Spring Snow

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Ohhhhhh, it was wonderful. It's always like a dream. Just when I thought our chances for snow were gone for the season, we had a few of the most beautiful days I've ever seen. The first day, it had been lightly snowing without sticking most of the day. Around dinnertime, though, I looked out the back door and saw flakes as big as feathers. I've never seen such big snowflakes. They fell and fell, into twilight and through the night. It piled up. Sunrise was every shade of pink and white. I stood in the front yard in my nightgown taking photos at dawn. The day was like a dream. And then it all melted in a rush. By the following day, everything was gone. Spring snow. It was perfect and unexpected and even better for that.

Thank you soooooo much for all of the Time of Flowers kit pre-orders (and other orders)! I'm so happy with the response and thank you very sincerely for all of your orders. Right now we have 63 Time of Flowers kits left for pre-order. Andy cut fabric this weekend and we could even have another sixty extra, based on how much fabric we received, but I want to wait to make sure before I add them to inventory. I'm so glad that all of the numbers worked out okay. I always make my best guess on this stuff and this worked out just fine, which is such a relief. I get very stressed.

So, things are on track, fabric is getting cut, floss is on its way, the pattern just needs a final proofing and then it is off to the printer, and everything's well in hand. I even designed the next kit, for summer, last week and I'm hoping to start stitching it later next month. Yesterday, though, I was back to working on my new dolls and all of their MANY new outfits. I am hoping to have all of those launched for the fall, FYI to those who have wondered. This is going to be kind of a massive project for me, which will include reissuing a lot of the older clothes patterns separately from the animal patterns, either bundled or completely a la carte so that you can get lots of new clothes patterns for your doll when the dolls are launched. Today I'm trying to finish the ballet wrap sweater, now that Amelia is back in school (they had no school for conferences week last week), and will try to source some angora yarn for my shop. I'm going to start carrying a whole new line of yarns (still sport-weight wool, but in a really pretty color palette) for all of the new knitting patterns, too. Anyway, rambling again, but I have a ton of things on my mind, I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'm chipping away at everything, including the cross stitch tutorial I promised (the fabric for my samples for that post is on its way, too). Thank you again for all of your sweetness and and kindness and enthusiasm. I honestly can't express how much it means to me. I hope you know. It means so much. Thank you.

***I wish I could remember where I got the cookie cutter, but I can't! I searched my Etsy purchases and it doesn't look like it's in there. I got it online somewhere but I'm not sure where. I'm sorry. :(


Such beautiful winter scenes! We don't get snow here and I'm envious of you. I love the kitten cookies too :-)

I'm sitting here waiting for the snow to come to my part of South Oxfordshire and catching up on the Kammebornia podcasts on youtube. Have you watched any (subtitles required). Love to you and yours. bx

I'm so envious over the magical childhood you've created for Amelia, so full of special moments and special things. I mean, liberty print snow pants?! Come on! I need those! ❤️

A white blanket of loveliness. I like how snow brings a layer of quiet. It softens the noise of everyday life. So calming. Wish we'd gotten more, but then there's always next year. (smile)

What a lovely view from OHSU. The city always looks so clean and pretty in the snow.

Laura Smartt says: March 01, 2018 at 04:42 AM

Oh Alicia,

I am so excitied!!! You have such wonderful ideas and it all sounds so fun. I get such a crafty spirit when I read your blog. It is the BEST!!!!!


Such beautiful pictures!!

Hello. The cookie cutter can be found on Etsy from LeCuisinier and is called Kawaii Cat Cookie cutter. Thanks for your lovely blog!

I love your snow pics! And those dolls... oh this project will be marvelous!!

Your snow pictures always look so beautiful! We had lots of snow here in the UK this week but no big snowflakes, it was more like a sandstorm to be honest, tiny little balls of ice! I'm excited for your doll project... Just need to find a small person to make them for 🤔

A winter wonderland for you! Snow is so magical - I grew up in Michigan and miss it. Here, in Northern CA we are finally getting a little rain and we hope for more so we don't have water problems. Can you give us a "sneak preview" of your x-stitch and/or the doll and clothes? Always enjoy your crafts! Love your pics and thanks so much for sharing your part of the world.

Look at that snow! My family and I are visiting Portland Oregon in May this year - is it likely to be cold? We are coming from Australia, so I have no idea! I am a long time reader of your blog admirer of your work, and am very excited to be visiting your part of the world! Any lovely crafty places I should visit?

We're preparing for another snow storm tonight. We had a relatively warm day today (34 Fahrenheit.) The snow on your photos looks so pretty and fluffy. That warm oatmeal looks great and also the cookies. I'm looking forward to get my embroidery kit from you! Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! Hugs!

your enthusiasm for snow makes me feel giddy like a kid again :) i've said it before and i'll say it again... i LOVE the way you capture your life. you have a gift... you can tell stories with your photos. thank you for sharing your lovely moments with us!

Melissa L. says: March 05, 2018 at 09:16 PM


Is this the cookie cutter??

Your snow photos are gorgeous. <3

I've been on vacation and just saw the spring flower cross stitch kit. The spring flower design is so beautiful I can't believe it. It's so delicate. And I love the spring snow post as well. I don't know if we will even have another frost in the Southeast, but I would love to have another surprise snow.

Lovely photos and lovely thoughts. Thank you.

Hello! I second the person who said you would love Noel Streatfield's books and Amelia will love them when she gets older - Ballet Shoes, Ballet Shoes for Anna, White Boots - and more.
Also, I loved the Moomin books by Tove Janssen and bet you guys would too.

What a magical snow day! Mimi's little white nightgown is so sweet. Did you make it? I am so excited for the new embroidery kit. Can't wait to get stitching...

Wow, it's been so long since I've checked in with your blog. Your little girl is getting so big. I love seeing Amelia's smiling and happy face. She's adorable and I know you and Andy must be so happy. It shows. A happy family. :)

Lois Clark says: March 13, 2018 at 03:27 PM

I am so curious about the breakfast cereal (?) that you show... It looks so delicious, what is it please?

what is that porridge? It looks amazing!!

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