Kits Are Happening!

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Yes, we're getting there! We assembled kits all weekend and every minute this week so far and I just got back from dropping off the first load of packages at the post office. These are complicated to put together so it is taking quite a while to make it all happen, but we are getting there! You should start seeing shipping notices through this week and probably into the weekend, but I expect to be done with pre-orders by then. We have close to five hundred kits going on right now and I'm doing most of the shipping myself, so thank you for your patience! I am so excited for everyone to start receiving these packages and making their dolls. I've really loved seeing the combinations that everyone chose. It's so much fun when these ideas that I have actually start coming together and turning into something. It's my favorite part!

We will be assembling lots more doll kits after this first batch ships, so please feel free to continue to order Dovegray Dolls. There are still lots of dress kits to choose from, and don't forget that the clothes will fit all of your Little Animals as well! I expect that even new Dovegray and dress orders will be going out by the end of next week, so there is still plenty of time to make these for Christmas presents! My first three new doll knitting patterns have come back from the tech editor and I will be launching those soon, too. Lots happening!

Anyway, gotta run and keep shipping but I'll talk to you soon. Thank you again so much for these orders! I'm very grateful that I get to keep doing this work! XO, a

***Also, if you want to post progress on your doll on your Instagram I'm using #dovegraydolls as the hashtag. You can email me your pictures, too, and when there's enough I'll put them here on the blog. I cannot wait to see what you make!


I'm excited to receive my doll kit. I admire you for creating your own cottage industry from home, instead of having to go to a 9-5 somewhere. I'm proud to be a blog pal of yours. I hope I'm up for the challenge of this, but I made a Posy bunny doll so I think I'll do fine. Enjoy this beautiful sunny, chilly, breezy day!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I so want to order a kit but can't figure out the import fees as I live in Canada. Do you know by chance from any Canadian customers how it all works. Would love to order a kit one day!

Noticed you're reading "The Salt Path" - quite the story. Enjoy!


I went to your Instagram page and saw the yellow sweater you made for Amelia's first day of school. Is there any chance you might post on Ravelry the changes you made to the pattern to make it a larger size? My granddaughter is a size 8 but I'm not an experienced enough knitter to be able to figure out how to change the pattern. I'm sure others would be thrilled to make that cute sweater to fit a 7 or 8 year old!
Thank you,

Kristen from MA says: November 14, 2019 at 09:51 AM

It must be so exciting to send a new project out into the world.

Dear Alicia,
I saw what looks like a vintage C & E bath gel bottle and my heart gave a little throb. I so miss that place.

500 kits! That's amazing! I'm working on a cloth doll for my almost-2-year-old's birthday that hopefully will be pretty sturdy and like, machine-washable, but I did buy a Miss Maggie Rabbit pattern a while back that I want to make for her when she's a bit older. Maybe an Easter basket gift after she turns 4 or 5 :)

Sarah Hartfield says: November 16, 2019 at 02:22 PM

My kits are in my mailbox, and I'm SO excited to go get them! I'm making two deer and two dolls for various family members (My mom actually asked for the deer, how cute is that?!), and I can't wait to sit down one evening under my twinkly lights this week and start working on them. I've made at least one every year for Christmas for somebody in my family, and it is my absolute favorite part of the holidays. To have one of your sweater patterns on my needles AND several of your softie kits on my desk is a pretty great feeling!! xo Sarah

barb huffman says: November 18, 2019 at 01:32 PM

I love your Blog ! I see the book , The Salt Path , in a photo . I read it and loved it . Nice to see you are reading it !
Love all your wonderful photos

I love to imagine you two busying away packing kits. Wish i could snag one but shipping and tax make it prohibitive!

I love the beautiful candlestick at the side of your tub and i notice you are reading the Salt Path, how are you enjoying it? I couldn't get to end of the description before i was in floods of tears, would still like to read it though.

I always savor your posts. I can’t wait to make up your new doll patterns. Any idea when the pdf pattern version will be released?

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