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Thank you so, so, so much for your orders! Seriously, thank you! I haven't had a minute to jump back in here this week and the days are just flying by. So, I am in the weeds with lotion-bar orders that came in without a kit order, meaning they need to ship ASAP. I am trying to pour and package and ship over 200 orders just for the lotion bars right now, so I promise I am doing my best. I've shipped a hundred so far this week, but I really underestimated this one, I'm sorry! I've ordered more stickers, more tins, more supplies, everything, and I have the next two days while Andy is home to make and ship as many of these on their way as I can. So if you were among the first to order last week and haven't already received your advice of shipping, please watch for it over the next couple of days. Other people who ordered lotion bars to ship with Summer Storm kits, I am still planning to ship yours with your cross-stitch kit in July as discussed.

I've gotten a much higher number of emails with order amendments, requests for additions, etc., this time and I do answer those as quickly as I can. But, for the record, if you didn't add a lotion bar to your kit order and you would like to do so (and your first order has not shipped yet), the best way to do that is to place another order for the lotion bar (and anything else you would like) and leave me a note to combine your open orders on the order comment-box itself, and not sent in a separate email. I use a separate shipping app (ShipStation, which is awesome) for all of my shipping and it does a brilliant job of combining orders. But I must do that manually within the app itself, and I have a better chance of getting it right if you leave me a note within the order itself, where all the information is. Please know that I do not have access to credit card or PayPal information, and I cannot automatically add things to anyone's order, and I do not send invoices for extra items. Placing another order through the web site and leaving me a note is the best way for me to combine your open orders. With a volume of orders like this all at once, things always get a bit tricky to manage on my end, so thank you so much for your orders and your interest and your patience, and I promise you will be hearing from me soon.

Thank you, you sweetest people!
Alicia P.


Alicia, the designs on those bars are soooo gorgeous, I cannot imagine that anyone could resist! I plan to display mine just for their sheer beauty.

And I should add, I didn’t realize you were making these yourself. I thought you must have found a manufacturer. That’ll be your next step! Toiling over cauldrons of lotion in the summertime will get old fast.

Caroline says: June 29, 2018 at 10:25 AM

Alicia! Mine arrived today! They are truly lovely! I bought two - one for me, and one for a gift for one of my very best friends. I quickly scurried over to her house as the weather is supposed to hit the 90s this week and presented her with it. She loved it! They are amazing! They smell delicious and they are so beautiful! Thank you for shipping them out so fast!

I can't wait to get my package! I've recent gotten into bar lotion, shampoo, etc; and so far it's been great (yay for less plastic). And I finally talked myself into getting your First Snow kit too. It will be nice to have something that I can leave up all winter. And I must say I'm just biding my time till you release that knitting bag kit/pattern, I will be one of the first to order that when that goes live on your site. Thank you for all the pretties you share with us!

Alicia.. I got my package from you and it's amazing! The lotion bar is so beautiful and works so well! And the aqua pastel candy colored yarn is so pretty. I just did a blog post about your products and put a link in the text, I hope you don't mind. I love how you packaged everything! You really are a blog star. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Dear Alicia, I received my lotion bars yesterday and they are so beautiful! And the little extras are just as sweet!
Thank you! You are so kind. Xoxo

Jeannette says: June 29, 2018 at 05:38 PM

wow, the bars are gorgeous, is it a custom mold? could you direct us to the manufacturer? with thanks.

God bless you as you work on all these orders!!! lovely lovely lovely work!

I received mine and they are so beautiful and smell amazing! I wish I lived nearby so I could help you with packing and shipping. xoxo

Diane Williams says: June 30, 2018 at 07:08 PM

Please don't give up on the lotion-bars. I plan to order them for Christmas gifts and besides, I'm in Kansas where the temps are so high they would melt all of your stunning hard work in a second!

Good craft takes time <3. You can move my order to the back. xx

Dear Alicia,

My lotion bar arrived yesterday (June 30th) in 96 degree heat. It survived in perfect condition and I love it. It is beautiful and so fragrant.

I have a rule to not order any more projects until most are finished. This includes several knitting UFOs, a baby quilt and one of your cross stitch kits. But I am so tempted by all your designs!

I love your blog and seeing your beautiful family.

Thanks for sharing your life with us.

For those whose orders may be delayed, the wait is worth it. I love this stuff -- well, it's more than "stuff." It's fragrance and creaminess and comfort. Also, pausing to let the bar soften is in itself a moment of healing meditation.

Kathygene Anderson says: July 02, 2018 at 09:54 AM

How wonderful that people wanted these. How could they not,
they look lovely. Although I am excited to receive this I am in no hurry. I ordered a couple for me and some for gifts. Probably Christmas gifts. So as far as I am concerned take your time.

I received ours 2 days ago and they are beautiful! My daughter and i love them. i was worried they would be melted in the heatwave we're having in the northeast but they are perfect. Thank you!!

Frosting!! Oh the wonder of her! Thank you for sharing tidbits of life with us! I read your blog when I need cheered up and it always puts me in a dreamy mood.😊

My lotion bar arrived yesterday and it is wonderful! I hope I'll be able to re-order these again...and the future. Thank you.

Alicia! I hope you've allowed yourself the "rest and relaxation" the holiday brings. I hope you had an amazing 4th of July!

I got mine Tuesday! I have to say that I LOVE it! The smell is awesome, so refreshing. The lotion is wonderful, I use it on everything from hands to feet! Works better than anything else I have. I made some a couple of years ago but not at good as this! Thank you!

Both of my bars made it in beautiful condition to the sweltering ATL. They are lovely!

The lotion bars look so beautiful. I'm waiting til it gets cooler before I order - I don't think the hot weather + post to the UK will do it any good at the moment! But, but, but! Where did you get the moulds? I looked on line but can't find anything half as beautiful. Please tell!

BARB :0) says: July 05, 2018 at 03:13 PM

Oh My Goodness !!!!!!
Receiving your packages ..... are better than Christmas !!!!! Thank You SO much for all the care you put IN TO packaging everything up, let alone the items inside !!!!!!! I hold my breath and unwrap each item slowly !!!!!!
My yarn is Spectacular !!!!!!! I bought " Mineral " and could not love it more !!!!!!!!
And lotion bar is Fabulous !!!!!!!
Thank You for Everything !!!!!!!

How absolutely gorgeous!

Mary Jane says: July 05, 2018 at 07:37 PM

I received my lotion bars today and am so excited! They are so beautiful, smell heavenly and feel wonderful! Thanks for your hard work and beautiful craftsmanship! You are the best! Thanks!

Martha Powell says: July 13, 2018 at 02:17 PM

Everyone I’ve given a bar to has been delighted. I was relieved they arrived intact in Texas with our 100 degree heat. I hope they will be available after the summer, too. I am afraid I would not be lucky two deliveries in a row.

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