Spring Snow

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Ohhhhhh, it was wonderful. It's always like a dream. Just when I thought our chances for snow were gone for the season, we had a few of the most beautiful days I've ever seen. The first day, it had been lightly snowing without sticking most of the day. Around dinnertime, though, I looked out the back door and saw flakes as big as feathers. I've never seen such big snowflakes. They fell and fell, into twilight and through the night. It piled up. Sunrise was every shade of pink and white. I stood in the front yard in my nightgown taking photos at dawn. The day was like a dream. And then it all melted in a rush. By the following day, everything was gone. Spring snow. It was perfect and unexpected and even better for that.

Thank you soooooo much for all of the Time of Flowers kit pre-orders (and other orders)! I'm so happy with the response and thank you very sincerely for all of your orders. Right now we have 63 Time of Flowers kits left for pre-order. Andy cut fabric this weekend and we could even have another sixty extra, based on how much fabric we received, but I want to wait to make sure before I add them to inventory. I'm so glad that all of the numbers worked out okay. I always make my best guess on this stuff and this worked out just fine, which is such a relief. I get very stressed.

So, things are on track, fabric is getting cut, floss is on its way, the pattern just needs a final proofing and then it is off to the printer, and everything's well in hand. I even designed the next kit, for summer, last week and I'm hoping to start stitching it later next month. Yesterday, though, I was back to working on my new dolls and all of their MANY new outfits. I am hoping to have all of those launched for the fall, FYI to those who have wondered. This is going to be kind of a massive project for me, which will include reissuing a lot of the older clothes patterns separately from the animal patterns, either bundled or completely a la carte so that you can get lots of new clothes patterns for your doll when the dolls are launched. Today I'm trying to finish the ballet wrap sweater, now that Amelia is back in school (they had no school for conferences week last week), and will try to source some angora yarn for my shop. I'm going to start carrying a whole new line of yarns (still sport-weight wool, but in a really pretty color palette) for all of the new knitting patterns, too. Anyway, rambling again, but I have a ton of things on my mind, I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'm chipping away at everything, including the cross stitch tutorial I promised (the fabric for my samples for that post is on its way, too). Thank you again for all of your sweetness and and kindness and enthusiasm. I honestly can't express how much it means to me. I hope you know. It means so much. Thank you.

***I wish I could remember where I got the cookie cutter, but I can't! I searched my Etsy purchases and it doesn't look like it's in there. I got it online somewhere but I'm not sure where. I'm sorry. :(


Oh, how lovely! Unexpected snow is the best snow. Your photos are gorgeous! So glad you enjoyed it.

Oh I loved all the snow pics thank you. We don't get snow where I live..well the occasional year when it may lightly sprinkle, but no thick globs like you got !!! :) Just glorious.

LOVE the special HUSH of waking up to snow...you can tell before you peek out the window that it has happened!...it truly is a MIRACULOUS event!

Those snowflakes were GIGANTIC. I remarked to my hubby about their size too. It was a great Portland snowfall.

Such beautiful photos!!
I can't wait for the doll patterns, I'd love to give them a go :-)

Lovely images! - snowwww! :)

Your pictures are so lovely! It was such a special treat to get the snow!

such gorgeous pics!

I cannot tell a lie - I’m so envious! I’m wishing for one more snow, but it’s not likely now. We had one snow this year, so I shouldn’t complain!

Oh I think your spring snow is headed to this side of our country! From what I'm hearing, we're to get rain and then a wintery mix all starting tomorrow going on through the weekend. A local radio legend here in Pittsburgh called this snow "onion snow".

Is your sweet Meems eating porridge? Do you have a recipe for what she is eating? Could you point me to a recipe for it? It looks delicious and just what is called for on these late winter, damp, snowy days.

The snow in Portland has had me ooohing, ohhhhhing, and ahhhing, and feeling thoroughly convinced it’s only magic and bliss. We wish we were there... really, we do. The city should send you a thank you note and gift every time... well, just every time you post. I’m sure you bring in a regular stream of visitors with your blog.

Doris Barile says: February 27, 2018 at 03:56 PM

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful little girl!!

Your snow photos are gorgeous! So beautiful!
I love that kitty cookie!! I know those were fun to make!

Such lovely snow photos! And I am quite excited to learn of the angora and other yarns you plan to carry. Good idea!

Alicia, bravo on the wonderful captures of the snow and the pink and Mimi sledding and having fun. We had some really nice accumulations out here in Corbett, OR. I am excited about the doll pattern. I've always wanted to make a hand sewn doll and I'm waiting for yours. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

So pretty! And the kittycat cookies! Do you know where one could procure the necessary cutter?

Lovely pictures as always. We woke up to snow here in the southeast of England yesterday - so unusual, the last time was five years ago. My seven-year -old daughter longs for snow and was overjoyed: her dream came true! At school they went out to play in the snow after register, and once home after school we made a little snow lady together in the garden. She went to bed a very happy girl.
I have ordered the winter and spring cross stitch kits. I love the idea of having a set of the seasons and am already planning where to hang them! They are really enchanting.
Completely unrelated, I have a book recommendation for you as I know you love cosy mysteries. I recently discovered Robin Stevens who writes murder mysteries set in a girls' boarding school in the 1930's England. They are written for older children but have lots of adult fans too. They are very well written and have a wonderful period atmosphere. The first one is called "Murder Most Unladylike" here in England, but I believe it's called "Murder is Bad Manners" in America.

Beautiful kit and so right for spring time! Ordering now! :D

I was hoping for snow pictures! And, Larkspur in particular has been wondering about those dolls... :)

Yes, we have snow here in England today. Not "hysteria from Siberia", as some were saying but, truly, " The Beast from the East". Here in East Anglia, we have a good 7" but I can't go out as I have a broken foot. 😑

Re: your list of children's books, started when you were expecant parents. ( I'm just reading a bit of your blog again ). I've just bought a copy of " Plum duff and Prunella ", about a girl and her magic horse ( sigh) and remembered all of the Nöel Stretfeild books which I'm sure you would love: " Ballet Shoes", " White Boots" et al. Don't know if you've ever come across them.

Spending my snow days knitting and baking. I'm not sorry! Lovely to see children out having such a great time. When it comes so seldom, the memories are more vivid.

Ohhhh such lovely photos, its a wonderland! Please advise where those adorable kitty cookie cutters can be purchased. My daughter would love them......💕

Oh please, do share where one might find that adorable kitty cookie cutter!

Beautiful photos (as always)! There's something about baking cookies when it's snowing. It's something that's stuck in my mind—from childhood probably. That kitty face cookie cutter is adorable.

Congrats to you and Andy on getting the linen cut. It's a lot of work putting those kits together--lots of pieces and thinking, thinking, thinking.

Enjoy your day, Alicia! <3

I dislike snow, but snow we have got today. It usually passes us by even when surrounding areas get it. Very very cold and heating insufficient, so feel cross rather than cosy. Beaten though by the earthquake we had at around 7.30 this morning. Just a small one but still, an earthquake which is very rare here thankfully.

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