And Still Partying!

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Oh, guys! Birthday stamina! This kid has it, I tell you. Happy birthday to you, my sweet, sassy, spectacular seven-year-old darling girl. Your birthday was really beautiful. And I'm sure you're actually relieved to be back at school today, eating lunch with your friends and working on reading and going to P.E. :))) Andy's parents so graciously came from Chicago, and Amelia's birthfamily and my family were all here, as well. It was a blast. I'm so grateful for all the love and family and friends and neighbors that surround us. And now it's time to clean the house!!!

Fall is here in earnest. The trees are perfect right now — red and yellow and russet and gold — and yet our weather promises to be horrible this weekend. Thunderstorms and constant rain, so plans for pumpkin-patching might have to be scrapped. Boo. We'll see. I've been in my office all afternoon and the silvery light in here is so pretty. (By the way, I got this pretty window film for my skylights and I can't tell you how much I love it. I don't really see it, because I'd have to look up a whole lot to do that, but it has dramatically softened the light coming through the skylights in here and I am much happier.) I just reorganized all of the supplies that have come in in the past few weeks for Dovegray Dolls and pinafore kits and we now have everything in. I wound 82 skeins of blond wool yesterday, so all is on track and I am thrilled to be digging into this project full-time now that birthday stuff is behind us. I'm also working on turning some of my doll knitting patterns (forthcoming) into kid-sweater patterns so you can dress your kid like their doll, because of course you know you want to do that!!!

More on that soon.

By the way, her party dress was so much fun to make. It was a LOT of dress. It was almost like a square-dancing dress. She wanted me to take in the arms — they were really full, and she wasn't wrong about that. It's Simplicity pattern #5396 from 1981 and the fabric was vintage Peter Pan calico. (Here is my Instagram close-up of the pattern drawing and fabric.) I miss sewing a lot for Amelia and I have plans to make her a new comforter for Christmas, probably with my Calicozy pattern. I saved out all of my favorite calicos from the kits I used to do for these and have been waiting to find time to sew this. She is totally ready for the twin size now (has been for a while!).

P.S. Just noticed my body-text font looks super tiny? Not sure what that's about but am looking into it. Does it look weird to you? 'Kay, should be solved now. Refresh browser or clear cache and it should be back to normal? Thank you for your patience! Typepad comes through again! (Apparently I suddenly needed a piece of code on my style sheet.)


Isn’t she 7? Beautiful photos! Gratulerer med dagen Amelia!

Beautiful birthday pics! I can't believe she's 8! Yep, font seems extra small today.

I think you and Amelia may be counting like my six-year-old, whose birthday was in April but who has been firmly convinced since about May that he’s almost 8. :). Either that or you’re looking forward to next year’s party. :) Your home looks beautiful as always, and so festive. :)

Heather, RC, and Anya,
YES she is only SEVEN!!! Wah, I am losing it! :))) Just corrected post. Her birthday two-weeks went on long but not that long, good grief Alicia! Thanks guys!

What a lovely series of parties! Your home always looks so warm and charming and inviting. It was worth squinting (yes, the blog type suddenly got sooo small!) to read all about the festivities. :)

Ha ha, I thought my eyesight was totally deteriorating (more so than usual!!) - it definitely looks smaller than before :-D
You guys do birthdays so well. What fun, so glad you all had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics. That dress is just ... I am without words. Good job Mom!!

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* again to Miss Amelia! I enjoyed seeing the family party. She is a lucky child to be loved by so many. Enjoy the wild weather this weekend! We're off to drive to Yosemite next week to celebrate Dayle's 72nd birthday. I'm looking forward to making my doll this winter. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Oh, you really know how to celebrate! Happy birthday again to her :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Lynn Marie says: October 17, 2019 at 05:19 AM

Love that the party is still going on! The pictures are soo precious. I always love seeing pictures of your home--it seems so cozy and storybook-like through the eye of your camera lens. I cannot wait to start on those dolls. Fall is settling in here in northern IN as well. 30's and 40's in the mornings but no "freeze" yet. It will soon be time for me to start hibernating. ☺

Lovely photos of the birthday parties. I especially love the warm glow in the one of Mimi blowing out the candles on her cake. I have a great-niece who is almost the exact age of your Mimi and her birthday is coming up on Nov. 11. This is such a great age and they have such little personalities of their own. At the moment she is obsessed with the Little Pet Shop figures, and planning what to wear for Halloween. The text is small and so is the text in the comments. Hope you can figure out what happened.

Dear Alicia,
I loved all of these pics! That is a darling girl who knows she is loved and that is good thing for all of us in this world. I loved how you did the frosting on the cake with the strawberries. So pretty! And I spy that Totoro ?lamp? at her bedside. Going to look for that for my own daughter. Happy fall!

PS - Yes the font seems to have shrunk and is maybe a different one than we usually see?

ellen patton says: October 17, 2019 at 06:54 AM

She is loved!!!

Yes, the font seems so tiny and faint. I thought it was me....
Thank you for your lovely blog, I have been reading it forever and love it.

Amelia's birthday-breakfast dress is so pretty! I love the Norwegian t-shirt. That is not my heritage, but I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and there's a parade celebrating its history of having a large Norwegian population every year. Happy birthday to her!

I was just thinking the font was weirdly small, I used the touchscreen on this laptop to enlarge it a lot... Probably has nothing to do with my aging eyes! ;)

Lovely post, lovely birthday, lovely family!

Is there a way to directly subscribe to your blog, Alicia? I only see it in lists of others on bloglovin' (not all of which I want) and wonder if I'm missing something. Other blogs I follow come up in my emails, individually.

So lovely. I want her room!!

Oh hooray for matching sweaters! I've pre-ordered two dolls for my girls, even though one daughter is 13 and will probably think she's too old for a doll. (Never!) But my 7 year old will think a matching sweater is fantastic! You're so smart. :)

I remember that pattern very well. Our daughter loved Holly Hobbie and Little House on the Prairie and that dress was just one of many in that 'style', I sewed for her. She's now a grown woman, but still has a little bit of that sweet prairie girl in her.
How wonderful to be surrounded by a loving family. And what fun you all have had, I'm sure she'll never forget her seventh birthday.

Hi! First time commenting, I think! What a pretty dress! And don't even get me started with the cake!!! Your blog is really beautiful by the way :)

The picture with the special birthday pancake, oh my goodness, her face is so lovely!

I think Amelia looks a lot like your husband and his mother, isn't it amazing how adopted kids can look like their adopted family? Such lovely photos, it looks like she's had a lovely few weeks of partying, exactly how birthdays should be celebrated!

This is crazy! I lost touch of your blog about the time you finally secured your daughter and I thought today ... "What is Alicia up to and how OLD is that little girl?!" And there you all are. Beautiful! All of it. Congratulations!

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