back, one can't believe how fast the time went, like a dream. (This comes from the perspective of having two children in their early thirties now, with one married. And being way overexcited that they are all coming home in three weeks!)

Blessings on your Advent, my dear!

lovely doll, would you share to making and clothing with us later? I would love one like that in my stocking for Christmas.


I love your mantel. It is so charming. It absoluely captures a frosty wintry field, but has warmth as well.

Oh the view across the fields in that second painting - it is so completely England to me; it's what I see here in West Sussex on these frosty mornings as we head out ... all but the snow (oh please oh please, this year surely?)... you can almost see the breath in the air in that picture - I love it x

Just clicked on your link to Jo Grundy's shop, ordered a picture and realised after I checked out that she lives about 15 miles from me - may explain why the landscapes struck such a chord!! 🤣 Liking the idea of putting up some Christmassy art this year.

What beautiful prints. When I saw it I was convinced it was English countryside as this is so similar to the village we live in. I'm going to put this print on my birthday wish list.
So looking forward to decorate this weekend, this year has gone so quickly I feel the need to slow it all right down and enjoy the season.
Wishing you warm and love filled days x

Just lovely, thank you for sharing. I'm going to try making a snowflake garland like the one you have using very old silver tinsel pipecleaners to connect them. Thank you for inspiration. I'm just now noticing your wallpapered family/living room wall, adorable!

We recently unearthed a similar teapot (2, actually) at an old family home. I love the style, and had never seen them before - neat you found one! It's always a treat to see your photos and posts. The images of your home epitomize cozy to me. Thanks for sharing. And btw, your mantle is *lovely*.

Absolutely love your mantel!! Your table photos are indeed enjoyable! Family time with everyone gathered around the table is surely precious. Lovely new prints! Winter scenes are serene and lovely! Hurray for hot baths! I take them scalding and despite the fact I "lube" myself well I still itch all over afterwards. Look forward to seeing the new dolls you will create! Peace, joy and good health!!

That picture of Amelia standing at the stove played perspective mind tricks with my head! I thought, "Whoa, where did they find such an amazing child-sized play kitchen?" LOL...I had to do a double-take to realize she was standing on a step stool.

Thank you for the link to Jo Grundy's site. I love her work and your pic reminds me of what it looks like in the Virginia countryside after the snow.

The carved Santa is awesome - so nice to have a special item that will become a family heirloom! You must have painted the fireplace sometime during the year, love that color - so pleasing!
I got my Christmas up too, even though it took almost all week. But I loved every minute of it, playing Christmas music the whole time - yeah!

I loved everything :) especially the table setting...
It was so beautiful to almost feel the coolness of your season in the pictures..and your words..'warm baths' etc. It's boiling hot here in New Zealand and I nearly melted into a puddle today helping my husband in the garden...Oh Winter how I miss you..
Thank you for your lovely pictures and words ~ Blessings Linda

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