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Oh, hello! I've been here, peeking in on my shady little glade. Frogs are croaking here. Mud is squelching. Winter's muck is being parted by new growth. In our yard, tiny choirs of tiny daffodils (my favorites are called 'Minnow') are starting to pierce the ground and prepare their songs. Our yard is still filled with brown — dead leaves, colorless stems of dead grass, old blooms, withered things — but everywhere below the surface the season is changing.

I come to the change a bit sullenly. Our winter here has been very mild, with almost no rain, and only one (beloved, wonderful) snowstorm. I guess it could always still happen, of course, but it doesn't feel like it will. As you walk around town you smell it — winter daphne. The fragrant harbinger of future blossoms. I do love it. And so it begins. Our plum tree is already dropping its first freckled fairy petals. The spirea begins to swell with its little buds. I have the bedroom window open behind the curtain every night now, and now we listen to the cold night sounds, and the early morning crows. Spring is coming.

I'm happy because I heard back from the distributor (Wichelt) about the discontinued fabric (I unknowingly chose) for this new cross stitch kit and they still have fifty yards in stock, out of which we can make four-hundred kits. I'm seriously thrilled by that number. I thought it would be, like, four. Or three. So I bought the fifty, and it's on its way. Yesterday I also ordered all the floss from DMC, and so it will be on its way soon, too. This will be another design, like First Snow, that will fit into an 8" x 10" ready-made frame. (I'm going to do one for each season, and just this morning I got my idea [pop! right into my head!] for my summer design.) I'll give you more details on this one for spring and will start taking pre-orders probably next week. If there is more interest beyond the four hundred, the manufacturer has agreed to dye more fabric (at, naturally, a higher cost, and with a six-to-eight-week lead time), but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. We've sold 492 First Snow kits of the 600 we originally made, so I'm a bit worried we could go over the 400, if everyone does want to do a series of seasons, and I do want everyone who wants one to be able to get one. With my luck I'll probably sell four kits, total. Well, weeeeeeeeee'll see. Now I'm just rambling. We'll figure it out when we get there, no worries.

My creative mania, as it reduced itself from a rolling boil to a gentle simmer, seemed to also direct its interest (I'm speaking about "it" in the third person because I've lost control and am now disassociating, apparently) toward hand-dyed speckled sock yarn. Exclusively. Only hand-dyed speckled sock yarn. I mean??? This from the woman who has only ever, in twenty years, knit one sock. But, seriously, how pretty are these yarns? And these? Why am I so late in understanding about these? I saw some of them recently at Close Knit and Starlight Knitting Society and Twisted and I walked by them without a backward glance, fixated on All The Solid Colors. Now, just weeks later, I have gone back and bought them, and for fun I literally open my iPad and staaaaaaare at them on-line, all of these freckly wonders, and try to choose between them. I have a pattern picked out for a new Easter-ish sweater for Mimi, and have ordered several other skeins to work into the granny-square blanket, etc. I've bought yarn with sparkles in it. I really never thought I would do that.



Stephanie Patenaude says: February 09, 2018 at 11:58 AM

Let me tell you why this is so hilarious. I am currently knitting a shawl using speckled yarn from Hedghog Fibres and so often I think to myself...Alicia Paulson would neeeeeeever. Can’t wait to see how your new affinity towards speckled yarn plays out,

In an effort to be a better human, I’ve disconnected a bit from social media. So everyday I pop over to this blog to see if there is a new entry. When there is, It is such a breath of fresh air. You really are a blessing.

Oh goodness, we had a winter storm yesterday which brought 14" of snow. There is no sign of spring and won't be for months. But I do love it and couldn't live anywhere without seasons including a full proper winter. It only becomes hard when you have to actually leave the house!
I can't imagine working on the scale of fifty yards of fabric and 400 kits - that's impressive. And hurrah for getting the colour you wanted!
I do indeed...find it all very gripping :)

The scent of daphne is exquisite! The certain smell of spring! We are still under a blanket of snow on this side of the country, which means we are still a couple of months away from spring filling the air. I am so excited about your Spring sampler. I ordered First Snow, and hate to admit that I have yet to begin stitching it. But what a great idea to make a series. I'll for certain be in line for your Spring design anticipating the gorgeous colors you choose.

I am really excited about this kit and your seasonal series plan. As always, it’s a beauty!! Looking forward to happily stitching.

I wish you posted every day. I always feel so happy after reading your words. I'd swear my blood pressure drops.

I totally get it with the sock yarn. I gaze at it too when I just want a fun, soothing activity. I also love looking up the HappyScrappy Socks pattern on Ravelry and looking at the projects. They really are happy! And scrappy!
I wonder how long it will be before you jump into dyeing your own yarns! I love to do it, and to knit with my unique creations. With food dyes(I especially like Wilton’s Color Rite system) it is safe and easy and you really don’t need any special equipment. You should dye some yarn with Mimi and then knit it up! I love that you are constantly morphing and exploring new things. Happy early spring!(not here in Chicagoland where we are in the midst of a beautiful snowstorm)

Ohhh.. those yarns are indeed "wantie". That one amazing raspberry pink and the lime green.. oh my! Can't wait for you to show us what you bought. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kit please!! :)

There's something in the air, even as I watch the snow fall outside. I, too, am in the midst of a major creative moment. I told my friend the other night, "I'm on fire!" Enjoy every minute of it! When the muse visits, invite her to sit and stay awhile.

That GIF tho!!

Lovely! I'd love to hear about your process for designing crossstitch? Do you use a certain software? I'd love to try myself but I don't really know how to start (other than good ol' graph paper).

So funny, I actually just got an instagram account so I can keep track of all the pretty hand-dyed yarns out there, mostly in the UK. I have only ever knit one pair of socks! I'm right there with you!

Hugh!!!!! Oh, and cross stitch kits. Very nice. Count me in.

YES. Speckled yarns. I caught the bug over Christmas and am now obsessed. So many speckles and no two alike!

Looking forward to the spring kit. I am in the middle of working on the winter one and enjoying it so much. This is some incentive to get it finished before the next one comes out.

These cross stitch designs are so lovingly beautiful. I am going to order the First Snow one right after I finish typing this. I am very interested in seeing your hand-dyed speckled sock yarn projects. That is going to be fun. I am storing your knitting projects in my brain for when I do start knitting. Right now cardboard has my heart and creative mind, but things do change.

I really have no business ordering your spring cross stitch. I haven’t even begun the winter one and my backlog of projects is pffft! so long! ! It stresses me out to think about it! (Hobby stress—is that even a thing?) But I know I will order one. Your amazing designs are irresistible!

I, too, am excited to see where speckled yarn takes you!

I just finished my First Snow tonight! We have only had one proper snow storm this winter too. So, if that's all winter is going to do, let's just move on already . . . I can't wait to order your spring kit--so exciting! So gripping!

Lots of easy and kid-friendly tutorials online for making speckled yarn using powdered Kool Aid. Worth a look into of you're going for a certain colorway!

Pretty yarn for sure and so many lovely colors! I enjoy seeing your wonderful needle arts and glad you share with us! Looking forward to that pre-order coming up! Here, in Northern CA, there is no rain either and I'm afraid we'll have more drought in our forecast :(

That yarn, so gorgeous! I get kind of breathless at this time of year, there is so much I want to do. So much I need to do and yet I don't quite have the energy yet 😂

Spring is nowhere in sight here in Wisconsin. It was minus 14 again this morning for what seems like the 100th time this winter. But your picture made it seem like it is possible, it could happen, sometime in the future! Count me in for a kit purchase! It's just lovely!!

Akk! I'm already two kits behind! What have I been doing with my time!!! Well, it will have to be three kits behind, soon, as I love the idea of seasonal change. Less computer and more stitching is the answer.
I've often thought a basket of hand dyed yarn would be a lovely addition to any room. I used to get a catalogue that would feature a selection of beautiful yarns on the cover. Sometimes I like the way a skein looks but once it is knit, not so much. I like yarn stores that have a sample knit up so you can see how the colors flow.
And, yes, your life is gripping for many of us!

Love those hand dyed speckled yarns! Here's a few more to explore in your yarn online travels......Lichen and Lace, and Nice & Knit. The yarns are simply a joy to knit with.

I'm missing something. What's the connection between this lovely post and the video clip? It seems out of place from anything I can ever remember seeing here, on this beautiful blog, before. Where is the connection? Thank you for all the words and photos.

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