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Thank you, dear friends, for every one of your kind words. We were so touched by them all, and by your sweet and generous presence here. You are so kind, and I appreciate it so much. Thank you. Thank you. I am so grateful for you.


It's been cold and gloomy here, for the most part, though it is lovely and sunny today, and it was sunny yesterday, too. The school yard has turned into a giant mud pit; one of the moms at school told me that a branch of the river runs under the neighborhood, and there are drainage problems. Mimi and I discussed on the way to school this morning that we've both given up on getting snow this year. It seems like we never really even got close. It's tricky when you start seeing loads of daffodils before Valentine's Day, but we have them. Spring, it seems, is already on its way.



Nevertheless, I stretched my First Snow embroidery over the weekend, and did Time of Flowers and Summer Storm, as well. I have The Leaves by Hundreds Came to do, as well as a few more I haven't shown you yet! I have been stitching a lot this winter, and thinking about what designs I want to create for sale this year. Thank you for all of the feedback you gave me on my embroidered jewelry from a few weeks ago, by the way! I was so excited to hear that you like it. I am going to pull together a pattern for those necklaces and pins, and at the least offer some of the brooch and pin trays in my web shop so that you can make your own. I am also planning to offer another seasonal 8″ x 10″ (framed) cross-stitch collection this year. I have already finished stitching the spring edition and am working on the summer one, so that I can stay a little bit ahead of schedule for once. I will show you that new work soon, maybe later this week if I can continue to pull it all together.





Last week I wanted to make some little clay hearts for a garland, so I used this recipe for cold porcelain clay. It was a lot of fun to make and play with, though it didn't come out like I had wanted it to. It was rather blobby as it dried, and any sharp lines that were cut or carved got quite soft and puffy. The hearts still came out kind of cute. I probably need to get some regular modeling clay (polymer clay is too hard for my hands, I think) to make what I am envisioning. Sometimes I want to take a clay class again. I used to throw pots in college, and Andy did, too. Pottery was a popular thing at our school and I think every single one of our friends took it at some point. I don't even know if I want to throw pots on a wheel or just play with some clay in my hands again. I might look into it, because it would be good for me to get out of the house a little bit. I'm always here.




I would've love to take this paper mache workshop because how adorable are these little creatures? I love paper mache. Who even knew there were classes in these things? I really need to get out more.



This little ray of sunshine. Oh how I love her so!!!


Kristen from MA says: February 10, 2020 at 02:59 PM

The hearts look great, Alicia! Can’t wait to see your new cross stitch designs.

Try Creative Paper Clay! I find that it is very similar to real clay for hand building and it is air-drying. I have done a lot with it with my kids, and even taught a 10 week class to homeschoolers using it. I used to work as a ceramics instructor before I had kids, and this paper clay is a happy substitute for now. Nothing beats the real thing, of course, but for simple handbuilt projects, it works well. I use acrylics and seal it with Mod Podge.
Looking forward to seeing your new work coming up!

As always, your decor is beautiful and your crafts are inspiring and Amelia is adorbs. :)

Crayola has a line of modeling material that is really nice to work with. I imagine you could easily model whimsical figures similar to the ones shown in the write up for the paper mache class. It is nice to actually take such classes with other people and an instructor, though! But since it appears the class is full, the Crayola product or, perhaps, the new Sculpy air dry product, might give you something similar. I love your heart garland and envy you the daffodils. We are getting snow, then rain, then freezing rain and then more snow...then it is in the 30s and 40s for a couple days. Rather weird this year (I live in NY about half way between NYC and Montreal).

So happy to see Clover Meadow in the living room pic. <3

The garland is lovely, and what a clever recipe for making the clay. Do you have The Great Pottery Throw Down in the US? It's like Great British Bake-Off, only for pots. I think you'd love it. The male judge is a treasure, often overcome with emotion about all the clay and the valiant attempts to make lovely things. Worth looking out for. CJ xx

Such a pretty space you have created! I look at the living room and think: that's a place that invites one to come linger, feel lighter. Bright, cheery, but comforting.

Like you I am home all day (buried in my office in front of a laptop working) and I feel like a hermit. I can't wait until the weather is nicer to get out into some sunshine. WE do have snow here (Upstate NY), so no flowers yet. I DO look forward to the daffodils...

Oh Alicia, you don't know how happy i am and so thrilled to hear that your have some new seasonal cross-stitch designs!!! I hope you know how grateful we are for you for always sharing your beauty and creativity with us.
Those precious designs really helped me during a rough stretch these past few years. They really kept me going even if i could only pick up and stitch a few stitches here and there. They kept me moving forward. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

P.S. No snow here either in NJ :(

I just started a pottery class (wheel-throwing) for the first time in five years and there is just something very magical and tactile about working with clay. I love it so much. I would definitely do a hand-building class in the future too - some of the slabs that I see others working on are so. cool. and textured!

We are having the same type of winter in NC so I guess that is comforting in a way? I am still praying for snow but also trying to enjoy the daffodils. :)

Yes please, on the embroidered jewelry patterns and instructions. I bought two lockets ages ago and froze, not really getting past the how the heck do I do this stage. After seeing yours and the black fabric background I’m more determined than ever. So, please, HELP!

Your home is so incredibly lovely and warm. I look forward to your next cross stitch designs!

I love your homemade clay hearts! I also was deeply involved in pottery classes at Mt. Hood Community College. I mastered the wheel and created quite a bit of pottery for our home use. Then I went further and bought a Lockerbie kick wheel and an Olympic kiln and set up my own pottery studio in our barn. It was fun to create the pots from scratch, glaze them and apply oxides to create designs. I even took a Sumi ink painting class from Wing K. Leong so I could paint bamboo and flowers on my pottery. When the glazed pot came out of the final firing I was SO excited! I do hope you take a pottery class.. imagine all the plates, bowls, mugs and vases you could make!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I think your heart garland looks wonderful! Thank you for including the porcelain recipe you used. You have the most beautiful use of candles and table centerpieces. Your candle holders and candles always give me inspiration for how to make a table look so homey & warm & inviting . . . . . just like a hot cup of tea is always in the waiting. You have such a magical touch.

Those hearts are great. I have never seen that recipe i will need to try it, I usually just use air drying clay. I dont know if its the same in America, but Feb 14 is also Library Lovers day here in Australia. Being a librarian i choose to celebrate that over valentines day (because im usually single anyway haha). Just finished decorating my library for the occasion, will have to try those hearts for home i think.

https://carterandrose.com/pages/open-clay. We had a fun afternoon at carter and rose if you just wanted to do some projects on your own/w small group of people.

Loved your hearts . . .
I made something like those a few years ago.
I took an old doily, pressed it into the clay to make the designs.
It made some precious little hearts.
I freshened up the doily after, with a gentle bath!)

Sweet sweet little girl, looking older . . . amazing

You may not be able to view this program in the US but, if you can find ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’, I think you will love it.

Shari Blakey says: February 12, 2020 at 07:58 PM

I prefer black and white cross stitch charts.

I love that shot of your beautiful living room, showing sweet Clover Meadow in the corner. Love your fireplace, love the snowflake garland in that picture, and then love the heart garland you showed a close-up of.

Definitely black and white - somehow it seems easier on my eyes....especially when the colors are close in shade.

Oh I am looking forward to seeing the new seasonal cross stitch patterns. Although I haven't finished the last ones yet!
Now that I am familiar with what supplies to buy I can buy the pattern and source products here in the UK myself. That duty payment on goods shipped from the US is such rubbish especially on hand craft items. I think it's terribly unfair.
We haven't had one single snow flake this year and i'm so sad about it. I love the snow. Hoping we both still get a little flurry x

Black and white, always my first choice. Easy on my eyes.

Could you please tell me the name of the TV, if it is a TV in your picture above. Would love to know where I could find one like it.
Also the name of your cup warmer and where to find one.
Love your coffee mug also. It was probably found it one of your cute shops. ❤️

Thank you,

Oh, I can't believe how grown up she looks with her new hair style - Love it.

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