Leaves by Hundreds Kit Errata Alert! (And the PDF is ready.)

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The Leaves By Hundreds Came Pattern Blog

Halllllloooo, dear friends! Autumn is here in earnest around these parts. I'm in my little office today, playing catch-up and bashing away at my to-do list. Yarn is literally hanging and drying (or, not drying, as it's freezing in here, and I kind of forgot how loooooong it takes yarn to dry when it's chilly) all over the place. Kady and I dyed thirty skeins of yarn yesterday and it all came out exactly how I wanted it to, which was nice, for once.

* * * ERRATA ALERT! * * *

What didn't come out as I wanted it to was page 5 of the Leaves by Hundreds Came pattern that got printed and went in all of the kits that have been mailed out. A very kind customer (Andrea! Thank you!) alerted me this weekend that the bottom half of the chart (page 5) is smaller than the top half of the chart (page 4).  Each chart on its own is accurate, but if you try to tape them together, as instructed, they will not match up. Somehow I scaled page 5 slightly smaller than page 4. I cannot for the life of me figure out how I did this between the time I printed and proofed this and then sent it to the printer. But I messed something up on my end, and I'm really sorry about that.

We are reprinting 100 copies and are going to re-stuff the kits that have not yet been sold. But there are about 400 kits out there already — we literally finished shipping every single thing in our queue last Thursday, so I can't get those back. :( SO if you are one of those people who has received your kit and you would like a properly scaled page 5, please email me at posie@aliciapaulson.com and let me know, and I'll send you a corrected page 5 as a PDF. If you are someone who DOESN'T tape your chart together, then this won't affect you at all. But if you would like a new page 5 that you can print at home, please let me know and I will help ASAP. Be sure to print it at 100% with no scaling, no "fit to page," or any other changes.

That said, the PDF version of The Leaves by Hundreds Came is now up and running and you can purchase it HERE.

More from me soon. Various fires to tamp down here but I belieeeeeeeeve I will get caught up someday!


Something I learned the hard way when printing wedding invitation return address labels at Kinko's: Sometimes there is a box in the printing options called something like "Scale to fit page" which is usually checked by default... which will shrink that page by *juuust* enough to completely mess everything up with little tiny address labels and, presumably, also cross-stitch pattern pages.

So, if you email people the page, it might be worth including printing instructions or a warning of some kind about that?

Alicia, you’re doing awesome! ❤️❤️ I love the pattern and am really enjoying stitching it! I don’t tape mine together so it won’t be any kind of issue for me I think- I would probably never have noticed anything was wrong! Haha!

So true - I will mention it in my emails and revise this post to specify that. Thanks! XO, a

What a pretty stitching project! It's so Autumnal and cozy. We're at the beach for Dayle's birthday, I'm sitting here watching the waves roll in. Sublime. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Very beautiful and creative stitch.

A beautiful and creative design!

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