A Rainy Tree Day

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It was so rainy. A true Oregon December afternoon. It was the only weekend day we had available to go get our tree at the tree farm, so we went out. My camera was sopping wet, I have to admit. But oh, it was nice. It's so nice to be out there in the woods, with the fog and the wood smoke and the pine trees and the salamanders, the ponies and the sheep, the smell of freshly cut Christmas-tree trunks, roasting hot dogs, sticky candy canes, handmade candles, rain on cedar needles. It's been a while since we've been out in the woods, just shuffling around. My favorite part is always sitting out by the fire. The rain stopped for a bit and I could see the bright white of the sun behind the clouds. The bare branches of trees were black and sparkling. The far-off pines, far across the field, were wrapped in low cloud. We drove up and down the hills of Oregon City (also, does anyone else think that Oregon City just goes on  f o r e v e r ???), wound up at the pub for lunch, then went home and decorated the sweetest little noble fir I ever did see.

I got my new doll knitting patterns up in my web shop, and I will be back to show those off here ASAP! I also should've reminded you earlier about my free pattern for a winter crown but I kept forgetting. It's technically for Santa Lucia day (on the 13th, so you would have to work fast if you wanted it for that) but it would be good for a solstice night, too. We decorated for Christmas here at the house and I have a few projects going, so I'll be back with those soon, too. I did make this nightgown for Amelia today for Santa Lucia Day. It's in the wash right now. It's a surprise. She and I went to a vintage fabric sale in the church basement in the neighborhood last weekend and got this amazing red velvet embroidered ribbon that I thought would be perfect. I used McCall's pattern #3381 from 1972. I just like the cut of these vintage patterns, even for a peasant shape. Amelia is a nightgown girl, and this is her shape (with the elastic neck and cuffs) of choice. It's white flannel.


And it's so long, size 7, that I can't even get the bottom in the picture. Big girl now.

*** Thank you to M., who commented that salamanders have toxic secretions and shouldn't be touched! I had no idea and we definitely shouldn't have been holding them! Gah!


dearest Alicia! love your tree, love the nightie! and I Spy a very cool snowflake globe thingy hanging from your ceiling. might I encourage you to do a wee blog post about it with a tutorial? xoxoxo

My daughter was a nightgown girl and I made her several as plain white cotton ones are hard to find. She would have loved your Lucia version. She’s 13 now and has suddenly and decidedly gone to linen pajamas instead.
I kinda miss hanging up those long nightgowns to dry....

Ohhhh, the PNW December. We have done the same in the rain in the past here in Seattle, and enjoyed it just as much. I don’t mind the rain, because when it’s rainy it’s usually in the low or mid 50s and it is so clean and beautiful with the wet evergreens and misty hills, and I’m not freeeezing like I was back in DC in the winter (where I grew up). And inside is so warm and cozy, with pools of light emanating from the tree, the lit garlands, the fireplace and the soft lamps. So so cozy.
And yes, seven! They are growing up! My 7year old boy is 55 inches and 75 lbs!! He is almost taller than my mom. (Yes, his dad is tall.)

Hi Alicia, I love that the nightie is white flannel and the ribbon is a lovely warm contrast. Would you mind telling me the colour of the wall in the room where the nightie is hanging? It looks like a lovely blue and im trying to decide on a blue for the outside of our house in Melbourne (it will have white trim). I love all your aesthetic choices generally so have no doubt i'd like the colour as well. The photos of the birds in the feeder is divine and reminds me of our winters spent in Canada. AHHHHH. 37 degrees here yesterday so quite the contrast.

Rain or shine it's always fun picking out a Christmas tree.

Gee whiz, you all were in Oregon City and you didn't stop in for a cup of hot cocoa!? Next time, next time . . .

Memes, chose the perfect tree. I love a Nobel Fir for showing off all the ornaments.

Shall I tell you what I do when I run out of Christmas books to read and Christmas movies to watch? I come over here and I read the December posts from each year in your archives. And the beautiful photos and thoughtful words make me feel happy and Christmassy :-D

Scrolling through the photos in this post tells such a lovely story! What a sweet one, too. And I just love the Santa Lucia nightgown. It is beautiful.

Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family! :-)

My second time I have stumbled on your blog. I always enjoy your photos, especially the first one with the movement blur!

Best photo is the cheeky smile and the disappearing candy cane. This made me smile too. The decorated tree looks amazing. Well done to you all.

MICHELE HOLMES says: December 10, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Oh, those pictures remind me of home!! I grew up in northern California and winters there look just like your pictures. And the salamanders!! I always loved the way they moved so slowly. Thank you for taking me back home for a moment.

What beautiful photos even though your camera was wet. Thank you for sharing your lovely family day. Love from another Mimi.

Hi! I love your blog. You have a knack for recognizing what's special in each day! We just finished putting our tree up too, but it's not decorated yet. I live in northern New York, not far from the Canadian border, and winter here is harsh compared to yours. Luckily, I like snow! Thanks for sharing your experiences and your sweet daughter.

Thank you for taking us tree shopping on the farm with you all. Fun fotos! Mimi is brave to handle those salamanders. I wouldn't be able to do it, myself. I love the nightgown.. super neat ribbon on the sleeves. I look forward to seeing more of your decorated home.

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

One of the best posts ever. Lucky Amelia. Lucky you.
Merry Christmas!

O. City does go on forever! I've been exploring it quite a bit lately.
Lovely nightgown and beautiful trim - what a lucky find!
And here's my annoying public service announcement: salamanders secrete toxins and really shouldn't be handled. Yikes!

laura Nelson says: December 11, 2019 at 08:39 AM

I just can"t get over how long and tall she is becoming.I just remember all those baby dimples and pudge , wow its whizzing by fast. Lovely work on her nighty. I love smaller noble firs that have not been tipped. Happy a lovely holiday!

Looking at your site is lite stepping into a fairytale.

Michaelanne Neal says: December 12, 2019 at 07:58 AM

SO beautiful!!!! I hope you have the best Holiday season!!! I LOVE Mimi's nightgown! Turned out so sweet!

Beautiful tree - beautiful nightie. I hope the red velvet doesn't run!!!!

Beautiful Christmas tree pictures, but the one on the horse is my favorite! :) Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Salamanders/newts never fail to amaze this Midwestern girl. And you’re right in that the soggy Oregon winter woods have some charm (that torn up mist in the trees!), and that rural Oregon City DOES go on forever. I cover that territory for work and can confirm.

Nicki Machin says: December 17, 2019 at 04:40 AM

Your Oregonian December looks very much like my English one, oh my so.much.rain! I didn't make the crown yet, but one day i will, it's so pretty. I did manage to make saffron buns so i was pleased with that. Amelia's night gown is absolutely darling and your home, as ever, looks so cosy and inviting!

well newts, salamander and most amphibians are pretty cute but they have salmonella and some some poisonous secretions on their skin
And frogs usually die because they don't prefer touching.

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