And the winners are . . .

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3rd Place: Laura Minnich

2nd Place: Kristin Singer

GRAND PRIZE: Ruth Scherer

My "summer ends" sale ended last night at midnight! This morning I printed out all of the names of every person who ordered since the sale started last week and Amelia pulled three winners out of the bag. Congratulations to you Laura, Kristin, and Ruth! And thank you so much to everyone who ordered/entered! That was very exciting! We will have to do that more often now that I have the web site set up for sales. I still have a few orders from the past two days to ship out today, and I will be contacting the winners and getting their prizes out early next week! And I'll be back with a blog post then, too! Lots of exclamation points! XOXOXOXOXO, a


Gosh, she’s a cute kid :)

That child has the best freckles....

Grandma Payne says: September 09, 2022 at 09:20 AM

Well? Three days back to school, back to classroom, how we doing so far? She excited and having fun, ready to charge right in and begin? I had one of my other young ones, show up after school last evening, do homework, have pizza and even take a nap. She's a Junior this year in high school. The other two are at college and that doesn't start till the end of the month so they're mostly getting settled into the dorm or their apartment before classes start. only one left behind to visit grandma and grandpa and she means to take full advantage of at last being an only child at home. Can't wait to see how that turns out.
So, just thought I'd check in and see how the youngest of the tribe did her first three days of class. grandma Payne

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