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"Mom, pretend I'm a lost kitten and you found me."

Me, setting the alarm this morning and leaving the house with Amelia, only to come out the front door and almost fall on top of Amelia, suddenly squatting in her winter coat and cowl on the front porch, six inches in front of the front door, writing on a math worksheet (from three weeks ago/not homework): "I'm so focused on my work," says she.

Oh, look at my lovely new quilt! It was made by the lovely Olivia and it is just so exquisite. It's made of all vintage calicos with hand-sewn binding and hand-quilting, and I love it so much. It's a birthday present I splurged on for myself and I couldn't be more thrilled with the indulgence! Thank you, Olivia! It is going to get a lot of love here.

Thank you all so much for all of your comments here and on Instagram about cross-stitch charts and your preferences around them. That was such interesting reading for me! I truly appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts on that. I tallied up the responses from both here and IG and the results were (as of yesterday, anyway): 183 people voting for symbols over color and 75 people voting for black and white symbols only. So, more than twice as many people like symbols over color.

That said, there was a lot of interesting feedback within the comments beyond just raising hands for one or the other, and I was quite keen to read further when people elaborated on why they like black and white. Some people only had black-and-white printers, so they struggled with printing shades of color under symbols. Some people mentioned using highlighters on black-and-white to mark progress. Some people use colored pencils to color their black-and-white patterns, especially if they are inclined to change the suggested colors. Some people, I think, are just used to black and white patterns and are more comfortable with what they are used to. But generally I just love hearing all of this and it seems clear that, going forward at least, I should be offering both a color chart and a black-and-white chart in my PDF patterns. This way you can choose which you like, and print only the pages that are most useful to you. So, done. I have one pattern that I haven't released yet (a Little Women–inspired sampler) but that is completely finished, and it does not have a black-and-white option. It is coming out soon (I need to final-proof-it) as a PDF-only option (we're not doing a kit for it). But after that, my future PDF patterns will contain both a symbols-over-color chart AND a black-and-white chart for you.

For kits, however, when we print hard copies of patterns to include in our packages, there will still only be a color copy. It is just too much expense and waste to include paper that won't be used. If, however, you purchase a kit and you would like me to email you a copy of the PDF that contains a black-and-white chart to print on your own, I am more than happy to do that. You just need to email me and request it.

I will have at least four kits coming out this year, as I am working on a new seasonal series, starting with spring. We will start taking pre-orders for that next week!

Part of the reason I'm asking about this is because one of my plans for 2020 is to begin offering my cross-stitch patterns to cross-stitch shops around the country. (They will probably be in color only? Still researching that.) For many years for various reasons I have not pursued this but it's weird, now that Amelia is in school all day and only five minutes from the house, it's like suddenly some things just have become so clear and possible. My time and energy are suddenly my own for almost six whole hours a day (and not spent driving for 2.5 hours of that, like the Hellacious School Commute of 2018-19), and I can see a future for my work that I couldn't see very well before. I realized that I really want to become a part of the cross-stitch community and just enjoy it in real life more! I am kind of a loner and I really don't mind being quiet and alone when I get the chance (not often, quite honestly). But I also think I need to pursue more purely social opportunities in my life that don't involve just other moms and kids. I literally don't have a single conversation with any other adults where we are not either with our kids or sitting and waiting for our kids. Well, I did have breakfast with Jenny yesterday and we were not with our kids. And tonight I also am going to a mom-friend's house with other school mom-friends to watch Pride and Prejudice without kids. But that is rare! I swear!!! So I am going to try to make an effort to either take a class or go to some meet-ups or do something that would be really fun but just for adults, and we'll see how it goes! I'm not sure exactly why making my patterns available wholesale is somehow equated with having only-adult interaction in my mind but it is, and there you go.

Speaking of, kinda funny. There's a cafe in an old church I like to go to to work on my computer. It's a community space that is used for a lot of different groups and functions and is really big and wonderful. I've been going there for years but the past two times I've gone, I've gone at the exact time as some kind of kids' concert in the chapel next to the coffee shop. It's like a Raffi concert but it's not Raffi. I was there on Monday morning and everything was very quiet. I was sitting in the far corner (still working on the master floss list — I can't even count how many hours that thing has taken me) with my back to the room and at some point I could hear the singalong start in the chapel. It went on for a while but then everyone cheered and it was over — and suddenly the cafe was literally FILLED with children, babies, and parents. It was deafeningly loud. They were everywhere. And they weren't just passing through, they were settling in. I made a sound recording and sent it to Andy to make him laugh. He texted me a picture of Amelia back at home in the bathtub (no school), making a bubble beard on her chin. We both agreed, however, that it's strangely relaxing to be in the midst of chaos when none of the crying children are actually yours. Like, only if a totally random child somehow actually fell into my lap, which would've been highly unlikely, would I have had to do something about any of it, and thus it was quite pleasant and relaxing to be in the eye of the storm and know that none of it required anything from me!

***By the way, for those who asked about my little white television in my office, it is this one.


I'm looking forward to your new cross stitch kits. I love the looks of the one on lavendar linen! (and your new quilt is gorgeous, just like the little girl wrapped in it).

Oh lucky you! Blooming flowers! We've none here in Pittsburgh yet, but I did notice my "wild" daffodils have begun to pop through showing their broad green leaves. Spring surely must be around the corner . . . What a teaser about your Little Women inspired sampler coming out! That is probably my all time favorite classic and oh how I adore the 1949 movie! I've never seen the 1933 version, but the 1949 is simple wonderful! So, it's quite an understatement to say that I am looking forward to your pattern release :)

I'm crazy about cross stitching reproduction samplers from the 19th century. I have been doing this for over 30 years, but suddenly there is a plethora of new charts all over the place from different sources, which makes me very happy! (In particular I love Queenstown, Gigi Designs, and Hands Across the Sea designs.) There is quite an online stitching community associated with these and meet-ups too. I think it's wonderful if you decide to go national with your charts!

You think of everything and that is why you are/deserve to be so successful. The cross stitch designs look delightful. The Little Women one sounds lovely.

I bought a leather pencil case cross stitch kit once and it was my first try at x-stitch and I loved it! I love the idea of symbols wth colour and hope I will be able to do one of yours when available. I love your blog, always so happy to see a new post. And your photos are beautiful!

That’s exciting to have your kits sold in stores. I have all four of the seasons kits but I plan on stitching them and then using them for wedding and birth samplers, which because they’ll already be stitched and all I’ll have to do is add in details, will be ready when needed. Luckily, my kids are young 20 somethings so I have plenty of time lol. Gosh, I love seeing what you are up to.

Love the calico log cabin !!! Be still my heart !!

Your new quilt is so pretty! I had to laugh at the chaos at the cafe. I'm very far beyond the years of littles and now when I'm around it, it gives me anxiety. I also think "phew, how did I do that for so many years". :D Glad you enjoyed it. So sweet!

I've noticed a bunch of budding flowering trees when we went into Gresham today.. also a bunch by Providence Hospital where I went for my yearly "Wellness Visit". They gave me a pretty good bill of health. I think it's great that you plan to go global with your kits in shops. Your things are such a class act that it's cool you'll reach a broader audience. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

It is nice to see that Spring is blooming there! It is 19 degrees here this morning and lightly snowing. Winter is really starting to "mess" with me so I am hoping to become a snowbird in the future. ☺ I am currently working on the autumn cross stitch but am eagerly anticipating the Little Women one and the new seasonal items. Lovely BLog Post as usual.

Wow...so much exciting news here!! I have really embraced cross-stitch in again as well and too was just wondering about joining a meetup! I have really been enjoying Flosstube as well on YouTube(great to watch while on a treadmill)
I’m so excited for you to be in stores and as well for the new patterns to come!
Thank you so much for all you do and taking the time a listening.
Your quilt is sublime.. Olivia is such a beautiful creator and being!

Kristen from MA says: February 20, 2020 at 07:43 AM

The cross stitch community will be very lucky to have you, Alicia! Do you watch any Flosstube? I highly recommend it. One of my favorites is Bendy Stitchy Michelle, whose LNS is Acorns & Threads.

It's so heartening to hear about your feelings of freedom and clarity with the commute gone and the school hours in place. I did the math last night and I'm commuting for 50 hours per month, and it's become so clear to me that that's time I'd rather spend with my kid (+1 arriving in August). It is nice to see the ways work and life can rebalance when circumstances change, and change again.

I have the Leaves by Hundreds Came kit that I want to make for my daughter, but will give the girl red hair like hers...maybe during my few weeks off before the second baby is due!

Beautiful Alicia! You’re such a blessing beyond words and I will be praying for you in this new season that is unfolding. I’m happy for you and that others will discover and enjoy your cross stitch patterns. ❤️

That last part made me laugh. I've had friends apologize for how crazy loud or energetic or whatever their kids are and after laughing and asking them if they remember how loud and crazy mine can be, I explain that since they're not my kids it doesn't faze me in the least. :)

Thank you for all you do! I have always loved your cross stitch patterns and kits. Little Women is my favorite book of all time and I can't wait to see the beautiful sampler you've designed!

I have been taking my finished pieces from your kits to my local cross-stitch store to be framed for years. Last week I took in the Time of Flowers piece and the owner (who does all the framing--she's amazing!) said she'd been meaning to ask me where I get these designs. So I gushed all about you and referred her to your website. Her name is Jamie and she owns Craft Center of Fine Stitchery in Salt Lake City, hint, hint :)

I'm so excited for the Little Women design!!

Looking forward to all your new upcoming projects!! Thank you for all you do and the time involved! Reading about the black/white charts makes me think that perhaps, that would be handy to mark progress etc. You are sooo talented with so many things and writing too. I love your descriptions and your way with words. Spring is arriving quickly here in Northern CA. I am hoping for more rain though!

We have three boys and one girl, and I may have to send our girl off to college with the Little Women sampler. The 1990s film with Winona Ryder— and the book, of course— have been a mother-daughter favorite with us for years.

I really get the café to work. Unfortunately I just cant cope with all the people and noise, its so distracting and I actually get people asking me what im doing! One guy sat and talked to me for about 30mins once...less than productive haha Im about to launch into bussing to work to save money (more on my blog) but wondering if I could take a cross stitch to work on or if it would be too hard...

Dying a bit at your little lost kitten - my little (20 year old) kitten came by to visit from college yesterday and stretched out on the couch under several blankets with her feet pressed against me and napped for most of the stay - it was heaven!

Oh! Yes please to the new cross stitch patterns! So pretty Alicia! I love your quilt too.

Oh, goodness. I’m just catching up on your blog to fill some of the copious amounts of free time I suddenly have thanks to the world coming to a screeching halt. I happen to work in the same building as that cafe you visit and can offer you a little tip! There’s live music for children every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 10:00am in the sanctuary, but any other time it’s pretty chill. Well, hopefully it will be again someday soon when life as we knew it returns to some semblance of “normal”. Sigh. I just want to get back to my classroom and kiddos, but for now I’ll keep knitting and stitching ‘til my fingers don’t work anymore! Take care and be well.

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