It’s A New Year

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Happy New Year, guys.

Eeeee-yipes, am I ever lazy. That's January. I usually lay around. The other day I stayed in my nap dress and got back into bed and put my computer on my lap to work on my cross-stitch pattern and watched TV all day. It was glorious. Andy busted out laughing when he came upstairs and saw me, a stack of dirty dishes next to me on the nightstand. I'm finally starting to get into lockdown. Nowhere to go, no one coming over, nothing to do, no guilt about that! I did feel vaguely guilty about not even getting dressed. I only get to do things like this when Andy is home, of course. Generally he works four 12-hour days in a row, and yes, I am almost shrieking by the end of Day Four, especially when Amelia decides to throw a wobbly right at bedtime. Why is it only at bedtime?! It only seems to happen on Day Four. It's only Day Two today, so hopefully we're good. . . . I can’t take it.

Last night Agatha Kitten was just attacking me relentlessly for an hour! Biting my hands, stalking then lunging at me, and trying to jump up from the side of the bed to get under the covers and claw my feet. What is her problem! She was possessed. She just wouldn't stop. I put her in the hallway and shut the door and then she howled and banged on the door. I'm not kidding. I got up and let her in and she just started biting me again. She is a very bitey cat. It's been so long since I had a baby cat that I can't remember how long this attack-stage lasts. I remember Violet when she was little attacking my feet under the covers, too. That's very annoying. I'm ready for her to start acting a little more mature instead of like a rabid goblin. (And, BTW, she did very well with the Christmas tree and couldn't have cared less about it, but she was absolutely obsessed with the decorated mantel and went up there almost every day and tried to throw things off of it and knocked everything over regularly.) She has no fear and is utterly indifferent to our displeasure. But then she can be such a little lover! Agatha is like a Garbage Patch Kid. First she's sour, then she's sweet. Currently napping sweetly and adorably on the sofa next to me.

I cleaned the house for several hours yesterday. It was so messy. We put all of the Christmas stuff away and I redid my mantel with nothing but a few fake candles, a fake snowy owl, a little vase of fake eucalyptus, and two baskets. I ordered new curtains to cover the shelves on either side of the fireplace (they hold nothing but all of our photo album and old VHS tapes that we can't part with on one side, and a bunch of toys and junk on the other side). I used to have two matching curtains for those shelves but apparently one is lost. I might get two new lamps for the tops of those shelves. We just really need a change. I have two little Ikea lamps up there right now and I've probably had them for twelve or thirteen years. I don't like Ikea lamps because you can really only use Ikea lampshades with them (unless you want to do a clip-on, on the lightbulb). Ikea lampshades are kind of lame. I enjoy surfing Wayfair and maybe I'll do that later.

Andy got his first vaccine on December 26. He gets the booster in ten days or so, depending on his work schedule; I can't remember. So grateful for this. Beyond words.

I got a plug-and-play hot tub for my birthday! It's absolutely awesome. We go in it almost every day. It's really, really good. We need a cover lifter. I don’t enjoy staggering through the mud trying to heft a giant cover onto the table so we can get in when I’m here alone with Amelia.

Currently obsessed with documentaries and reality shows about polygamous cults and other cults. Naturally. Andy was mildly disapproving every time he came in and saw me watching Escaping Polygamy again, goggle-eyed, munching on my lemon cupcake in my nightgown and pointing at the TV like I can’t believe this! But then he'd sit down for one second and start watching it and couldn't look away! I told him! And have you watched Wild Wild Country? Rajneeshees in Oregon. Andy and I are glued. We have one episode left. Incredible story. Well worth watching this. ***Finished it: WOW. What a film. I highly recommend it.

Good times!

I have three embroidery kits I am working on. One is a new 6"x8" seasonal cross stitch (to fit an 8"x10" frame), one is another little hooped wreath (for spring), and one is the embroidered jewelry I was making last year. I'm trying to source everything for that now. I've never done this kind of kit. It will include four pendants with jump-rings and chains, and one pin. I think it's going to be really cool. I am happy with my cross stitch design; I was inspired by woodcuts and I think I have pretty good ideas for all of the upcoming seasons, too.

I hope you are all well and cozy. Tell me what January is like for you.


I dearly loved your embroidered jewelry and often wondered if they would re-surface. Beyond happy to hear there will be a kit - thank you so much! As a real botanist, these will be perfect for me.

Abby Goodman says: January 15, 2021 at 02:44 PM

I always so look forward to your posts! And just when I convince myself that I won't by any more kits until I have finished the four seasons I have, you share about JEWELRY! Oy vey, hold my pocketbook.

Same. January, oh January. I do love hibernating in January. That kitten phase is brutal. Napping and most anything done in bed must be done with the kitten in another room. :)

i adore your blog. peaceful and comforting. blessings on the new year

We love our hot tub too. Perfect for Seattle weather, we use it all year round since summer nights are generally cool enough to make it pleasant. So happy Andy got his vaccine!! Meltdowns for us always happen on Thursday or Friday night. End of a long week, and generally when I’m less patient too so sometimes I kinda cause it, lol. January has been interesting, we are finally getting to a place where homeschooling is actually working out. Fingers crossed it continues!! I have taken down about 80% of my Christmas decorations, and put up the Valentines decorations. I’m not in a hurry to remove the rest, I love the twinkly lights of the tree and the garlands in the house during these loooooong PNW days. Peace and strength to you down there in OR!

Oh, and kittens be cray cray. My old man kitty is 15 now, but he was a hellion as a kitten/young cat. He didn’t settle until 3 or 4. But he was sooooooo cute and loving so we tolerated his shenanigans.

Perfect description of life after the holidays. I think you were thinking of Sour Patch Kids, but wrote something that sounded more like Garbage PAIL kids. Remember those awful trading cards that were like horror versions of Cabbage Patch Kids? That is how I remember them. And trading them at the back of the bus on the way to school. :)

Nathalie Carles says: January 20, 2021 at 12:50 AM

I just adore your Christmas mantel...just so pretty! I watched Wild Wild Country....had to watch all the episodes in 2 days, fascinating! I wish you and your family a fabulous Happy New Year 2021....and thank you for your 2020 blog, always a pleasure to read.

I’m still healing from broken femur and twisted knee 8/14 from a fall at work . So this is unlike any other January for me . I decluttering craft stuff and doing more reading and binge show watching on iPad or tv . I’m eager to see an overalls pattern I bought .

Are the shows you recommended on Netflix ? Love the hot tub and totally sympathize with the last of four day deal for both of you.


What a lovely, upbeat post! You could hear it in your writing voice. You sound like you are doing better. So glad for you!

It's good to recharge and enjoy some downtime in winter. I believe that is what we are supposed to do. Hibernate a bit!

Love seeing the photos. You do create such beauty.

I can't wait to see the embroidered jewelry kit. 😍

Agatha Kitten is already looking more mature! Edie wasn't even a kitten when we got her (maybe 1.5 years old?) but she acts like it sometimes. Husband and I always had at least 1 angry-looking scratch on our hand or leg for the first couple of months. January is month 3 and things are different. No scratches and more love though she's still anxious. I don't think her previous owners ever hugged her--she doesn't know what to do with that!

Anyway (my point...), it might be a while before A.K. noticeably calms down. But at least she didn't destroy the tree, so that's a plus!

I'm ok with lockdown as it's not dramatically different from my previous life. I've enjoyed Zooming and FaceTiming because I don't *have* to do it (I love it but need my space and I love that once the call is over I don't have to talk to anyone). Bought a Butterick pattern off of eBay. Another peasant dress; you'd think I could figure out changes on my own but I'm lazy and don't want to think too much. It's such a good pandemic dress style anyway; comfy enough to wear to bed but nice enough that you can throw on boots and a coat to venture out into the world.

I hope you all are well and healthy!

Al Thompson says: February 04, 2021 at 03:31 PM

Heaven's Gate podcast! So riveting. Also the Armchair Expert episodes with David Farrier about conspiracy theories - they seem very connected.

Your blog always brings me so much joy :) I so relate to wanting to hibernate and wild young pets. My version is 2 puppies and young cat. And I'm usually home alone trying to work amidst the menagerie, my h works long hours as well. Ack! We too were glued to the Rajneeshees series- have you ever seen the tv series Big Love with Bill Paxton, I loved that one as well. ;O)

Catherine says: March 03, 2021 at 01:50 PM

Look how big Agatha is getting! She is just so precious! We got two new kitties last year and they are the best of friends! Happy New Year Alicia! :)

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