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Amelia went to bed coughing and with a stuffy nose on Sunday night, so I kept her home for the first three days of this week. Aside from her feeling a bit poorly, we had such a lovely time together, mostly watching TV and movies, and snuggling on the couch, and reading and playing with Legos, and eating the soup that I told her I always used to ask for when I was sick as a little girl (that Lipton's chicken soup in box with the desiccated chicken and powdery bouillon and grass noodles). I brought her breakfast in bed, which she had recently mentioned she wanted me to do next time she was sick, so I did that. She was cuddly and quiet and sweet and sniffly, and as I knit she put her feet up on my legs and sang along to her baby shows, Blues Clues and Little Baby Bum (nursery rhymes and songs), stuff she doesn't watch anymore, generally, but which I think made her feel comforted and content. On Tuesday she baked cupcakes, doing almost everything herself except for the things she just couldn't do, and she was proud and I was proud of her. She missed Valentine's Day at school but late in the afternoon her friend's mom delivered a bag filled with classmate Valentines and a lollipop (not sugar free) so she was delighted.

Thank you so much for your kind words about the new cross-stitch design! I didn't get a chance to get a lot of Posie work done the way I normally would when she is in school in the mornings, but I did manage to take my cover photo and finish up the pattern. I'll start a pre-sale for the kits on Tuesday morning next week (the 20th). Three of the floss colors are on back-order so we'll pull the floss the minute it all arrives, and plan to ship at the end of March. This week I wore my new blouse (vintage Peter Pan calico made from Burda pattern 6592) and mostly worked on my granny-square blanket, which I'm calling Firefly Jar because it reminds me of little flickers of light against a dimming evening sky. By the way, I get my grannies perfectly square before whip-stitching them together by wet-blocking them all individually. The speckled yarn continues to charm me. Thank you for all the recommendations for other indie dyers. I have about ten skeins of speckled yarn now! I'll have to do a whole post about them. They are just so, so pretty. I started a spring sweater for Amelia with a few of the colors (Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles in Pistachio, Pinky Swear, and Opalite) using the Flax Light pattern from Tin Can Knits and it's working up quickly, being mostly stockinette. It's light as a feather. I picked the green and she picked the pink so it's a collaboration. Thanks also to those of you who suggested that I try to do some dyeing myself with Wilton food dyes. I have tons of those so I am totally going to try it. I'm excited about that. That looks like a lot of fun.

My heart and Andy's are heavy with so much sorrow over the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. We talked and talked about it yesterday. My head is swirling, feverish with bitterness and fury over how this keeps happening again and again and again. I don't even know how to talk about it. I'm so disappointed and frustrated I really cannot find the words I want to say.

Outside, spring continues to peek it's little fuzzy head out from under piles of brown oak leaves and the muck of winter. Around town, daffodils are starting to bloom in earnest now and crocuses cover tiny plots in a haze of lavender. The sky is bright gray, like a gray lightbox, with flat, dull light that leaves no shadows. I'll make tea and work and take care of little things. I wish you peace today. I hope your day has peace.


I love the photos this week. Without even reading the post, you can tell the progression of the week. Lovely. The flu is rampant here in South Carolina, but overall the kids don't look too bad (I'm in the peds ED) despite the what the news says. We're seeing many more kids with the flu as opposed to regular colds. The odd thing about that is the kids get over the flu faster than a cold.

I love the cupcake photos. She's going to be quite a maker and a baker, I'm sure.

Yes, the school shooting is devastating. Again. They are currently having the trial for the teenager who killed his father and a little boy at school in SC in 2016. It was so hard to hear the teacher explaining how she took care of him before EMS arrived. Just unbelievable to think that kids are not safe at school.

Thank you for sharing as always and provoking thought and emotions and even hunger. This post (the lovely cupcakes specifically) makes me hungry. I have to go find some food somewhere.

Sniffles here as well, the littlest boy is catching something every month at the moment. Love the blanket, the squares are indeed satisfyingly square, it's my favourite sort of design. Love the cupcake with all the eyeballs on, nicely done. And how brilliant that Mimi almost made them all herself, I'm very impressed. Hope all are back to full strength soon. CJ xx

Daphne Phillips says: February 16, 2018 at 01:32 PM

Thank you for this lovely post. I am beyond angry today, sick and furious and not fit for social media. Needed this reminder to take care of myself (after Resist-botting our representatives) and maybe make some cupcakes.

Beautiful post. Your little girl is getting so big and still so precious. Thank you for sharing your week with us.

Isn't she just darling? She is getting so big I can hardly believe it. As I live in Florida this weeks latest massacre hits a bit closer to home. Yet I feel the same way no matter where I live, our politicians have to do something. No child should be afraid to go to school, no teacher should have to sacrifice their lives, no one should be afraid to go to a concert, a club or even walk down the street. Sen. Marco Rubio has accepted over $3,000,000 from the NRA, based on that news alone I know the laws will not change in Florida. Stay well and enjoy that beautiful girl of yours.

Cecilia Fraser says: February 16, 2018 at 02:21 PM

Look forward to your blog every week just love reading it. Could you tell me where to find the pattern for your Granny Square? Your squares look so pretty.
Thank you

I love your blog. Your photos are so relaxing and I wish I had your fashion sense. It fits me perfectly. The sweet feminine details, soft colors, florals, and that Scandinavian flare.

I wanted to comment because I just got my Connecting Threads cataglog and it looks like they are carrying Liberty of London fabric.

I'm sorry to hear that Mimi was ill, I do hope she's much improved now. I think she's going to be a wonderful baker and cook like her mama. The Florida tragedy is much in my mind too. I keep trying to figure out what would help. I'm at the point where I think every single school needs a guard at the door at all times. Such a horrible state of affairs. I wish our kids had the same care-free world that I did when I was young growing up in McMinnville. Stay warm and hug each other. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Look at you go! That crochet blanket is just flying together! Pretty, pretty colors. I'll say it again...I love that variation on the granny square.
I just bought my first superfine alpaca to make myself a scarf. Yarn work is the best on these cold winter nights.
My 14 yr old was home one day this week with a fever & sore throat. Tonight she & her sister are at their winter formal...just wait for those days. Snuggle while you can!!

Yes yes, yes! Lipton chicken noodle soup for a cold - Yes! :D

We have had a fast and furious February so far. Both my in-laws are hospitalized with the flu, and my father-in-law is in critical condition. All the media coverage about this awful flu seemed far and away and impossible until they were admitted to the hospital. Now my son has the sniffles, and I'm watching him like a (paranoid) hawk. I probably should just stop watching the news for awhile.

p.s. I love A's eyeballs cupcake. Five year olds are so fun. :)

Awww hope she’s all better by now. For some reason when I was little, I always wanted a whopper jr and onion rings from Burger King. Never wanted to eat it any other time though.

Kristin Nicholas says: February 17, 2018 at 04:26 AM

I used to love that chicken noodle soup too. Gave it to Julia when she was ill when she was little. I am making a hexagon crochet afghan during the Olympics. Started sewing it together. Why didn't I think to leave a long end on the hexes? I will now. Thanks Alicia for all you do. Your blog is so comforting and lovely and something to look forward to for all these years. Have a nice weekend.

Lipton chicken noodle soup; so many memories are conjured up by the smell alone. I couldn't get enough of it during my first pregnancy! Love the pictures in the post.

Everything you do is so lovely. I so enjoy watching your sweet little girl grow!
I was wondering is that carpet you show new? Can you give any information on it? I love the colors......

I love Amelia’s cupcakes. How cute! Sorry she was under the weather but that is cute she asked for breakfast in bed and love the calico critter sitting on the tray. I’m sure it brought her smiles.

Her bonnet is so cute. Just the other day in declutteting I came across my Grandmas bonnet that I’ve kept. Those are special!

No daffodils blooming yet here in the Midwest although the weather has teased us with some warmer days amidst the bitter cold still. But we’ve not had much snow here at all.

Blessings! 🌼

it's hard to wrap my mind around all the tragedies in the world- sometimes I think of Mother Theresa, when a visitor was amazed at her work and wanted to move to India to help, who said 'go find your own Calcutta and love your family'

Katie Morene says: February 17, 2018 at 08:55 AM

Since the Sandy Hook murders I've been involved with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. I have found them to be a great organization, they stay on top of contacting the President, Senate and House. They send a text message when a particular gun bill is up for vote and will connect me directly with my representative. I've started regularly calling Congressional representatives and Senators around the country. If someone votes for sensible gun laws I call to thank them regardless of the state they represent. They are never from my state (I live in Texas). I call all over the country so my voice is heard. I do have a voice and it makes me feel as if I'm doing something; otherwise, the heartbreak is too much. What if it were my child? How would I feel if I had done nothing to make my voice heard?

We all long for and deserve peace and safety. xo

Katie, I literally just followed this group on IG this morning. Thank you for sharing it. I will be following and acting, too. Thank you.

Thank you for this post. Even though I live in another country, I feel pain, sadness, anger, and bewilderment at the continuing tragedies. Thank you Katie for talking about the Action Group above. Amelia is so sweet and earnest with her baking. I especially like that she put her Little House on the Prairie bonnet on to complete the cupcake decorations :) I look forward to ordering a kit this week. Fingers crossed our time zone difference don't get in the way.

OMG I was just thinking about that soup in the box the other day and wondered if they still made it! I LOVED that soup. I may go get some just for old time sake hahah.
Sorry to hear Amelia is under the weather and missed Valentine's day at school :(

I love your crocheted blanket, do you have a pattern for that or know of a site where I could get it?? I admire how crafty you are.......your so the way Lipton soup has always been my favorite!! Love your blog!! Your family is beautiful!!

Based on your mention last post, I went to Starlight Knitting Societyin SE Portland and really loved the store. Bought several items including an indie-dyed sock yarn. I’ve been to several yarn shops in Portland but didn’t know about that one!

I enjoy your posts so much. Your pictures are always so pretty and they remind me of life lived in a simpler time, and are so comforting to me. I have not done cross-stitch in so long but your lovely spring design has me wanting to try again. I live in Vermont and we are not done with winter yet but have had some milder weather here and there, which makes me feel hopeful. I work in an elementary school and I feel so helpless and sad that our schools are not safe places for our children anymore. I would say that I feel safe at work most of the time, but I pray our lawmakers DO SOMETHING!

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