Things of Summer Cross-Stitch Kits and PDF Pattern Now Available!

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I'm sorry I am so late with releasing this design, but the good news is that all of the kits are assembled and ready to ship right now. I won't be long-winded here today β€” details and  are at the web site, and I know you know the drill!

For the Things of Summer Cross-Stitch KIT, please click HERE.

For the Things of Summer Cross-Stitch instantly downloadable PDF, please click HERE.

Thank you very, very much! XOXOXOXXO, a

P.S. Yep, they're strappy sandals! :)


As always, you've made something lovely, and now, more than ever... dear and evocative.
I am a bit unnerved to find these familiar symbols seeming so nostalgic, almost elusive, and I am happy that you have captured them for us, to remind us what we love and must safeguard and continue to hold dear.

Mine arrived yesterday because I had been obsessively stalking your shop;). So gorgeous. I cannot wait to get started. Thanks!

What is the brown thing at bottom in the middle?

This is just beautiful and captures summer so sweetly.

Gorgeous! But I have to ask as another commenter did, what is the brown object at the bottom?

Oh my...I am so in love 😍. What a beautiful design! Regarding the brown summer object at the bottom...strappy sandals, right? I cannot wait to stitch this!

I ordered my yesterday! It looks lovely and will provide hours of fun and rest to my mind. It's very beautiful, thank you!

Kathleen F. Ross says: July 24, 2020 at 03:27 PM

Hello. How do you get all of your cross stitch projects framed so perfectly? Do you use the sticky mount board or ??? Everything you frame looks so stiff, firm, starched, and pristine. I wonder if it's because you stitch on linen? Anyway, your work is beautiful.

Jennifer says: July 24, 2020 at 04:26 PM

I'm so excited! Mine just arrived and it is even lovelier in person. It has been the highlight of my day. <3

Thank you for another gorgeous design.


Too precious. I can see these little motifs mounted in individual embroidery hoops or those tiny ones you can wear as necklaces would be cute, too. πŸ€—πŸ’œ

Hello Alicia,

i've been following you from the past 10 years but since one or two, i had problems with your typepad url : it seems to be forbidden in France because i can't access from my work, home or my phone provider.....
i finally got this url and hope it will work better!
see you soon

I have been stitching on this for the past week, and it is such a pleasure! Thank you for your beautiful work. :)

I received my kit yesterday, it's the third embroidery kit I've ordered (one I had sent to a friend) and each time I'm so impressed by how lovely they are. The attention to detail, darling packaging, personalization, beautiful supplies, ... such happy mail. Thank you, Alicia!

I just received this kit in the mail--it is so beautifully packaged and just a lovely treat...thanks so much Julierose

I had to order spring and summer! I'm so excited to make this. Thank you, A! xo

This is so sweet. I have lots of projects in waiting but I might not be able to resist this.

Oooo this looks lovely! I’m currently having fun with the Things of Spring sampler, a little late I know, but it’s so relaxing! Nice to have another to move on to when I finish!

Julie Smith says: August 07, 2020 at 06:38 PM

This is darling. Sweet summer stitches :)

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