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Oh man, this morning I was just lying in bed in my nightgown drinking a second cup of coffee watching soap-pouring videos on Instagram at 8:50 a.m. thinking, "Gosh, Andy's got some work to do, he really needs to make sure Amelia is logging in for school, yeah buddy" when I remembered, "Oh mercy mercy me I'm having a sale in one hour and ten minutes and I haven't written my blog post!" Forgive! I am linking every one of these pictures to its product page, which, according to Shopify's new feature, is scheduled to automatically go live at 10 a.m. PDT. Let's see if this works! Above is Whan That Aprille, the first in my 2021 seasonal series. There will be one for each season, starting with this one for spring. The Whan That Aprille PDF pattern is here.


Above is my new hoop=framed design, Spring Wreath. The kit comes with the printed pattern, floss, fabric, ribbon, and hoop for framing. I just love this one. The Spring Wreath PDF is here. There will be a summer and a fall coming in 2021.


Okay, this: This is my baby. This is the Flower & Frond  embroidered jewelry kit. It contains a whole lot of what you need to make four embroidered necklaces and one pin. I think my method for mounting the jewelry is a bit different than other tutorials I've seen. Mine is better. I'll tell you all my secrets. We are only making 200 of these kits. I never know if I am going to reissue kits once they are sold out. There is no PDF-pattern-only available for this design. The instructions and templates are specific to exactly these findings that I have sourced. I'm excited and nervous to launch this one! I've never done a kit like this before! In fact, there is nothing even remotely like this available anywhere that I can find. I can't wait to see what you make with it.


I dyed some yarn. There isn't much but it sure is springy. The worsted-weight skeins are here.


Fingering-weight is here.


There are stitch markers made by me.


A very, very small amount of soap. But we're definitely making more.


A few Early Spring lotion bars. (And we are definitely making more lotion bars, though probably not any more of these, very soon.)


Oh! And some finished hand-embroidered jewelry! You know I never do this. But I did it.

We also have restocked Dovegray Doll kits, Time of Flowers kits, Love and Joy kits, and a few Misselthwaite Mitts kits.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you so very, very much for your interest and support! XOXO, alicia

UPDATED, 1:03 p.m.: Andy and Amelia just made a few Forest Flower and Summer Day lotion bars! Homeschool!

UPDATED AGAIN, 1:19 p.m.: Yep, I can combine shipping if you place two orders. No problem! :) You don't even need to let me know; the computer should find them and I will refund extra shipping charges from multiple orders at the end (refunds are on a different app on a different computer than shipping).


I'm so excited!!! I've been watching for an update since you posted pics of these, Alicia. This is my first purchase from your shop, and I can't wait! Thank you for sharing such beautiful work!

Trish Pierson says: March 18, 2021 at 10:20 AM

So excited for the embroidered jewelry kit! My mom and aunt do such beautiful handwork and have made me so many lovely things over the years. These are going to be my gifts to them (which hopefully will be at least somewhat as nice as what they've made me), to celebrate hope and new beginnings this year. Thank you for your creativity!

So excited to receive the yarn I ordered! Everything in this post is absolutely gorgeous Alicia!

Bravo! Everything looks beautiful!!

I love it all. I have been wanting to try most of these but shipping to Australia is a steep spend. Maybe one day i will splurge haha

Wow - everything is sold! I was glad to read that you'll be making more items again! You'll be very busy! The page did not respond for your dyed yarn - are you out of that too?

Thank you for all your hard work and lovely items!

Everything is so pretty here!

another sweet post to start my day dear lady. thank you once again for sharing you lives with us and keeping us smiling. you and your family are a treasure most assuredly. cheers. (-: and your work is absolutely stunning and inspirational.

Dorothy Weller says: March 20, 2021 at 08:41 PM

Oh wow, I just couldn’t resist commenting on your lovely collection title! I hadn’t thought of the general prologue in connection with this spring one year out from the beginning of the pandemic, but it’s so apt. In that
poem there’s so much sorrow beneath the hope and I think that is what has made Chaucer’s words about spring feel so right for so many hundreds of years. It makes the hope and beauty feel all the more bright and precious. Thank you for reminding me! — Dorothy (a longtime reader and admirer of your work with words and crafts)

As usual Alicia, your products are all beautiful. I know this past year has been very difficult for you, with Andy on the front line of the Covid pandemic. But I am so pleased to see that you can still create such beautiful products. I have managed to buy the spring wreath embroidery kit and a few other little things and I have just received my shipping email. So efficient! I am really looking forward to receiving my Posie delivery.

Lovely new crafts!! Sadly I got here to late and all the lotion bars are gone! I hope more will be made in the future. Thank you sharing your talent with us!

I am so looking forward to the jewelry kit! I decided that I'm not going to get ANY new clothes in 2021, not a stitch, and then my birthday gift to myself at the end of the year will be donating at least half of what I own and starting over, slowly and simply. I'm going to try to focus on more neutrals and re-wearing clothes way more often so I can wear all the awesome jewelry I have, and to make my clothes/jewelry reflect my interests (birds, botany, battlestar galactica [jk jk channeling my homie Dwight there]). These will be so much fun, and make good gifts!

M. Michael Payne says: March 24, 2021 at 03:14 PM

you want something to do with your hand-dyed yarn consider this one. A Day Out Blanket. Every week a new pattern square is offered and I just finished my first square with I LOVE THIS WOOL yarn from Hobby Lobby. New Patterns, each week and in the end you get to put them together to make a lap blanket. Appx. 5 X 5 feet square. It's a Knit Along project and the patterns are free. There are video instructions and downloadable patterns you can play with now or later. She's English and so far easy to follow and do. First three are online already. knit, purl and slip stitches only so far. Nothing fancy schmancy. Love you all, babykins and we enjoy Andy's concerts on Instagram. Grandma Payne

Do you have instructions for that darling little crocheted duck?

Just a note of hello. My first visit here. My goodness you have been given many gifts that bless.


I just love the picture of your cat. The things they manage to get up to!! So sweet.

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