Mud Days

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Soggy is an understatement. It pours and pours. It pours every day. It's warm, windy, and wet. I feel like I'm slogging through mud, inside and out. Inside, I knit and knit. Hundreds, thousands of yards of stitches, on fingering-weight yarn for my Soorik and bulky-weight yarn for my Getting Warmer. When I'm not doing that, I'm surfing Ravelry early in the morning under a pile of down and flannel, drinking coffee by the light of my iPad, looking for something else to knit. I bought two new raincoats this year, one dark green and one like a dark . . . bark green? Like pine-tree trunk. I meant to return one of them, depending on which one I liked better, and much to my chagrin I liked them both and I am keeping them both, even though they're really similar. They are both perfect Pacific Northwest winter raincoats, in my opinion. I hadn't gotten a coat in a few years and I've made up for it this year. Now I want to knit a hot pink cowl. I think it will look cute with either coat.

We also got two new plug-in sconces for the kitchen and two new lamps for the living room. I am happy with all of them. Andy did a pro-job hanging the sconces and then getting cord covers for them (the cords were black, and plug in under the cabinets). The sconces take 60w bulbs, which is very nice in there (and a lot brighter bulbs than we usually use around here, ha!). So now I can take pictures of dinner in the dark. The other day was Helen's rice pudding to serve with Ikea Swedish meatballs and gravy. This is just the best rice pudding in the world. It's a recipe from Andy's (Swedish) grandmother and we make it regularly. It's perfect for meatballs, and I actually have started baking it for about ten minutes less than the recipe calls for. That leaves a lovely, jiggly layer of custard on the top and it is all just [chef's kiss] perfect for a sloppy, soupy rainy day.

Thank you so much for the blog recommendations on my last post! I am enjoying checking everything out! I sent my last pattern of 2021 in to the printer a few days ago and it will be here on the 22nd, and then we will get to work stuffing kits. We are reissuing Things of Winter, First Snow, and Winterwoods ABCs kits later this month, as well, so stay tuned for that! (Those are all links to the patterns, BTW.) And when all that is done, that will be the END of the reissues and the end of 2021! Yippee!

Clover needs to have some teeth pulled and they can't get her in to do that until next month. She is otherwise healthy, which is good news. Agatha continues to destroy every houseplant (I only have three left) while also being incredibly cute and also mildly savage. I'm planning to make my way through this list of ice-skating documentaries and videos. I have so many texts and emails I need to answer. And I should probably order some groceries. Blah. Not inspired to do that. Every outdoor play-date and hike has been canceled this week due to the rain. I'm already over it and it's only November.


It's almost too cliche to say, but: Please, send the rain our way! It's 89 degrees and dry as a fallen leaf, in Southern California. Oddly enough, I am not sure we got this warm in summer. The World is upside down, and turned around.
But, there are rice pudding recipes to try, and new blogs to visit, and all the pretty things you share to admire.
*I am so tempted to browse Oregon homes for sale.*

Figure skating! Have you seen the video of Oona and Gage Brown's "Nothing Else Matters" in Bryant Park? Swoon. Most favorite of all time is Brian Boitano's "Canvas of Ice" from 1988, which made me fall so hard for him back then, and probably still would.

Your knitting looks so dreamy--Soorik looks like it was designed just for you. :)

Oh that dress is lovely and suits you perfectly! I'm only about knitting here too lately, but very busy with making things for my boys school Christmas Market... I feel I don't have enough hands!
I remember that lovely rice pudding recipe! I had made it when you published it years ago, and I'll be doing it again this week-end : )) thank you so much!
You are definitely the coziest place ever on the web!

Love the kitchen sconces and lamps - perfect. The knitting has prompted me to pull out my Bond knitting machine - bless you who hand knit, I'm too impatient. My Grandma taught me to knit and crochet and I use the crochet around the edges of the afghans I machine knit or edges of sweaters.

Despite the rain it looks and sounds like you’ve made a cosy nest for yourself, plus meatballs and rice are the ultimate comfort food. I wonder if there is a recipe which replicates the IKEA meatballs? I have to admit that whenever I make meatballs I have to be in the mood for it, it’s so fiddly to make them an even size. Sometimes I fancy meatballs, but end up making meatloaf because you get the flavour, without the rolling and rolling. Dumping it all in a loaf tin is much more satisfying!

Looking up for your current knits on Ravelry, I somehow then found myself reading a really long article about the site from the New Yorker this March. Really interesting reading.

There's a beautiful pattern just out on Ravelry. To The Moon and Back by Claire Garland. To knit Mummy and Baby hare from the story books. It's done in alpaca& mohair so lovely and soft. Maybe Amelia would like to find it in her stocking? I've done a few of her animals , so life like. Pattern on offer at the moment.

IT just boggles my mind you knit that soorik sweater dress! It looks awesome and adorable and just love it. I can commiserate about the rain, I'm in Seattle and its been a very wet autumn here. I have doubled down on wool...wool tights, wool gloves, hats, and love this wool wrap: But your rain coats are super practical. Our 14 yo loveable fur baby only has nine teeth left, despite dental chewies and regular brushing. But so important for them to have a healthy mouth for a long life, just like us humans. No more puppacinnos or plate-licking. I wash his food dish daily (I rarely ever did before!) and give him one tablespoon of sugarfree, plain greek yogurt to seed his mouth with good probiotics. His oral microbiome seems much better and no more bad doggy breathe. Not a vet, just things I gleaned from the interwebs and talking to a holistic vet.

I always love reading your blog and watching Amelia grow. I live in NM where we haven't seen a drop of rain in MONTHS, so I covet a little of yours. Just a little.

Mary Ann Scanlon says: November 17, 2021 at 11:18 AM

Always enjoy hearing about the quiet goings on in you world. Hard to believe your sweet girl is 9! how does that happen. lovey to see her thriving even in this oh so weird times for our kiddos! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy getting ready for Christmas too. Its right around the corner!

Love the sweater tunic dress--it looks adorable on you with the leggings. I am also coveting the sconces over the sink. This was a wonderful idea! I must make the rice pudding soon--28 degrees here this morning in northern Indiana so anything warm and comforting is a must.

Mary Ann in Vermont says: November 18, 2021 at 07:47 AM

No matter what and no matter how far we move ahead in technology I am forever attached and in~total~love with your blog. Love it so much and Love all you share. xoxoxo

Hi Alicia! I have been reading your blog for many years and I would be sooooo sad if you ever decided to just do Instagram, like many others have done. I was also a big fan of Jane Goble's blog and I'm actually still sad, ten years later, that she moved strictly to Insta. I would be over the moon if she came back to blogging.

My son Sam and I used to read your blog together when he was just a little guy, and he's now 22. He mostly loved to look at your photos of Clover Meadow, and we thought that was the most perfect name for any creature ever.

I was inspired by blogs like yours to start my own blog. That, and I quit all social media about two years ago. My blog is called and I have a tiny following, mostly friends and family who don't get to see me on FB anymore. I love my little corner of the internet, though. I've tried to carve out a friendly, lovely, welcoming space for others to visit - again, inspired by you, Jane, and all of the other bloggers (oh! Joeycake, of course) who have enriched my life with their words and photos.

Happy Thanksgiving!


hello... I am back, again.
I knew that rice pudding recipe would call my name. But I am stuck on a part of the process. "Steam the rice, in a double boiler?" I have Googled every variation of that direction I can think of, and I am about as confused as ever. If anyone can help? Please? I think I need a full, thorough tutorial, with hand holding, pictures, and maybe a hotline. Thank you.

Bonnie J Kramer says: November 19, 2021 at 09:40 AM

Okay, you must reply to this in the world do you stay so slim with all the cooking and baking you do? Seriously. You must do a lot of working out that you don't tell us about. It's something that I have wondered for years. Are you a 'take a bite and give it to others' person? You must be a very fast knitter. Are you a thrower or continental knitter? Love the patterns you picked and colors. Thanks for inspiring me for many years. My cat, Smudge, looks like Agatha's litter mate. He is a toilet paper terrorist. It's very soggy here in Michigan, too. I'm trying to talk my hubs into stoning our muddy backyard with peastone like you did but he's not onboard with the idea. Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family. Bonnie (fellow Italian Chicago girl in the past)

Oh, we have snow and strong cold wind today and I'm reading your blog and it's such a comfort. Through the years, when things were rough or I just felt sad, I always come here, read old posts and it makes me feel calm and smile. I love your knitted dress, it's lovely and looks scandinavian! I'm knitting Petiteknit Sunday sweater, easy, pretty and sooo warm (I'm wearing another one from last year actually). And I just love the look of your living room!

Your soorik is super cute and cosy! Honestly wish i was better at knitting because something like that would take me YEARS to finish. I'm sorry if there are types in this comment, I am too lazy to fetch my glasses and the font is tiny😂 apparently I've reached that stage in my life i need to keep my glasses with me at all times!

Alicia, just a note about cats and plants: lilies are extremely toxic to cats, even in minuscule amounts, so watch out for them in arrangements, etc.

Thanks for sharing

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