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Halllooooooo! Happy December to you! It's hard to believe it's December already. I'm not ready. I have so much to do and, really, not enough time to get it done. Mild frustrations. I sat down this morning specifically to answer emails and ship orders and blog, and naturally the internet wasn't working. Stuff like that. The house is still mostly covered in pumpkins. Mimi and I did go to JoAnn's to pick up a few things the other day (one of them the pre-assembled gingerbread house — I have no aptitude for frosting together vertical walls) and she got some supplies to make a wreath for her room door. She cut apart a few little sprigs and added the pom poms and picked the ribbon and I couldn't have done it all any better myself.

Thanksgiving was warm and wonderful. We cooked and my family came and the house was trashed and we had such a nice time. I hope yours was lovely, too. I love Thanksgiving weekend so much. It always feels like the longest weekend of the year. Andy had Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off, and this was extraordinary. The three of us went out to lunch and then to see Frozen 2 on Friday, and on Saturday Andy cleaned his closet (it was like an excavation — this is what happens when you don't move house for twenty years) and I cleaned Amelia's room. We moved almost all of her hanging clothes into the guest room closet. We only have three small closets in the house. It was a little bit bittersweet — I remember so well those early years, when I filled her clothes rod with dozens of tiny little calico dresses and wooly sweaters. It feels like yesterday. But it was time for these big clothes to not be hung above the dresser anymore. Taking them out filled the room with light and air. We dusted and remade the bed and hung some new pictures and cleaned surfaces, ready for the tiny Christmas tree I promised her. She actually asked for a new mattress (she has one of those extendable toddler mattresses from Ikea right now and she doesn't like it — truly a girl after my own princess-and-the-pea heart). I am making her a new Calicozy quilt for Christmas and I really need to get on it! Anyway, her room looked so pretty and sweet when we were done tidying it that I just sat in her chair and stared off into space for about forty-five minutes and, as I told Melissa, I have not felt that level of general satisfaction in a long time. It was really nice.

If only the rest of the house felt like that. . . . I have some serious tidying that needs to happen before Christmas can move onto the property. That will be happening soon!

***Some business housekeeping:

The Dovegray Doll pattern and Peasant Dress, Pinafore, and Stockings patterns are now available as PDFs! I'm so sorry I didn't get them up last week! I am still working on my new knitting patterns and will be getting them up soon!

The pink handwarmers in the photo above were early pink prototypes for my Misselthwaite Mitts. Ultimately, I settled on green for them. I dyed some yarn recently for kits for those, too, and we have seven kits (green) in stock if you prefer.

The pink sweater is a basic raglan that I'm writing a pattern for. I dyed those yarns and I am hoping to make some yarn available for when the pattern launches, too. I want to do a video that shows you how I dye yarn if you would be interested in that?

Mimi's drawings were inspired by Flora Waycott's sweet book, Draw Every Little Thing: Learn to Draw More than 100 Everyday Items from Food to Fashion. I bought her this book and a learn-to-write-cursive book and she has been using both of them every day. It's so adorable.


S. Molinari says: December 03, 2019 at 02:15 PM

Of course we want a video!!!!!

I would love a video!! Pretty please!

We cleaned out all of my son's books this weekend and put in a new bookcase in his room (there were a lot). It feels so much better in there right now, and I got to dust and vacuum. I'm with on the cleaning that needs to be done before we can really "Christmas".

My Husband did a huge clean of his office... that long weekend seems to inspire them so!


Oh my gosh, that Thanksgiving dress!! I just sold my daughter’s size 7 dress that was exactly like it!! She’s 18 now and I’m helping her buff up her college fund by parting with some of these old treasures. Strasburg, right? What a coincidence.

I thought you might like to read part of my eBay description of the dress. I love writing these:

This dress is sewn from a very fine and soft corduroy and is fully lined. Buttoned front, a beautiful collar and a tie back are some of the details of this very special dress, just waiting for your very special occasion and girl!

I remember when our little girl wore this on a chilly afternoon visiting her great grandmother in Iowa, and now she’s saving for college! Enjoy this precious time with your sweet girl, and don’t worry, the sweet moments continue!

There's such satisfaction in a room purge and redo! Mimi's room always looks so sweet. I love the pink pullover! All those speckles remind me of confetti and birthday cupcakes.

December already... that late Thanksgiving plus packing for moving house mean that I feel horribly behind already.

I made the 'mistake' of gifting Julia with an Advent calendar from The Body Shop - she is DELIGHTED of course, but I quickly realized that it means 24 nearly full size bath and beauty items! That need to go in a completely crammed bathroom counter! So, we have a bathroom tackle to accomplish. I'm finding it hard to get motivated. All I want to do is watch Christmas movies and/or The Crown.

I LOVE her drawing of a bunny!!

Hi Alicia, oh my, Mimi is looking so grown up! She's a doll. We've been cleaning and clearing and decorating here and I've spent a few days addressing envelopes and writing notes in card to send. I love all of it. I got my 2 kids and supplies from you, thank you! I will probably wait until after the holidays to delve into it, can't wait.

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

On the subject of gingerbread houses: It was a game changer for me when I started hot gluing the houses together, then bring the frosting out for decor. My kids never ate the actual gingerbread, so I was not worried about having glue in there. No more of waiting for frosting to dry while the walls wobble and the roof slides off! Happy Holidays!!

M. Michael Payne says: December 05, 2019 at 06:57 AM

On the night before Christmas my dad would go get our tree. He paid a dollar. He brought it home and after we were in bed he'd set it up, mom would decorate and the next morning, before my parents were even awake, we'd sneak in and find that not only had Santa left us presents but a tree, all decorated and lit up. Some presents, like my ballerina doll, would be out of a package, my brother's dump truck too, and we'd squeal and run to see what else was under the tree. Those were the days of hot lights, and metal tinsel, fragile glass ornaments and fresher trees. None of the stores put out their Christmas items till two weeks before Christmas and only one store in town fixed up their storefront with holiday displays for the children. Few if any did outside lights, they were pretty expensive and most parents in those days had lived through the depression. People were cautious of their money. No credit cards. But there were more special events at Church and everyone went to Christmas Eve service. There was always a Christmas Pageant. And caroling the night before.
Now,these days, I stretch out the holiday by choosing to decorate a bit at a time, finishing up with the tree a week before. No sooner. Partly it's because of allergies and a completely dead tree is unendurable, but partly it's to drag things out, enjoy the holiday for all it's meaning. I decorate one room at a time, a bit here, bit there, then the living room last. This year, like last, we get a cut tree rather than go to the farm and cut one because there are no noble fir tree farms around.
All this planning makes the holidays more relaxed and stretches it out for myself retaining the excitement and not wearing me out so I can hardly wait for it to be over. The tree is up for two weeks. A week before and a week after. New Years Day I take it all down and put it away ready to begin a new year, fresh, ready to go forward, ready to start anew. It's as much a psychological preparation as a spiritual one.
I take pictures of my decor so I can either copy it or do it differently, so each year I can change things up. I certainly have enough accumulated over the years to accomplish that much.
So you relax, enjoy this time, don't allow it to get hectic. Relax. If it doesn't get done (Your personal projects not the business) then it doesn't get done. My old boss used to say, if no one is going to die because you didn't get it done, then it isn't that important. She said that about work. Enjoy the holidays and our love to you all. Grandma Payne

Omygosh! Mimi is such a good artist! Is that a pilea/chinese money plant she drew to the left of the adorable bunny? Glad to hear cursive is not dead either. Beautiful handwriting seems to be a dying art we need to revive. Thank you for sharing your holiday doings. It is quiet here...a decorated conifer branch "tree" and lots of battery operated candles and fairy lights. Our 21 year old son going to Japan over Christmas for two weeks with three friends. I am happy for him, but also sad I cannot lavish him with eggnog and freshly baked cookies. Enjoy your family time while they still are young!

Love this entire post. Most of all love the drawing by your darling daughter. Want to say that my 9 yr old grandson has done drawings similar to those for a few years now. I have taken one from each season & embroidered and appliqued them to frame. He likes to do seasons & holidays. Frame them for her room. Sam loves his hanging over his bed. ❤️❤️

Always LOVE your posts and appreciate you sharing so many things with us! Such a cozy time of year and it's wonderful to see your great pics and read your thoughts. I need to organize and get rid of things too - it's on my to-do list and I would rather craft, but I've put it off long enough. Mimi is so cute and talented. Her wreath she made was sweeet. That sounds like a great book for budding artists! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Hi Alicia. I've been reading your blog for SO many years and love it as much today as I did from day one. I just have 2 questions: first, what is the name of the colour you have painted your living areas -- the light gray -- and what is the name of the white you have painted the trim?

Also, what do you use to put all of the little artworks and hangings on your precious daughter's bedroom walls? Do you use nails or something else?

Thank you :)

So lovely to see your dog again! I was wondering if you still had her, when I read your blog some years ago there were lots of pictures of her and talk about her. I guess once you got a child Clover got sidelined somewhat.

I'm not ready either. Is anyone ever REALLY ready? We did get a tree before the last minute this year, yay for us. But it's still in a bucket of water on the patio.

Those pink handwarmers though. LOVE.

Hello! Found you via the Chicken Librarian blog. What a lovely site you have. The photos are beautiful! I, too, am in love with those hand warmers. So pretty. The first photo at the top of the kitty just made me feel oh-so-cosy as well. What a sweet picture!

Happy December!

oh alicia! nothing gets me in the christmas spirit like your lovely blog!! i am thankful for you and that you continue to share your beautiful days with us!

I have always had a special love for her bedroom! I'm planning to wallpaper the ceiling of Emma's room when she moves her things to her college apartment in August. Would you recommend it? I'm equal parts thrilled and nervous about the proposition!

It's amazing how reliable the satisfaction of a thoroughly cleaned (maybe even reorganized) room can bring. I recently did an overhaul of my craft room and it brings me joy each time I step in.

It's so nice to see the fury members of your family. I've missed takes of sweet Clover Meadow and Miss Bea, though I thoroughly understand how a child and business would take over your attention. Glad to see they are looking healthy and cozy.

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