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Oh, hello, dear friends. Hello! I plopped all of these photos into this post in one fell swoop. I do that with every post and then Typepad arranges them into some mysterious order I don't understand. Usually I fuss with them a bit after that and get them into some other kind of mysterious order. But this time, the scattered and random Typepad arrangement felt as accurate to real life here as anything I could conjure. It's been kind of a random, unsettled couple of weeks here and I'm sure it has felt like that where you are, too. I hope you are all staying healthy and safe and I wish you every good and gentle thing in these stressful days.

Thank you SO much for all of the Things of Spring kit orders! I'm so excited for these, and we are progressing with our work on this end and preparing to start assembling kits. The patterns have arrived from the printer, the fabric has arrived from the distributor and needs cutting, and a few more floss cones should be arriving this week. We still have 43 kits left in inventory right now and we will not be producing more of them once they sell out — we will do 250 of each for the upcoming three seasons (and PDFs of each will, of course, be forthcoming as well). The PDF for Things of Spring will be available soon. I'll let you know when that is ready.

I've been doing a ton of stitching myself! I made Moonlight Visitor by Blackbird Designs and found a perfect frame for it for $3 at a thrift store. I finished Hello Spring by Plum Street Samplers and bought a frame for it on eBay which also fit just perfectly and was a weird size (6" x 10"). I'm working on Have Ye Any Wool by Brenda Gervais, and I just love it so much. What a clever designer she is. I also am working on a new design of my own for Mimi based on the book  Jenny and the Cat Club: A Collection of Favorite Stories about Jenny Linsky by Esther Averill. It's the sweetest little book — probably one of my very favorites for little kids I've ever read. Amelia has read almost the entire thing out loud to me; I think we have one more chapter. Oh it's so sweet. The cross stitch, though! Oh my word, it is challenging me! I was wanting so bad to finish it by the time she finished the book, but I'm only about halfway done. I need to keep taking breaks and stitching on other things because all those black boxes are crossing my eyes. I keep losing my place. It's actually quite a difficult piece! I will likely make it available as a PDF in the future for anyone who wants it but it'll be a little while. I'm very eager to finish it!

We've eaten some delicious comfort food recently, should you have need, and I highly recommend the local restaurant Grassa, as well as the New York Times Cheesy Baked Pasta with Sausage and Ricotta as well as Pressure Cooker Indian Butter Shrimp. You may have to log in to access those recipes and I am sorry about that! I cook almost exclusively from my NYT Cooking app and I'm never sure which recipes are available to the public or not. I will try to rewrite them here with my changes and credit but I'm on the school-run today and need to go. I'm kind of scattered and in a rush today but I hope to come back and do this this week. These were two very nice dishes that pleased even the seven-year-old palette, and I highly recommend.

Mimi won the Kindness Award at school and yes, I cried. I was able to catch a picture of her getting up in front of the whole school to receive it and I will treasure it forever because her face is pure surprise and joy. Most wonderful, kind, dearest, and thoroughly adorable darling. Oh my stars I love her so much. I am so proud of her and her big, generous heart.

Be very well, my friends. Be well, travel safe, and keep the faith. XOX

*** I found a link to pasta bake written out online here (scroll down); and a link to a copy of the Indian butter shrimp recipe is here. Sorry about that!!!


Lovely! So sweet that Amelia won the kindness award! Brava to her, and to you and Andy for raising such a kind kid!

*C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to Amelia for winning the Kindness Award.. after all.. that's the best thing to be! I enjoyed this post and especially seeing the different stitchery projects you're doing. The one with the 3 sheep really spoke to me. We have lots of daffodils in bloom and thousands of Violets spread across the farm yard. I did a post today with my little Devon Violet perfume bottles stuffed full of violets. Spring makes me so happy.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

It's so wonderful and very appropriate Amelia won the Kindness Award--you exude kindness in everything you write and create, and I'm sure she's just living out what she sees in you and Andy. Also, I love the Jenny the Cat piece, and I also have to say that when you take photos of rivers, it always reminds me of Mole and Ratty in Wind in the Willows. I keep looking for them in your pictures. I'm sure they're there! :)

How lovely that your dear Amelia got the Kindness award. She is a dear girl. It's no surprise that she has a big heart as she is surrounded by wonderful generous kindhearted loving peopled; she will take after you all. Well done on all your stitching. The sausage and pasta looks good but sadly I've hit the pay wall again. And it's only 9th of the month. Stay well and safe x

OMG I looooove Grassa. We went to a friend's wedding years ago and ate there at some point over the weekend and we STILL talk about it (I live on the East Coast). Yum!!!

Mary Z in NYC says: March 10, 2020 at 07:16 AM

Congratulations to Amelia on her award! She is such a sweetheart. After reading about Jenny and the Cat Club in your prior post, I bought it for my grand niece for her upcoming birthday - thank you Alicia. I love your stitching. You are so lucky to have Acorns and Threads close by. It looks like a wonderful shop.

So nice to hear about kindness being recognized! Congratulations, Amelia. We have been reading Jenny books for 10 years or so. Love! Do let us know if you publish the PDF. We'd love to have a little Jenny on our walls. Thank you!

Susan Michelle Campbell says: March 10, 2020 at 04:59 PM

Well my goodness she gets that kindness from her home! I can feel the kindness, love, warmth, happiness and all other good things when I read your words! It is such a lovely, kind place that you have created here, I am sure your home is the same! Well done, you, Andy and family!

Nancy D Mosley says: March 10, 2020 at 05:28 PM

Congratulations to Amelia on the kindness award!! That's wonderful! I hadn't heard of Plum Samplers but when I click on there I can't see anywhere to order their products. They really have some cute designs. Are they not in business anymore? I see the last blog post is from last summer.

I love all of your happy spring things! Amelia hair looks darling! And congrats to her for receiving the kindness award. I can tell she is such a sweet and kind child!

Awww - Congrats to Amelia - Happy for her and not surprised since she has such wonderful parents! We can all tell she's a very sweet kid! I can never work with black (or dark colors) with cross stitch or quilting, but your kitty cross stitch is sooo cute - I just may need to try. Love seeing all your stitching and thanks so much for sharing those and your recipes! Happy Spring!

CONGRATS Amelia!!! I remember when your mom posted of your arrival. What a fantastic individual you are! A great big gift to this world where kindness is always always needed. Way to go Mimi!!

Happy Spring!! Just wondering if you know about this place:

And this: http://www.greenbeanbookspdx.com/about.html

And Maggie Rudy's display at Scrap https://www.instagram.com/p/B9mX1zIjoap/

I am sooooo excited about the Jenny Linsky cross stitch! I have the whole set of books for her stories! Thank you for making a cross stitch from her cat club book! I will buy it for sure!

Your cat embroidery is precious. I would love to stitch it from your pattern someday and anxiously await your tiny stitches jewelry patterns. Of course your daughter won in kindness. Your sweetness and compassion leap out of all your posts and she learns from you. Congratulations to her.

Rebecca Bleidorn says: March 12, 2020 at 05:50 AM

First let me say that your blog has been my go to site for years! I just feel so comforted and happy by it. Thank you for that. Now for my very random question. What color do you have on your living room walls? The colors and decor of your home are so cozy and serene and I am getting ready to paint in my living room and am having a hard time finding that soft creamy color I am after. Do you mind sharing the color name and brand with me?
Thank you again for being my favorite beautiful blog.

You got me hooked on the NYT Cooking site & app and I've never looked back. I also cook almost exclusively from it nowadays.
Kindness awards were given out at our school for the first time last month - it's such a wonderful thing to see personality traits rewarded along with educational achievement, sports, etc. We need to show our kids that kindness, perseverance, and integrity are also worthy of recognition - sometimes even more so!

What a lovely thing for the school to reward, and thank you for the recipe recommendations, your photos and all that you share so generously!

"The Fire Cat" by Esther Averill was the first book I ever remember reading all by myself and I love all of her books. I use these books in my classroom every single year (I teach first grade) and they still captivate children just like they captivated me. It's such a joy to see little ones fall in love with books and I'm so happy to see this happening for Amelia.

Congratulations Amelia 👏👏👏 that is awesome. Kindness is one of the most important things in the world.
I marvel at how productive you are with your embroidery, it takes me forever. However I only do it in the day because I'm the evening we only have the lights on candlelight setting 😂 I need a new stitching project, something to distract from the current situation. Basil fox and a children's audio book I think.

laura nelson says: March 20, 2020 at 08:05 AM

I cannot believe how grown she is...and how lovely she is. And now we know inside and out. Thank you for raising a kind and compassionate human being.

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I haven't been by in awhile, but I just love the photos you post. They are so sweet and pretty. It's a true "pick me up!"

Congrats to your lovely daughter on the Kindness Award. That is really wonderful! The world needs more kind people in it!

Wishing you and yours continued good health and safety. Take care and be well!

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