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Just two days. Two days that felt like two years and also two minutes. River time is fairy time. You don't know what hour or even what day it is, unless you can tell time by the sun. And who really cares what time it is. There's nowhere to go, nothing else to do. The sun and the stones and the water are everything. They're all there is, all you need. Three nights and two days. If only we were there for longer! I honestly did not want to come home! I wanted to stay in the sun with the stones and the minnows and the water-skippers, with the eagles and the sparrows and the ducks, with the wind and the water and the people floating by with their radios and their super-loud conversations and their silly, cartoony tubes. I wanted to stay right there, with my book and my basket and my baby catching crayfish, and my husband skipping rocks, and my legs plunged into the cold, clear water, and then go up to the house for tacos for dinner and s'mores at the firepit and Taylor Swift on repeat and checkers before bed and baths together in the giant tub. I wanted to stay on the porch with my loves, drinking coffee by dawn-light, listening to owls hoot in the gloaming, looking for deer and rabbits in the grass, and watching the water roll and roll and roll on by. Time, mystical time, cutting me open then healing me fine. Oh, no, no, I did not want to come home. . . .


Thankyou for sharing, your words and pics transport me to a good place

Your photographs are beautiful. You absolutely captured the essence of summer. You may not have had much time by the river but you definitely made the most of the time you did have...

Perfection right there. In the place, in your family. I just can't get over how much Amelia has grown. Look at those looong legs! That can't be your little girl!

How are you liking that book?

Oh, what a lovely respite you had. My family of three spent some time in the woods of upstate Pennsylvania the other weekend and I had similar feelings of healing and soothing during our hikes in the woods and wanderings around. As for your book -- I had picked it up at a thrift store several years ago and finally read it in April. I enjoyed it for various reasons, but it sort of added to my melancholy and anxiety about the pandemic. I am glad that I read it, though. I am curious about your reaction to the ending.

I loved everything about this book, including the ending (especially the ending). I read it in 1.5 days which is unheard of for me. I couldn’t put it down.

Awww just lovely, Alicia. I'm in love with Taylor's new song!

You make me long for such a place, Alicia! You make me long for the respite of unfilled days to read, to crochet, to nap in the warmth of the sun, to enjoy long evenings that turn into night, dawns filled with the promise of new days of ordinariness where enjoying God's beautiful handiwork of creation is the order of the day followed by simple yet delicious suppers. Thank you for the little ride with you as you enjoyed yourselves.

Deep sigh, that was a beautiful.

So evocative. That last picture with the sparrow is a work of art! Also - can't believe that slug! I don't think we have those in Australia. Stay safe!

Oh, what a lovely post about such a lovely time! Every photo is precious! I loved the book you read! I’m so happy knowing you had a wonderful time, and, like you, wish you could have stayed longer! 💜🌸💜

Your photos are so lovely! Makes me yearn for our summer trips to Tahoe which are just not feasible this year. Isn't that book good? So amazing, although parts of it were super triggering for me.

Beautiful writing, beautiful pictures.

Helen Elix says: August 04, 2020 at 04:34 PM

Just the most wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Rebecca L Clark says: August 04, 2020 at 06:02 PM

What wonderful memories you are making and Mimi will never forget. I love her hat, where did you get it?

The shot with the freckles and hat - absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for taking me to you Summer place.

She's getting so big, Alicia! Holy cow. Our girls are getting sooo big. I love that you were able to get away for a little while; your river days look sublime!

Looks so peaceful. Love clear water for lake activities. The closeup picture of your daughters face is so lovely.

Amelia's hat is gorgeous, I love the photo of her peeking out from under it. Glad you had a wonderful time, I'm a bit envious!

Please share where you go swimming...or at least hints of good spots? Much appreciated! PS- you helped inspire me to move here from Alaska. pleeese?

Hello Alicia,
THANK YOU!! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures....

What wonderful times and your girl's freckles, perfection.

I loved these photos so much. Alicia you have such a great eye for photography. I wonder if you have your photos in photo albums or just digitally? They would be such a treat to peruse in albums.
Glad you had two blessed days. We need to take our moments when we can. God bless you and your loves. :)

Linda McCorkle says: August 05, 2020 at 06:50 AM

Your pictures and words always touch me in the best way. I feel as though I was right there with you'll. Heaven knows we all need some peace and quiet during these days and nature is splendid.

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