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Doing not much. Knitting and knitting and knitting. I have so many chores I should be getting to but . . . it's January. I just want to knit. So I am. And trying not to feel guilty about that. I'll catch up (won't I?) in February. . . .

Cinnamon rolls from Scandikitchen Fika and Hygge cookbook :: Sweet little baby Mimi :: Shawl is My Shetland Adventure pattern in Sunday Knits Angelic fingering in aqua :: Breakfast with my loves at our favorite, Besaw's :: Illustrations from My First Little House Books (which I like as much if not more than the original novels) Going West and Sugar Snow :: Andy and Mimi at the store right now getting ingredients for chicken soup tonight, as we all try to stay healthy :: Ranunculus sweater yoke in Arranmore Fine in progress :: Watched all of the first season of Victoria. Wow. So good!

Anyone watching or listening to good knitting podcasts? I am familiar with Woolful, The Gentle Knitter, and Kammebornia. Are there any others I should check out?


Lovely post as usual :-) I keep wondering if you have any connection with Sweden? Those cinnamon buns are so typically Swedish and I see that you celebrate Lucia before Christmas as well. There is a general oldfashioned Swedish feeling about your blog, and I love it (as I'm Swedish perhaps).
Love from Eva

Annegret Rohr says: January 22, 2018 at 04:33 AM

A quick Hallo, just to suggest the "fruity knitting potcast" from Andrea and Andrew, two Australians, living in Germany.The Potcat is in English. I like your blog very much, every time I visit, it cheers me up. Thank you! Love Anne from a little town in Germany❄☃️

Those cinnamon buns look amazing! We also like My First Little House: County Fair...but it might be best to keep it for your fall reading list.

I am currently obsessed with knitting podcasts, even though it explodes my to-be-knit list into (even more) epic proportions. I second A Homespun House, and I also like Little Bobbins Knits, Makers Haven and By The Lakeside.

I just discovered Youtube Knitting Podcasts last year and now I regularly watch The Grocery Girls, Stranded Podcast, Inside No 23, Yarngasm, A Homespun House, Skeindeer Knits, Kristy Glass Knits. Once you start you just can't stop!

Stefanie P. says: January 22, 2018 at 08:31 AM

Little bobbins knits is great is A Homespun house....It is nice to catch a glimpse of things in the knitting (craft) world on the other side of the pond! I LOVE that you are allowing yourself to knit through January...we are too often held captive to the "tyranny of the urgent"...until, eventually everything seems to be urgent! It is good to allow ourselves to "PAUSE"!...and enjoy the next right thing!...

Baby Mimi with that swath of dark hair. Loved seeing that. Her perfect little face still recognizable. The best!

PS- thank you for all of your photos. My favorite time of day at work is taking a break with coffee or tea and checking in on the blog. I am so, so happy when a new post is up. There is something so peaceful and calming about your photos. I love the light in them and the mood. It is like mini meditation for me...all the stress and work crap leaves my body. My goal for 2018 is to create a feel and mood in my house that reflects the calm, peace and beauty in your photos.

Goodness, after I read everyone's comments about podcasts I realized I really do watch a lot. I don't think anyone mentioned Lovesockwool. She is out of Minnesota and sews quilts, knits lots of socks and some shawls. She's super sweet and has been going thru some tough times with her youngest growing up and no other babies. Yes, I'd think you'd get a hoot out of the Grocery Girls and I loved Molly of A Homespun House vlogmas she did this past year where she included her husband Robert. She makes a concentrated effort not to take any video of her daughter's faces in case you were noticing. I loved Mimi's hands on the dough. I do have all those Little House books you were showing. My favorite book is The Long Winter in the regular series. It's amazing that family survived...and they wouldn't have if it hadn't been for Cap Garland and Almonzo Wilder not taking a daring trip to get grain in between the blizzards.

Very beautiful and inspiring photos! Always when I seek inspiration to write essays for my site and students, I appeal to such pictures. Thank you, for your work and article!

Knit British

My Pink Knitter - She's a new knitter and is learning so much.

vera Paelman says: January 24, 2018 at 09:43 AM

The Gentle Knitter is my favorite podcast but I also enjoy watching "Fruity Knitting". A bit slow and each episode takes more than an hour, but great knitting and sewing tips and interesting interviews with great designers. I can recommend the episode with Marie Wallin and Donna Smith !
Warm wishes,

I love that Amelia already looked so Amelia-ish when she was only a baby. What a sweet knowing face she had even then. I had never even imagined knitting podcasts. I had to search to find out they are not just audio :) I am still stuck on the Desert Island Discs podcasts back catalogue. But I do have a knitting news item to share. Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is having a baby in June and this has a been a great response to her announcement, one that will benefit many deserving babies:

Mimi's sweet little hands in the dough are so precious. It's so much fun to cook and bake with children and so exciting when they get to eat the transformation of their labor. I just skimmed the comments and can't wait to check out all the podcasts mentioned (so glad you asked!). I agree on Loop and Bar, The Gentle Knitter (neither has podcast for awhile, and I am missing them terribly), A Wooden Nest, The Grocery Girls (they are so funny!), A Homespun House (Molly who does this podcast is friends with Dani of Little Bobbins which was listed quite a few times), The Fat Squirrel, and The Fruity Knitting Podcast which is a husband and wife team (they interview famous knitters and also highlight a knitter from around the world who is a "normal person."). Molly at A Homespun House sells her own hand-dyed yarn, and I just noticed that HueLoco has a podcast in addition to selling the most beautiful hand-dyed yarn. Have a blast knitting while you watch!

Oh, how lovely your baking looks! Mmmmm and those stories. I loved, and still adore, the Little House books. Such lovely stories to share with our children. I continue to adore your blog even though I comment rarely - I'm such a lurker! Thank you,
Shanna :)

Oh my goodness- Beautiful- all of it- My Husband and I are kind of addicted to "the Crown" right
now- Finding it fascinating- Sending hugs to you beautiful people!

Love your blog..yes I'm listening and watching to Kammebornia. I'm visiting the island Gotland in Sweden where Kammebornia lives. So beautiful island. Love it much. I was there for a week in August 2017. And I have to go there again.

Fruity knitting podcast is great.

I have searched your site for the answer to the following question ti no avail. Where did you get the pillow case and pillow sham in photo #12 in this post? Oh please, they are lovely.


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