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Hello my friends. How are you doing? We are all home today, in various parts of the house. I'm sitting upstairs on my bed with the computer on my lap. Andy's downstairs looking for our pasta machine that we haven't used in probably ten or fifteen years. It's not going well, and he just shouted up that he's looked in every place it he thought it could possibly be. We both can picture it perfectly in our minds, in its ripped old yellow cardboard box, but it's just not in any of the places we expected to find it. Mimi was on a call with her teacher and classmates earlier, and her job today is to write a thank-you note to her uncle for the very cool wood-burned sign he made for her secret hideout, then there's ballet on Zoom at 3. The weather is cool and cloudy and wet. The yard is covered in petals and puddles. My heart is sore and full of sorrow for the people who are sick, or who have lost friends and family, or who are otherwise suffering losses of so many kinds. I send up my prayers. We are all finding our ways, I know. I would love to know how you are doing.

I have found some respite for my worried mind in a few projects that have kept me busy. I started drawing one afternoon from this adorable book that I bought several months ago and hadn't taken the time to play with. Mimi and I made paper mache faces of each other and had a good time doing that. I decided to make a mobile for her with little paper mache things that she likes. So far there are: a kitty, a mouse, a book, a rainbow, a bed, an ice cream cone, a sun, a boat, a lemonade, and a house. She still wants Saturn, a teacup, and a mushroom. I sat on the bed where I have my own little TV and binge-watched Doctor Foster (very dark but with one of my favorites, Suranne Jones, who I loved in Scott & Bailey — I really like British lady-cop and detective shows) and taped things together out of cardboard boxes, milk cartons, the protective packaging that came with my printer toner, a toilet paper tube, and various other pieces of garbage I could find around the house. It was delightful. Then I spent a day paper mache-ing them (also while sitting on the bed. Andy was impressed that someone could paper mache eight things while sitting on a bed. I told him that when there is a will I will find a way). Sometimes it is just nice to have some time and a little corner of the house to oneself so you can paper mache ice cream cones and watch scary lady-dramas in peace, you know?

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunny and we covered the new back-porch table in paper and painted out there all day. Like all day. I must say, it's pretty wonderful, in spite of everything, to have all day to do something so silly and sweet and fun. I think it was the first time that I had been able to relax in the past two months, quite frankly, and even before the virus started there would've been no way that I ever would've spent a whole day just doing something like this. I have spent entire days sewing or embroidering before, but that always ultimately, even if I'm just making something personal, feels a little bit like work for me. Doing new things, things I never usually do, feels helpful and I'm finding joy in the doing.

I made this magic custard cake and more cinnamon rolls. And I highly recommend both. Now let's hope we can find that pasta machine. I really want some ravioli.


Deborah Inglis says: April 30, 2020 at 02:14 PM

Another recommendation for Gentleman Jack if you like Suranne Jones - its very good.

Thank you for sharing some of the pieces of your life in this time of anxiety and sadness. I'm a long time lurker and fan of your blog. It's been even more of a source of comfort for me lately in all the craziness. Thank you. Hope you and your family continue to stay healthy.

Carline Anthony says: May 01, 2020 at 08:10 AM

These days certainly are different. My hubby is still working although not as much. He is gone a lot so I feel like I am isolated. I have enough fabric to last three lifetimes and have finished a couple of quilts that have been languishing in the closet for way too long.
Your cinnamon rolls are so perfect. Wow, I am impressed. Sometimes when I have so much "free" time, I just can't get going and waste time. You inspire me to do anything, especially the things that may seem crazy any other time.
Make it a good Day! Thanks for making your blog available to the likes of me.

Céline Van den Heede says: May 01, 2020 at 11:59 AM

I am reading you from Belgium... Actually, I have been following you for a few years. I've always liked your pictures, so delicate and romantic. I am fond of sewing and crafting too, but never really bothered leaving a comment. But today, I am taking time to leave one. Just to say thank you for this blog. You convince me of how important it is to do things we love.

Susan R says: May 02, 2020 at 04:45 AM

Just love seeing what you're up to and always love you sharing your part of the cozy world you live in! I'm a homebody and don't mind at all being home and working on my long to-do list of needle work including a few more of your cute felt animals. Your baked good look wonderful! Enjoy your fun-filled days! We live in Northern California and are still quarantined, but if that's what it takes I'm willing to do it longer and help keep our cases lower. Stay safe and be well - prayers and positive thoughts for all during this crazy time we all are going through.

Hello, Alicia. You and your beautiful little girl make us smile. I was wondering about the maché part. Did you use glue and water or traditional flour and water? Thanks looks like a great project for my daughters and myself.

Emma Clifton says: May 03, 2020 at 09:52 AM

Hello Alicia from the UK. These are sad times but keep taking one day at a time. I am not sure if it is the same in the US, but there is a thing here of putting a rainbow up in your window, to support all carers and the NHS. We also stand outside our houses and clap or bang saucepans on Thursday evenings at 8pm. Not everyone does it but it connects you with the neighbours that do. I have been crocheting rainbows to put up. Two in my front window and have just made one to send to my sister in London and am in the middle of one for my old dad. Keep going. Like everyone else, I do enjoy your blog. Emma


I have enjoyed your blog for many years, and I can't tell you how comforting it is to me that you are still blogging, especially in these times.

If you are looking for a break from the "scary lady" shows, I highly recommend "The Detectorists." It is a lovely, funny, gentle comedy about two apparent losers who are very serious about their metal detecting hobby (vocation!). It ran for three seasons on BBC and we've been watching it on Amazon Prime.

Thank you again for your blog. You've brightened my day so many times.

Michelle xoxo

Once again you have calmed me down Alicia. Thank you. I have used your blog almost like anxiety therapy for years. Thank you so much for continuing to share your life with us.

Those cinnamon rolls look heavenly! And your backyard looks so nice and inviting. I know you are enjoying spending time there - especially during these stay at home days.

The above article is nice and interesting, thank you willing to share! Greetings success of admin wish you deign to visit my website, thank you :)

Greeting from England- I always love to check in on your blog and see what creations you are making. It’s so cute to see that Mimi has your creative flair too.

Scott & Bailey is great! Assume you have seen Broadchurch but just in case, I have mentioned it. Take care!

Just what I needed today, an inspiring post. Finding joy in small things. Glad to drop by at your site. Love the cinnamon! Will try the recipe. Stay safe always.

I love paper maché ! I’m going to try the custard cake ...we’ve been on the sourdough bandwagon here. I have two starters going now one with shredded apple. I made a chocolate cherry sourdough it was pretty darn good i must say. It’s a bizarre time i agree as this pendulum swings from a place of time and beauty finding time for things that we haven’t had time for to immense worry and sadness. ( we have a nurse and a DR. In the family) I lost a beloved mentor last week an amazing man who was in service for the well-being of others for 57 years in self help communities ... he didn’t die of covid but in a nursing home alone because of covid. Still active in service till the moment he died helping others. He was alone it breaks my heart but he was happy and eating ice cream when he passed so my heart will rest knowing that. Yet sooo much loss.

But again it’s that pendulum swinging constantly herebaking crafting home with my whole family ( we have 8 home offices set up as my older children are here and my parents) and then seeing and feeling the suffering all around. So our choice is to just to stay in the present moment for that is the only certainty we have ...this moment
Thank you for making this Monday morning moment beautiful ❤️🙏

Lisa Burr says: May 15, 2020 at 06:18 AM

Ohhh, I binged Doctor Foster a while back, too! Definitely dark but binge worthy.

I tried the custard cake...the family LOVES IT! <3

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