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I made some Tattered Hearts on little wire hangers out of my cutter quilt. They are $32 each and, even though the USPS for some inexplicable reason took away my neighborhood mailbox that I use every. other. day. (I did a double-take when I arrived — where did it . . . go?) I am shipping stat! XOXO

*** SOLD OUT! Thank you so much. I will make more from this quilt. Stay tuned!


Grandma Payne says: February 06, 2022 at 10:17 AM

Haven't talked to you in a while but think of you all the time and keep track on other sites. Just finished a lap blanket which Larry has claimed as his, and am now working on a shawl (nearly done) from left over yarn that I'd used to make a cowl and scarf for Daryl. I was busy before Christmas making fingerless mittens and scarves for all the girls so I've got the knitting bug this year and way too much yarn.
I love the hearts. How clever are you! I was never a quilter but I admire the skill set. I do have two quilts from Larry's side of the family made by his grandmother. Old fabric and kept safe to pass along when the time comes. I used to have a quilt made by my great grandmother pieced together from her silk blouses and dresses. I loved it but I lost it and that's a tale in itself. Daryl made purses for her daughters from their favorite dresses that they outgrew. Repurposing favorites to keep and use again.
I do love seeing what other projects you create for yourself and love the ideas you come up with to give yourself more work. You are a child of my heart. I have so many projects going I'll never get done and that's what makes it exciting and challenging, right? (whatever!) ;) Miss you all. Love to you from this end of the valley.

Kristen from MA says: February 07, 2022 at 03:39 AM

Louis DeJoy strikes again :(

Alicia, do you use a particular comforter to stuff your quilts? If so, do you mind sharing a source? This seems like a great way to do a quilt! Thank you for the lesson! I love it!

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