February 2021 Playlist

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Note my extremely creative title of this playlist. Good, huh? I know. It's been a very long time since I've made a playlist, and this one has some songs from my old playlists that I hadn't listened to in a long time (probably since I made my last playlist, which has disappeared) but still like. I just got my own Spotify account. I usually listen to Pandora because I've worked on my stations there a lot (liking and not-liking things so that the station is more honed for you). My newest favorite Pandora station is Mother Falcon and that is still so varied for me that I never get tired of it. But Amelia is listening to music more often and Andy got a family plan on Spotify so we can each have our own accounts rather than kicking Andy off his at work whenever Mimi wants to listen to JoJo Siwa or I want to listen to Valerie June (yes, I've listened to that song probably a hundred times and tried to learn the words).

The last song, "Meaning" by Cascadeur, was played at the end of the last episode of Lupin (and if you haven't watched that, we totally loved it). The Michael Hurley song is in the movie Leave No Trace, which I though was an amazing film. (And thank you so, so much for the mystery and other show suggestions! I love them, and yes, I absolutely love Last Tango in Halifax! One of my favorite shows ever! Will be making my way through the rest of the list!)



Music! I don't know where I'd be without playlists. I have one for moods, for seasons, with themes, even for the mood I aspire to! Somehow, though, I have not explored Pandora, or Spotify. I am still messing around with iTunes. Have you, or anyone else, felt a bit sheepish about how little can accomplished when we are always home, and would seem to have *all the time in the world* to do things, and figure stuff out?

What a question. Sorry. Why would you? From here, it seems you've kept as busy as ever. Obviously, I was projecting. Eight or 9 months ago, I began to see that "not enough time" was not an honest excuse for what I don't get started, or finished. These days, I have moved on to hoping that I will become miraculously accomplished and effective when we aren't locked-down, and masked. By the way, I have #13 on my creatively titled, "Playlist 5." I am looking forward to listening to others on your list.

Dee Deadman says: February 23, 2021 at 09:49 AM

Love the National, so excited to see them on your list
on Last Tango in Halifax, I was so sad when it ended. Love Nicola Walker, try The Split or Unforgotten, different themes though.

My husband, 15yo. daughter, and I made a Christmas playlist on Spotify this year and it was probably the most fun we had in a long time. I highly recommend making family playlists. I can't wait to listen to yours, Alicia!

Valerie June is absolutely 100% magic. If you ever have a chance to see her live, don’t pass it up. It will fill your soul.

We ordered Andrew Bird’s Christmas Album on vinyl. It comes with a set of paper ornaments. Can’t wait to open it up and enjoy it next winter - but I will practice patience.

Ah, Little Wings! I have such a fond memory of their visit to my college (Whitworth) circa 2001 when they sang "Look At What the Light Did Now," with a paper lantern, plugged in and hung over the neck of the bass as they sang the title line over and over, turning off all the lights on stage, saving the lantern till the very end, and turning that off, too, leaving a dark room. That was the end of the show. I love that song.

Mary Ann in Vermont says: March 02, 2021 at 07:30 AM

How can I thank you for sharing this with us! You are always and forever will be the Best of The Best. I love you on Instagram but I SO Adore you here on your blog. Please, keep sharing your life with us here. Sending Love, Music, Peace, and Joy always. xo

Wen in Vancouver says: March 04, 2021 at 07:41 PM

I’m with Mary Ann in Vermont! I so enjoy your life journey that you so graciously share with us here. Of course I love following along on Instagram but your blog is special and a highlight of my day any time you post. Thanks for this great list of songs..I’ll be exploring all your choices. Thank you. PS...loved Last Tango too

Brittaney says: March 05, 2021 at 08:34 PM

Thank you for continuing to update in this hard time.. I've been following your blog for over 10 years and your posts have helped tremendously.

I adore M. Ward- my all time favorite! So thrilled to see him on your playlist!

I have enjoyed your blog so much. I am looking for words of encouragement. Over the past year, I bought a cross stitch kit, and I don’t know how to begin. I have some experience but this kit is my biggest such product so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I think it is possible to have your lens prescription read from the actual glasses at a business that makes glasses. Worth a try.

Love your blog and your story.

Helloooo, just wanted to thank you for an awesome play list!!! Love it! We played it recently in a car trip to our south coast ...it was just perfect. Really love The Bahamas ...never heard them before. At home playlist reminds of our recent holiday now ;)

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