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Deep in the throes of the homestretch of this big Secret Garden project, we're packing up the apothecary boxes here this week and the place is a tip. I'm very confident that we will have everything in the mail by Monday, so please watch your inboxes for shipping notices if you haven't already gotten them, and thank you again for your orders! I'll be back with photos from the past couple of weeks around here as soon as I get caught up! Hope everything is well with you, XOXO, a


Whether you share a lengthy post, full of photos and updates, or this briefest of glimpses into your days, I am, as always, inspired to get busy, complete something, make the most of my time and best intentions. Goodness, but you do raise a bar!

LoveLoveLove! All five senses are in heaven!

I just read my poem of the day email and then clicked over here and saw your apple blossom picture and BOOM! they seem to go together. I know you love dogwoods too. So I am leaving here. By Willa Cather, who is close to my heart as she is a also a Nebraskan, my home state.

Fides, Spes (faith, hope)
Willa Cather, 1873 - 1947

Joy is come to the little
Pink to the peach and pink to the apple,
White to the pear.
Stars are come to the dogwood,
Astral, pale;
Mists are pink on the red-bud,
Veil after veil.
Flutes for the feathery locusts,
Soft as spray;
Tongues of the lovers for chestnuts, poplars,
Babbling May.
Yellow plumes for the willows’
Wind-blown hair;
Oak trees and sycamores only
Comfortless bare.
Sore from steel and the watching,
Somber and old,—
Wooing robes for the beeches, larches,
Splashed with gold;
Breath o’ love to the lilac,
Warm with noon.—
Great hearts cold when the little
Beat mad so soon.
What is their faith to bear it
Till it come,
Waiting with rain-cloud and swallow,
Frozen, dumb?

My apothecary box arrived today and everything smells amazing!
Lovely products, thank you so much. I would definitely buy another if you’re thinking of stocking more in the future.

My box arrived today, quicker than anticipated. I'm sure I saw a round of robins deliver it to my front step. Lovely delicate spring scents as soon as I lifted the lid. Just beautiful. Thank you for all the hard work & love that went into making everything.

I received my box too - It arrived earlier than I thought and what a nice surprise! I had planned to open it around Mother's Day, but I couldn't wait. The box and everything in it was wrapped so lovely and smelled nice as well. Thank you soooo much for the love and time you put in these boxes! I wasn't sure about the knitter's soap and I absolutely love it. I'm pleased the box was a little more reasonable than your other boxes. Again, thank you and look forward to your wonderful posts and hopefully, more products. You are so talented - not sure how you get it all done!

Nell Nolan says: April 29, 2019 at 06:54 PM

Hi Alicia - I also received my apothecary box today and am just delighted. The products are lovely as is the presentation - the way everything is packaged shows such love and care - just beautiful. I purchased one as a gift and one for me - so glad I did. I spent 8 hours working in my garden today, mostly trimming boxwoods. Now I will treat myself to using your special items.... Love from New Jersey. Oh and thanks for the tattoo - my first!

I received my Secret Garden mitt kit last week. Oh, how soft is this beautiful yarn! I’m very excited as this is my first knitting project, and my needles (and practice yarn🙄) should arrive today. My grandmother taught me to knit and cross stitch years ago, but I never learned to make anything with my knitting, though I still cross stitch. I know I’m in good hands with your pattern and plan to make this my summer project. We live in SC, and my older daughter and I love to hide in the air conditioning, pretend it’s cold out, and crochet, so this year it will be knitting. I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out. Many thanks again for the beautiful kit and the inspiration!

You have a following that you rely on to peddle your brand they should come before your business

I received my Secret Garden apothecary box last week. I love each item so carefully created and chosen and the good energy and sweet scents continue to bring a smile to my face every day - several times a day! I am thankful you created a product your non-knitting/sewing fans can enjoy and support your small business. I wish I had purchased one for my mom. I hope I can purchase more like this down the road! xo

Beautiful photos, as ever. You're living with a ballerina!

PLEASE don't use Farrow and Ball. We tried it and the paint is very thin and difficult. Our favorite quickly became Pratt and Lambert, specifically the color 'linen'. (We did the ceilings a light blue called Astrachan, and it's just magical.) There's something in the P&L base that makes their colors glow and the whites change subtly throughout the day, with the light. With Benjamin Moore, the Aura upgrade is totally worth it.

Yeah, that's a lot of reax re: paint. Sorry. :)

So lovely to have a bit of a catch up with you and see bits of the every day beauty of your life. I've missed it here. So much happening in my world right now but a slow down is right around the corner and I look forward to rediscovering small pleasures like visits here!

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