Autumn Designs Now Available!

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My third design in this year's seasonal series is called The Mist and All, and it is now available! The name of it is taken from this lovely poem by Dixie Willson:

I like the fall,
The mist and all.
I like the night owl's
Lonely call —
And wailing sound
Of wind around.

I like the gray
November day,
And bare, dead boughs
That coldly sway
Against my pane.
I like the rain.

I like to sit
And laugh at it —
And tend
My cozy fire a bit.
I like the fall —
The mist and all.

I just love that poem. I'm not sure when it was written; it appears in a book called Poems for Boys and Girls which was compiled by Marjorie Barrows in 1945. I love those old books of illustrated poetry compilations for kids. My mother had a few of hers from her own childhood that I remember just staring into for hours when I was a kid. I need to find them for Amelia. They're so cool.

This embroidery is done on 32-count Natural Brown linen from Wichelt with 2 plies of DMC floss. The stitching area at this fabric count is 6" x 8" (15cm x 20cm), and that's 96 stitches wide by 128 stitches high. You can fit this in a ready-made 8" x 10" frame. In this design I combined one ply each of two separate colors of floss for the areas of the owl head and wing, the mushroom cap, and the oak leaf. All of the floss is included in the kit, along with the fabric, and the printed full-color pattern (if you prefer a black-and-white chart, as always just email me and I will send you the PDF for your use).

To order The Mist and All KIT, please click here.

To order The Mist and All PDF pattern only, please click here.

Cross stitch is done with #24 tapestry needles, so don't forget those if you need them. Our beautiful Bohin heart scissors are back in stock, too.

And if you need any of the other kits in this series so far, we still have them in stock. Click on the image to take you to the "Embroidery Kits" page where they all live.

Autumn Launch Cross Stitch


Now, here is our hoop design for fall, Autumn Wreath.


This is the fourth and final 4" hoop design of 2020-2021 and I have loved developing these. They are inexpensive, quick to work and frame, and make great gifts. The kit includes a printed pattern, two pieces of muslin fabric (one for stitching, one to use as a liner when framing), all of the floss you need, a hoop for framing, a piece of felt for the backing, and a ribbon for hanging.

To order the Autumn Wreath KIT, please click here.

To order the Autumn Wreath PDF pattern only, please click here.

You will have to trace the design onto your fabric so it can be helpful to use this fine-point water soluble marker for that (sold separately).

And if you'd like to purchase any of the other kits in this series, we have those as well. Click on the image to take you to the "Embroidery Kits" page where they all live.

Autumn Launch Rings

We also have re-issued a limited number of autumn kits from last year and the year before.

Cover Final blog

This is the Things of Autumn kit from fall 2020. It's also done on 32-count fabric with 2-plies of floss. It's part of the "Things Of" series, and yes, Things of Winter kits will be reissued in a few weeks, too. (Things of Spring kits are entirely sold out because very unfortunately the fabric has been discontinued. Things of Summer kits are still available.)


This is The Leaves by Hundreds Came from fall 2019. It's also done on 32-count fabric with 2-plies of floss. Its reissued companion pieces, Summer Storm (summer) and Time of Flowers (spring) are still available, and First Snow (winter) will be reissued in a few weeks.

Last month Andy was putting things away for me up the attic and let me know that there were four boxes filled to the brims of already-cut fabric strips for Calicozy ComfyQuilt top kits, just waiting to be assembled. I honestly do not know why these were up there and why I had not yet made them into kits, but now I have. You might remember these quilts from when I originally made them several years ago:


Small Beautyjpg



They are made almost entirely of vintage cotton calicos from the 1980s (some might be before, some a bit after) and Kona cotton solids. This quilt is set on-point, so the square patches actually display as diamonds. It is designed to be turned inside out instead of bound, tied at each patch intersection, and filled with a poufy, inexpensive comforter from Ikea (though you can use batting, if you like). The Ikea comforter can be purchased both at the Ikea store and on-line.

To make the Calicozy ComfyQuilt, you will also need to purchase the Calicozy ComfyQuilt PDF pattern, available only as a digital download, HERE.

And then if you are interested, you can purchase a quilt-top kit of ready-cut 4.25" solid and calico strips (please note that the kits are for the TOP ONLY — please review the pattern page to see what other supplies you will need to finish this quilt) in one of several colorways, shown below. The kits that I've made up come with all of the fabric, including calicos and solids, you need for a Throw size quilt (58" x 58" [147cm x 147cm]). That is the only size I am offering. The fabrics are already cut into 4.25" strips so all you need to do is cut those into 4.25" squares and go, go, go! I made these composites on my computer to show you the fabrics that are likely to be included (though you might not get every single one, and you might get one or two that is not pictured). Click on each image to be taken to my web shop where you may purchase a kit in the Throw 58" x 58" (147cm x 147cm) size.


Country House Blog



Holly Jolly Blog



Cozy Rainy Day Blog



Ivy League Blog



Sailing Vessel Blog



Holly Jolly Pink Blog



Merry Weather Blog

Okay, now! We also found some Phyllis Mouse and Dandelion Doe supplies in the attic, and I have made these up with vintage calicos as well. Do you remember these girls?

Miss Phyllis Mouse kit


Miss Dandelion Doe kit


We no longer have Liberty fabric dress fabric available for these kits, but I've used a large range of vintage calicos (with 100% wool sport-weight yarn from Brown Sheep) for them instead. Click on all of the little thumbnails on each product page to see all of the prints that are available for each animal. All of the items included in the kit are listed in detail on the product page, so please have a look at those and let me know if you have questions.

And last but not least, we have more Autumn Woods lotion bars, too! These are made with beeswax from local bees; coconut oil; unrefined shea butter; lanolin; and essential oils of cedarwood, fir, balsam Peru, and a drop of cinnamon. They have an earthy, spicy scent, and are perfect for fall. I just used mine last night on my elbows and it was nice.


WHEW. That was a lot. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope these projects bring you some joy and peace this fall. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to respond directly. Thank you!

UPDATE, 9:30 a.m. PST: The USPS has temporarily suspended all First Class International shipments to Australia, as of September 17, 2021. I have disabled shipping to Australia on my web site for now. When the USPS resumes shipping, we will be able to ship to Australia again. So sorry for the frustration. If you are in Australia and you would like me to hold items for you until further notice, please send me an email or leave a comment here and I will get in touch to arrange that, no big deal. Thank you! Xo, a

Also: We ran out of the temporary tattoos we have included with orders for many years! It looks like the original company we used doesn't make them anymore. Let me know if you liked having those and want me to find another company to make them. Or let me know if you didn't care either way! It's always good to know these things and I don't think I have ever asked!


I love the tattoos and my grandkids ask for them. I looked online and couldn't find any as sweet as yours. I'm waiting for the "ice cream scoop" bubble bath to come back for sale. The kiddos love it, so soft and natural smelling, I should have ordered more than two. I hope you will make more in the future.

The Mist and All cross stitch is absolutely gorgeous! I have to confess it has taken me awhile to warm up to this series, I was a bit lukewarm on the spring & summer patterns, but I love the autumn one and of course will need the whole series now! I also think the tattoos are great but I've collected a lot of tattoos over the years since I've bought a lot from your shop ;) so it wouldn't be heartbreaking if you couldn't find a new source for them.

Hi Alicia,

I was hoping you could save some lotion bars as I am one of the Aussies. Any number you have spare between 2 and 10 I'd be grateful for.
Thanks. Mary

Serena White says: September 27, 2021 at 05:56 PM

The tattoos are darling but stickers would be fun too....

I ordered one of the quilt kits today, but am a little confused about filling it with an Ikea comforter. Do you cut down the comforter to fit the throw size quilt? The dimensions of the comforter are very different than the dimensions of the quilt. Thank you!

So many beautiful things! I am definitely getting the wreath pattern as I already have everything to make that. I love those cross stitch patterns but I'm not convinced I would be able to see well enough to do them, my eyes seem to have gotten really bad😩

Oh and just a heads-up. The link for the wreath kit takes you to the pattern only page.

So glad you went to your attic - haha! So many lovely items and thank you! I do hope you'll continue to make these lovely things although, it's nice to try new crafts as well. Have a wonderful week :)

Your attic sounds like a magic place!

Bonnie Kramer says: September 30, 2021 at 12:30 AM

Love getting the tattoos. Please look into another company to make them.

Oh the temptation is so great to get a softie kit with the Green Garden fabric! I already have so many kits and things to make so I'll wait a while and they'll probably sell out but that will be OK. I do already have the Phyllis Mouse pattern and my kids aren't quite old enough to have those yet (I fear for the one handmade doll I did give my older daughter; she hasn't really become attached to it and it gets thrown around a lot). I'm so looking forward to finishing my backyard overhaul project, putting my garden to sleep for the winter, and staying inside and working on all my Posie patterns for a few months.

Lots of beautiful items for one to have fun and gets hands busy! Thank you Alicia! May Autumn be marvelous!!

I’ve been away from your blog for a couple of months, but as we entered October I thought of your family and decided to check in. Your posts are beautiful and inspiring and I love watching Amelia grow as my children grow. I’m looking forward to seeing what you offer in your shop for Christmas. I would love it if you would do a Favorite Things post and link to craft supplies, textiles, recipes, anything you are loving for the holiday season. I received the mitten kit as a gift 2 years ago and I am committed to knitting it this year.
Thank you for sharing the beauty of your cozy life with us. I know there are struggles too, but it is a great joy to check in and find your little family well.

Hi Alicia - I was just searching through all your crochet/knit category posts because I am a beginner knitter. I read your 2010 post about how you started out and I am so thankful to hear that it didn't come easy to you. I too am lucky to have an older experienced woman for a teacher. She is a very good teacher and her fingers seem to dance when she knits. A wonder. I am determined to learn because I admire so many hand knit things - like the things you make. Thanks for being encouraging by being honest about your knitting journey. And one more thing. I love your photos! I look forward to them and they are a treat every time you post.

Dear Alicia,

I am a very many years now reader of your wonderful blog. I’m so grateful for your words and heartfelt sharing of stories, and I’m also a very big fan of your embroidery samplers and hoops.

I have a bit of a strange question. Do you know anyone who buys and stitches your designs, but has run out of room to display them, and/or would be willing to sell them completed to someone like myself? I very much love handmade seasonal decorations, but I will never be able to create these for myself. But if someone else loved making them and were willing to connect with people like me interested in buying them, I’d love to know how to make that connection happen.

Thanks for all you do to make the world a lovelier, brighter, more gently loving place!

So many beautiful images! I love fall!

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