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The biggest news in my life lately is that I bought a new duvet cover and king-size pillows. And also these shams. I just felt like our bedroom, which has become my Mom Cave, needed some cheering up. I also wanted those red gingham shams from Zara. They are a really weird size — they call them for "big pillows." A "big pillow" is 27.5" x 35.5". That's huge. That's like the length-of-a-standard-pillow high, and a yard wide. Those pillows sell for like $85+. There was no way I was paying that. I spent hours on Google looking for the same gingham shams (dark red gingham, not red gingham) but in a normal size (like, a king-size pillow, or even a standard) or big pillow inserts that weren't $85+. I Googled every word for dark red — maroon, wine, burgundy — and I couldn't find the right gingham that was like the Zara gingham. I finally found  floor pillows with yucky covers from Overstock that were the same size as "big pillows" but were about $30, I think. Then I gave up and ordered the Zara shams. I went totally crazy. I spent a week doing that.

So you see, you have missed nothing re: my lack of blogging.

Andy has received both doses of the vaccine, so that's been a huge relief. Amelia and I still live as if we are under house arrest but I don't care how long we have to wait, now that Andy is more protected. I send my prayers for all of you adversely affected by this virus. It's been hard. I'm eager for spring to start arriving. Amelia and I have spent many mornings watching for beavers at a local pond, but we're not having much luck. I need to start going very early in the morning because beavers are nocturnal, and I think they start heading home at dawn. . . .

I'm working on the three projects I told you about, and almost all of the things I've ordered for all the kits are here. The jewelry kit will include Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed embroidery floss, so that is still being dyed. The are going to be such nice kits. I am so excited for them. My assistant, Ivy, is working on cutting fabric and assembling jewelry pieces at her house and I'm trying not to overwhelm her with stuff to do — she has a full-time job and works for me only when she can. But we will get there. I'm hoping we can start shipping stuff sometime toward the end of March. I will definitely let you know when everything is ready.

Here's a list of the British mysteries and cop shows I have watched on BritBox and Acorn TV and Netflix this year: Happy Valley (my favorite), Vera, Shetland, Broadchurch, Scott & Bailey, Grantchester, No Offense, Dr. Foster, Unforgotten, The Sounds, The Nest, Marcella, Collateral, London Spy, and lots of Marple, Midsommer, and Morse. Also Loch Ness. What am I missing. Case Histories. I finished Catastrophe (loved it) and lost my mind for Normal People. Gosh that was good. What should I watch next?


Barbara Carley says: February 18, 2021 at 12:36 PM

How about "All Creatures Great and Small. One of my favorites

What oddly good timing for my visit as I have spent the last two days researching bedding and watching videos on how to make a pretty bed because I feel like mine is always missing something? My hubby got an award at work that equates to gift cards worth more than enough for new bedding from a selection of stores and a few new le creuset cookware pieces too. I'm thrilled he's sharing with me but I have major bedding blockage! I LOVE what you've chosen!

I love that view into your dining room from your family room. It's so lovely to see corners of your house and kitty is getting so big! I'm so excited for you guys that Andy has received his vaccines.

If you can find Line of Duty you should watch it, if you enjoyed the Nest and Marcella you will love it.

Brigid, I don't see that anyone has answered your question about shams. A pillow sham is made to go on pillows that are layered on your bed. It's often made from a heavier, more decorative fabric than most pillowcases meant for sleeping. Many people use them on a second set of bed pillows or on square "euro" pillows to make the bed pretty and more comfortable for reading in bed etc. I hope that helps!

I am so happy that Andy received both of his vaccines! We loved Jack Irish on top of everything else that has been mentioned.

HI there, Brit here - another for Line of Duty, the promise of Season 6 is on the horizon in the UK is getting us through winter, also can you get Gentleman Jack? West Yorkshire setting. Historical but unusual. I think you may like it. Last one - can you get Hidden? welsh crime drama, partially recorded in Welsh and also English. Lovely to hear the spoken Welsh language - it has subs - and dare I say it? really cosy crime and lovely warm filming palette, main cop lives on the island of Anglesey in Wales and drives across the causeway with the cozy lights shining :) Sorry, one more - can you get To Walk Invisible - drama about the Bronte sisters by Happy Valley writer?

PBS has had a good run this winter with Miss Scarlett and the Duke (Mystery, Victorian w/a feminist message) and the remake of All Creatures Great & Small (Masterpiece, schmaltzy, predictable, lovely and just what the Dr. ordered!).

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