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Doing not much. Knitting and knitting and knitting. I have so many chores I should be getting to but . . . it's January. I just want to knit. So I am. And trying not to feel guilty about that. I'll catch up (won't I?) in February. . . .

Cinnamon rolls from Scandikitchen Fika and Hygge cookbook :: Sweet little baby Mimi :: Shawl is My Shetland Adventure pattern in Sunday Knits Angelic fingering in aqua :: Breakfast with my loves at our favorite, Besaw's :: Illustrations from My First Little House Books (which I like as much if not more than the original novels) Going West and Sugar Snow :: Andy and Mimi at the store right now getting ingredients for chicken soup tonight, as we all try to stay healthy :: Ranunculus sweater yoke in Arranmore Fine in progress :: Watched all of the first season of Victoria. Wow. So good!

Anyone watching or listening to good knitting podcasts? I am familiar with Woolful, The Gentle Knitter, and Kammebornia. Are there any others I should check out?


Rebecca Bandy says: January 20, 2018 at 07:07 AM

I'm loving newly discovered Louise Scollay's Knit British podcast. Brit wool is already a love. And her accent! I could listen all day.

I think you will like Little Bobbins Knits. She has a similar esthetic to yours and hails from England.

My favorite knitting podcast is The Yarniacs.

Yes, January is for cozy knitting. Besides, if we did all the chores now, there'd be nothing left for spring cleaning!

I agreed with the multiple posts about Dani of Little Bobbin Knits podcasts, it is definitely one of my favorites to watch. I also love Katie of Inside Number 23, who is another English podcaster. I'm excited to see so many other suggestions on here and will be checking them all out!

I started listening to A Playful Day; she's just come back from a year off so there's a new cycle, which is what I've joined in on. I, too, am trying to listen to other podcasts. Sometimes I listen to Thread Cult and almost always to the Pomcast (mostly because I love how much fun the hosts are having).
Knit in January; chores in February; take the time as you want it. There's no rush. Enjoy!

I started listening to A Playful Day; she's just come back from a year off so there's a new cycle, which is what I've joined in on. I, too, am trying to listen to other podcasts. Sometimes I listen to Thread Cult and almost always to the Pomcast (mostly because I love how much fun the hosts are having).
Knit in January; chores in February; take the time as you want it. There's no rush. Enjoy!

Jennifer Bauman says: January 20, 2018 at 08:11 AM

I love Fruity Knitting and Knitting pipeline. Aren't we fortunate to have knitting shows to watch and listen to? I'm an old Little House fan, loved visiting her home and museum in Missouri. Tie it in with a visit to Baker's Creek Seeds, especially during the planting festival! Lots of Amish farms in the area too, pretty countryside.( No, I don't live in Missouri)

With regard to podcasts, I love Yarngasm, The knitting expat (watch her vlogmasses with baby Layla and her extended family who are all just lovely), also Brooklyn knit folk (her vlogmas was amazing - watch the last one where she gives handmade quilts to all her family). Skeindeer knits is a Norwegian living in London (you can see her with Kristin in the current Yarngasm podcast visiting New York for Vogue Knitting live). She does traditional Norwegian knitting and also designs. Oh there are so many! Fruity knitting is very informative and enjoyable too. I also find the Bakery Bears entertaining. Enjoy also legacy knitz, and Knotty knitwits as well as The Crazy Sock Lady.

There are crochet podcasts too. I love Cherry Heart who makes such beautiful things (knitting and crochet), and Crochetcakes who lives in Puerto Rico and often podcasts with her equally lovely Mother, they are fun. You may also like Sew Sweet Violet who knits and sews and Lottie and Albert who crochets and is a commissioning editor for Mollie makes. I also love Crafternoon treats which is a very well produced and pleasant and informative crochet blog. There are plenty of others I've not mentioned. I must mention Inside number 23 too, who knits and sews beautifully and has her own sense of style. Anna knitter is a good listen along with cute little dog Benji and is a German girl teaching in Austria. Ina knits is a very nice Norwegian lady making pretty things. Good job I have no TV at the moment. My latest find is Miss Strawberry Makes - still new to podcasting, but so nice and everything she makes as a crafter is so pretty.

Some podcasts are all about the craft, others more chatty. It's a bit of a rabbit hole I fell down when so many bloggers went away. Vlogmas by the way is snippets from people's day, mostly everyday throughout December in the lead up to Christmas.

I love Garth Williams illustrations of the Little House books - so pretty and evocative and such soft colours.

Sarah Mollart says: January 20, 2018 at 09:45 AM

I’m sure you already know about the This American Life podcast - the greatest podcast in the history of podcasts. They just made their own app with their entire back catalogue on, if you like the free ones available.

If PBS show The Durrells and both the Little Woman/ Miniaturist series shown here in the UK over Christmas I heartily recommend them all. My 3 favourite shows this whole year. All a delight to watch and excellent adaptations of the books.

Do you watch Susan B. Anderson's podcasts? She is one of my favs, and I think you would like her.

oh I love those sweet sweet pictures, they tell such a happy story....

Check out A Wooden Nest knitting podcast. She only has a few episodes out because she just started but I think she's in the same vein as the podcasts you've mentioned. Also B Mandarines. :)

I don't listen to knitting podcasts, but can I recommend a few others?
The High Low (formerly the Pandolly podcast), Wittertainment (with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo), and Fortunately (Jane Garvey & Fi Glover of the BBC)- all English, and all highly informative and most entertaining.

This is the first time I have posted a comment anywhere. I do enjoy your blog so, stories, knitting projects, etc.! Would you mind sharing the roulade/Buche de Noel that you posted photos of at Christmas? I made my first this year and thought yours looked lovely!
Thank you, Catherine

Check out A Homespun House and Little Bobbins Knits!

BBC Radio 4 always has something interesting to listen to(Woman's Hour,Gardener's Question Time,Desert Island Discs,book stuff etc).Its more serious than Radio 2.I lenjoy BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo' Drivetime when cooking tea. The Simon Mayo show hosts Radio 2 Bookclub and has funny items like Confessions,interesting guests and discussions ( he answers homework questions in Homework Sucks )alongside playing decent music. He has a calm,comforting,intelligent voice and his show reminds me of driving home/getting home).Radio 2's Graham Norton show on Sat morning is really funny,he often has some interesting guests on,discusses books and plays decent music too.

Melody's Manderine podcast is lovely. I also like the fruity k itting podcast and makers haven.

I really enjoy watching Knitting Expat, Brooklyn Knitfolk, Little Bobbins, The Charm of it, Victorian Studio, and Treehouse Knits. Also, Fruity Knitting is very informative too.

Fruity Knitting is pretty great, and Meg of Mrs M's Curiosity Cabinet does one which I'm sure would be good, as her blog is great:

There are a few podcasts which I enjoy:

PomPom Magazine (out of England) is an excellent quarterly magazine and has a selection of podcasts. Last year, for their fifth anniversary, they had a weekend celebrating knitting. They have podcasts of some of the most interesting panel discussions they hosted.
Kristy Glass Knits is a hoot: her podcasts are usually interviews with knitters and she is most entertaining as well as hosts interesting guests.
I am on the east coast of Canada and the yarn store I deal with in Montreal, Espace Tricot, has some podcasts that are great fun. The hosts (owners of the store) are charming and their topics are not specific to Montreal or Canada (unless they are talking about some of the local amazing yarn dyers); they talk about patterns and yarn and tools.

There are so many more and one could easily while away days listening and knitting. Enjoy!!

Oh dear, have you asked the million dollar question. I watch several knitting podcasters.
Here's the short list: A Homespun House (American in Berlin + an Indy dyer), Brooklyn Knitfolk (young graphic designer living in New York), By The Lakeside (she knits & cooks), Knitting Expat (she's great for techniques), Skeindeer Knits (she's from Norway), Wool Needles Hands (Indy dyer), Inside Number 23, Sew Sweet Violet (UK), The Grocery Girls (Canada & so funny).
I have a few more but these are my favorites. If you can I'd watch the ones who have Vlogmas videos. They're short and fun, especially Sew Sweet Violet & A Homespun House.
Oh dear I almost forgot, Little Bobbin's is another UK knitter, bag maker, yarn dyer & she embroiders, too.
There now that will keep you occupied for an extremely long time.
I will say sorry now just in case these podcasts take over all your free tie. (smile)

Nicole Dupuis says: January 21, 2018 at 06:28 PM

Awww, Alicia, sooo lovely to have you mention my podcast. I have been such a longtime fan of your blog (and I think of you everytime I see my C&E Spring Rain print box [which used to hold bath salts and now hold my hair elastics], lol). I wanted to add my voice to the chorus and mention podcasts that I love: A Wooden Nest, Mandarines, Fibre Trek, Loop and Bar and Little Bobbins Knits.

Becki Barker says: January 21, 2018 at 09:46 PM

I too love all of the Little House books and will have to get the ones you mention for my grandies. I second all of the podcasts mentioned, Sew Sweet Violet is one of my favorites and she has mentioned your patterns on her podcast before. I see that she follows you on Instagram 🤗. Also The Little Tailoress is wonderful and is a fabulous seamstress besides her knitting. The Grocery Girls are a complete hoot and are very talented knitters. They have great pattern ideas. Sometimes PG13 though if you are watching with little ones around. One I didn’t see mentioned that is fun is Brooklyn Knitfolk. She is the creator of the Clark Sock pattern that you’ve probably seen around - a beautiful sock pattern. I loved watching her “vlogmas” at Christmas time, kind of a day in the life for 24 days and it was fun to see how someone else does everyday life in the city that never sleeps.

I am going to change my feed reader because it always updates me so late! Those cinnamon buns look delicious, I need them now. I know what you mean about January being a knitting month. I'm not a brilliant knitter by any means but what I am craving is being curled up on the sofa and just knit, knit, knitting until warmer, lighter days arrive.

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