Wild Week

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Good morning, my friends. Hello, hello. I hope you are well! We've been well and buuuusy! Which I like, but now I'm tired. I didn't even take any pictures this week. But we have all of the First Snow pre-orders out and on their ways to you. The downloadable PDF-only version of the design is now available here. (And yes, the kit is still available, no problem — it is here.) I hope you like this pattern and kit. I wound up doing all of the shipping myself — Stacey was in Japan and is now back but will be taking more classes in January and won't have time to work with me anymore (tears). Andy and I wound up doing everything on this kit together. He pulled all the floss and cut all the fabric. I stuffed all the kits and did the shipping. But it was quite an excellent experience for me to do all of the shipping myself again. It's been a long time since I've done it. I found it very poignant, and got a little bit emotional. I love seeing everyone's names, and your addresses, and your streets and towns and cities and countries. I recognized sooooo many names from over so many years of doing this. It made me think of all the years, and all of our conversations, and all of your comments and your sweet notes and just . . . I don't know. How much I love all of this and how lucky I am to do it and how, when I was a little girl I think I actually always wanted to do this. My parents were into mail order and they had a few little businesses throughout the years. I had my first mail order business when I was thirteen. It was called Autumnbrook Farm and I made model-horse blankets and saddle pads and little stuff like that. I made enough money to buy a pair of really pretty dark-brown suede chaps at Hinsdale Tack Shop and I wanted to write a tearful letter of gratitude to the readers of Just About Horses magazine (where I advertised), thanking them for their orders of tiny horse halters and for making my greatest dream (chaps) come true. I did love those chaps so much. I guess I thought better of it then and did not submit that particular letter to the editor, but I feel the same surge of emotion every time I get orders and every time I ship. Thank you. You'll notice that my handwriting on your postcards looks deranged. Sorry about that. I don't really write by hand anymore ever. Do you? Compared to how much you used to? It's so weird! I was speed-writing, admittedly. But I can usually write much more nicely, FYI.

Anyway, so, thank you for everything you do here and for all of your kindness and support. I means more to me than I regularly say. XOXOXOXO

I've spent the last few days working on a new doll design based on my animal patterns. She will have the same body shape and size and will be able to wear all of the same clothes. The idea for her sort of exploded out of me the minute I was finished shipping everything. I actually do get a lot of ideas in the shower. It's really cliched but true. It's the only time I'm just sitting there not doing anything else at all. I think I had thought about doing a girl doll for a long time but I didn't really know it. I started cutting and sewing in every little spare minute, littering the living room with needles and felt and floss and yarn in a way that I haven't done in a while. My first animal patterns came out maybe in . . . 2013? It's been a few years. Maybe it was 2014. People ask me about whether we'll make more of those kits (there are five animals total). And no, we won't. There will now be these new doll kits sometime this spring, though. I've been thinking relentlessly of all the ways to do it. Andy cracks up when I have the making-fever. I read him the list of all of the clothes I had planned for the doll: new blouse, new skirt, and cable sweater, cardigan sweater, beret, flounce-collar blouse, cape, cable cowl, knitted skirt, bloomers, pixie bonnet, detachable collar, lace legwarmers. Your basic insanity. He gets me. Right now the doll prototype looks mildly feral. This is possibly no coincidence. I've turned into a wild animal.

I made a pattern for a Santa Lucia (which is December 13) crown with hellebore flowers, mistletoe, and holly for you. My model was freezing when I took her picture in her nightgown on top of Mt. Tabor on the only not-raining (though totally freezing) day we had a couple of weeks ago. She is part Viking-descendant but she doesn't like the cold. I love her.

Flowret for Blog

The pattern is free and you can download it here: A Flow'ret Bright Winter Crown Sewing Pattern. The candles are removable, so you could take them out and just wear the crown. It's adjustable in the back (elastic) so you can make it any size you want. I hope you like it.

It's Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. We're having Thanksgiving here at our house and I expect we'll get our Christmas tree this weekend, and maybe start decorating. We usually do, anyway. I'll be back to show you next week. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful, wonderful week of peace and joy and slowing as we enter the holiday season. I'm very grateful for all of the love and kindness and deep thoughts and un-deep thoughts and humor and joy you share with me constantly. It helps me understand the world and understand myself so much better than I would otherwise. You all bring light to our days here and for that I sincerely thank you. Thank you. XOXOXO


Hi Alicia. It sounds like you were born a maker and a creator. I felt the same gratitude when I had my little Etsy shop and was making soft things for little ones. Every time I sent something to its new owner, I was filled with appreciation that they would want to spend their money on something I made with my very own two hands and not only that, but to give it to a special child in their life. It meant everything.
You need to write letters! Real letters that are sent with a stamp. Your friends and family will be thrilled to receive them and you can keep up your handwriting.
Your doll design sounds wonderful. I feel I'll need to finally learn how to knit so I can make tiny cable cowls.
Thanks for the lovely winter crown pattern. I have little great nieces who might like one of their own. Have a wonderful holiday week and you bring light to my days, too!

Love the Santa Lucia crown, and if I didn't have enough things to make for myself, I'd probably whip one of these up. Why not? The holidays are for joy, gratitude, and fun.

Janine Olson says: November 20, 2017 at 11:04 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I have bought your creations for many years and they are all made with attention to detail and are always unique and beautiful. I would buy anything you design:) You probably already know that! Ha! I LOVE your blog! It makes me happy! Amelia is a delight and your pictures are so calming. You are a very special family. Have a wonderful week with family and friends. My Norwegian heritage wants to thank you for the pattern. It's delightful and so generous of you. Hugs!

Hello Alicia,
I am by no means a sewer, knitter, or anything creative of the kind. I can barely fasten a button to a blouse. However, I love your creations and appreciate the time and effort you put into them, and the beauty they add to my life (even if they are only photos on a screen). I also love the way you craft your words, and the photos you share of your home and family. Thank you for sharing the beauty in your life. In what sometimes feels like a bleak, bleak world, I come here and feel warm, inspired, and loving. Thank you for that. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

I saw the picture of Amelia and the crown and thought I wish Alicia would do a kit or pattern of a St. Lucia crown. And you did! I am so excited! Thank you! Lovely picture of Amelia, by the way.

....and I was just thinking, boy, those paper crowns in the Christmas crackers are so awful, I should make some nice ones.......... and then you have this beautiful pattern! Must get cracking on some in time for December 25. Many thanks for this and all you do.

I just received my kit in the mailbox today. It made me so happy! Thank you for sharing your life and talent. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, that was so sweet about your early mail order business. I was such a frustrated doer as a child. My parents just did not have the resources to buy materials for making, and I would have to stretch my creative juices. When I was nine, I was totally into clothespin dolls. I made an entire
Christmas choir in red robes with pipe cleaner arms, holding hymn books. I also made a bunch of girls who inhabited a girl's school, a la Madeleine. They all had matching gingham dresses (fabric from the scrap bag) and red or yellow yarn braids. Their arms were sawed off parts of the clothespins I glued to the body and wrapped in more gingham. I used my father's huge saw to do this!

I loved your crown!

Alicia, it is a joy to visit you! Thank you for sharing your giftedness. Thank you for sharing your loving family. Thank you for the Sant Lucia crown pattern. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! xx

I didn't know what hellebore were until I was confronted with so many of them in an 'adult' colouring book. Had to google them to see what colours to make them; may I say what an excellent likeness you have made, now I know some of their little ways. Amelia looks a lovely picture in her crown.

You always come across as appreciative, I notice things like that as not everyone is for sure. But we readers and crafters also have very much to be grateful for when we come and visit with you, as I have for quite a few years now. So may I return the heart-felt thanks and wish you Happy Thanksgiving. Your blog is the ultimate in hyggeligt; no candles required, as your writing is shiny bright and warms the heart even when cold outside.

Looking forward to seeing the new animal babies in the spring time - perfect timing.

Hi Alicia! I got my kit.. now to find the embroidery hoop and fabric tape.. lol. I should have just gotten a new one from you, I have such a bad habit of losing things. I'm looking forward to your doll design. I've made your bunny.. I have the fox I have yet to do but I'm afraid of sewing the jeans! LOL! I'm so glad I found your blog so many years ago.. you have enriched my life immeasurably. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

*H*A*P*P*Y* *T*H*A*N*K*S*G*I*V*I*N*G*!*!*

Tana Griffith says: November 20, 2017 at 12:37 PM

Thank you for the lovely St. Lucia crown pattern. It will look so pretty on my great-grand nieces.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Your daughter is beautiful! I received my kit today and I love it! Doris

WOW< you have been busy !!!!! A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too.

I loved seeing my kit in the mailbox and cannot wait for a free evening to sit down with it. You create such magical things!

And now I need to make the St. Lucia crown, too! My daughter is 17 now, but she used to dress up every year and welcome Christmas. I’ll make this and hope that she has a girl of her own someday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

That crown is beautiful!! Can I still purchase the winter crosstitch kit? its available on line - I was hoping to get one!

Thank you so much for the Saint Lucia pattern! I have three blonde little girls who will love this. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'm thankful for you and all the lovely things you share with us. :)

Oh Alicia! Just this very minute I got back from the mailbox with a wonderful gray envelope which I quickly opened, although neatly ;) ! I'm gushing over this lovely First Snow kit (ironically we had our first snow here yesterday, nothing accumulating, but just beautiful flurries). The color of linen is beautiful for this project and the floss colors are gorgeous against it! And really, the best part of this little package is that special postcard with your handwritten note. How special that is, as we don't send handwritten notes much any more. But I adore your handwriting! Wishing you and your dear family a Happy Thanksgiving!

My First Snow kit arrived today! I've looked forward to it so much and it does not disappoint. Thank you for wrapping each part so beautifully and including the tattoo and signed card. What treats to discover! Your work is amazing and I am so happy to have several of your designs --- can't wait to get started on this one! Thank you!

You are way too cute! ;)

Do you have any pictures of the items you made in your childhood business? Tiny halters and saddle pads sound so cute and sweet!

Well, a little whispered hello from across the wide and wild Atlantic sea. I am very grateful here, where it is cold and not always liked, for the spare beauty that you shed as your angels soar x

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your adorable family:) Wish I had a little girl for the crown:)

Michelle Campbell says: November 20, 2017 at 04:41 PM

That thank-you was so sweet and heartfelt, goodness, I teared up! I love coming here so much - it reminds me that people are kind and loving!

Thank you for that!

Ha! Love the stink eye! She’s adorable Alicia. Thank you for the pattern and the precious pics!

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