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The weather we had on Halloween was BONKERS perfect. I could not believe it. It was the most gorgeous night. We traipsed through the neighborhood with the neighborhood crew, minus a few who have either aged out of our raggedy bunch or have moved on to other neighborhoods. It's not an awesome trick-or-treating neighborhood. I don't know why. A lot of people just aren't home. We were home after about 6:00 and we literally had only one group come up. We don't make it very far, mostly just around the block. Amelia was highly motivated by candy. It's all about the candy. She wanted, for many months, to be a zombie. She couldn't describe a zombie. Then she switched to ghost. I knew, as she described it (sheet over her head with two holes cut out for eyes), that this was a costume she'd literally take off within five minutes. I tried to talk her out of it for practical reasons. We looked at "ghost" costumes on-line and ran into this pumpkin costume from Pottery Barn Kids. Then she wanted that. I was busy enough and she was flighty enough that I caved and bought it. On sale, but still. I'm selling it on eBay next year, for sure. It was cute. She was happy. They had a parade at school and she went to a birthday party at a bouncy house place the next day, then had a play date to bake cookies on Saturday, and in general it was party party party, candy cake cookies, and quite honestly, as much fun as she had and as lovely as that evening walk around the neighborhood was, I'm relieved it's now November.

At the house, Andy and I am in the homestretch of putting Dovegray Doll and pinafore dress kit contents together, and are still on track to ship at the end of next week. Thank you for being patient! After we finish shipping I will release the PDF patterns of each. Several doll sweater patterns are with the tech editor right now, along with the kid-version of the Little Flower Sweater. Lots of things going on. I'm spinning plates.

THANK YOU ever so much for the book recommendations and the cooking advice! Oh joy! I checked out four of the books from the library (I can't remember exactly which ones, I need to look) and have more on hold. I'm reading The Salt Path by Raynor Winn right now and it is very good. I also made these oven-baked barbecue pork chops (except I used country ribs) and they are totally delicious. After about 45 minutes of baking, I poured the juices/sauce into a saucepan and reduced it until the sauce was thick and sticky and it was so good. I had potatoes on the side. Even Amelia ate an entire decent-sized rib.


Magic indeed!
I keep reading accounts of "the best" and "the loveliest" Portland fall, and it makes me wonder what sort of excuse I could make to go enjoy some of that PNW magic. Thank you for the pretty pictures and glimpses of the magic. Happy Fall. It's definitely here!

I gasped at how wonderful Amelia's costume looked! What a gorgeous girl she is! I'm enjoying the Autumn out in Corbett, too. We didn't get even one trick-or-treater here. I posted several photos of my dollhouse on my post before last, I'd love it if you'd show Amelia the photos. I bet she'd love it. I'm so looking forward to my doll kit from you. I look forward to making a family heirloom. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sue Hatherell says: November 08, 2019 at 01:45 AM

Hi, I have not commented on your blog before but love it, such wonderful photographs of your family life and home and all the lovely things you create. Your beautiful daughter looks great in her trick or treat costume. I live in the UK and recently went to Rye Festival of Arts to hear Raynor Winn talk about her book The Salt Path, she was very interesting and I also really liked the book. Out of adversity a lot of good things have happened for her and her family. Here in the UK we have had a very wet and rainy autumn so far but the trees here locally in East Sussex have looked magnificent. Thank you for sharing such wonderful things. Regards, Sue H.

Amelia looked so cute in that costume! That was a great choice! I had 4 trick or treaters. My neighbors are not into Halloween evidently but I am so I have decorations outside and lights and a big ceramic Jack O'Lantern in the window every year so they know plus I give out good candy! LOL! Love the dolls unfortunately I have a few of your other kits that I need to 'finish' up first but it's definitely a motivator! Have a great November!

ANNA DUSTIN says: November 08, 2019 at 05:20 AM

BEST costume ever! and I don't think it'd be too hard to make. Martha Stewart was a jelly fish once with a clear umbrella with bubble wrap tentacles which I thought was pretty awesome too.
We only got one batch of 3 tricker treaters, so a new low (santa fe). we're still plowing through all those funsize candy bars.

So in love with Fall and looking forward to winter.
The cooler weather is so energizing yet so cozy, very hygge. The best time of the year for, knitting and reading.

You would think that in our neighborhood, there would be scads of trick or treaters. But alas, there were not a one! Next year, I think I'll forgo spending $$$ on candy, as we just end up donating it all or eating half of it (which isn't good).

Amelia, is so cute in her Halloween costume. I remember the last time I made a costume for Halloween was when my daughter turned 20. Every year we'd make the traditional trip to the fabric shop for 'the perfect pattern' plus all the fabric & trims. I do not miss the sewing, but I do miss the time together with my daughter.

Sweet, sweet days and time of life. My beloved daughter is now in middle school and doing all the appropriate stuff which is awesome but I miss her being this age. Enjoy, cherish, embrace it all.

The barbecue recipe is similar to the one my mother used for years. The only difference is we add lemon slices to the pan along with the onions . Delicious!

First of all, best Pumpkin Fairy costume ever! Mimi looks so sweet. Our neighborhood postponed Trick or Treating one night due to rain and thunderstorms and it turned out to be perfect. Every year, a fire truck comes to the neighborhood and leads a parade of Trick or Treaters and parents and pets around the neighborhood and ends with a pizza picnic dinner and trick or treating. My daughters used to invite their friends, and the annual Picture in Front of the Fire Truck was always one of the year’s best. My daughters still like to hear about the most popular costumes on the littles now even though they’re older. Makes me sad to hear that not as many kids go around neighborhoods anymore. Magic, as you say.

Hi Alicia, I have also read The Salt Path and really enjoyed it. It is one of those books where you want to keep reading to know what happens next. I do hope Moth is doing ok. Love Amelia's costume. Best wishes, Emma

Thank you for turning on my knitting/crocheting gene. I haven't worked with yarn since college but your knitting rekindled my love of yarn. Learning to knit on my own is fun but frustrating because I sorely need instruction that comes from one-on-one interaction. "The Knitter's Book of Knowledge" is my bible. YouTube videos help when I cannot visualize one dimension instructions. I still have trouble correcting mistakes like dropped stitches and ladders, holes and other gremlin interferences and I'm sure I've picked up a slew of bad habits learning on my own.

It's five or six weeks since I picked up knitting needles and yarn but I've stitched a cap and other easy projects of which I am proud. I learned the popcorn stitch two days ago! My granny square throw is a thing of beauty, which brings me to your blog for advice. A search for blocking boards brought me to you again. I want a board like the one you used back in 2010. No one sells them any more. Do you recall where you bought yours? I don't care for the foam blocks because they contain a carcinogen. I bought a small wooden blocking board but the oil (linseed?) used triggered an asthma attack. Do you still use your blocking board? Do you block your individual granny squares? Have you used the Zing crochet hooks and knitting needles? Do you have a preference? If yes, will you tell us why? Thank you.

She looks adorable and i love that some of the grown-ups joined in too! I don't know why but i can't comment from a mobile device anymore. This happened before and then it sorted itself out, technology!

Oh, how i love your blog and lovely scenes and thoughts it brings into my mornings! that squashy pumpkin photo at the end just made my day!!

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