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Oooo, my stars, it seems I actually have a day to myself, and it’s a chess day (so I don’t pick up Meems until 4:15). I literally can’t remember the last time I had time to blog. It was probably March 1, the date of my last blog post. More like a million years ago, it seems.

Nashville is over and everything is back home except of course for the one box filled with patterns that got lost and never made it there. Lost forever, according to USPS. In the weeks since, I’ve spent the days unpacking, creating electronic orders from handwritten order forms, establishing accounts, writing thank-you emails, formatting a list of stockists, reprinting patterns and getting them mailed out to people who wanted them but couldn’t have them in Nashville because, of course, they never made it to Nashville (or, in the case of The Stitcher’s RSVP, it actually sold out, yahoo!). But, it’s all good. I think mostly everything is in hand now. Beth, Natalie, and I have not had time to have our official Zoom debrief but I’d love to do that when the dust settles. I’m so grateful to all of the shops who purchased my patterns! I have stockists now! If you have a local needlework shop of your own, stop by and see all of the wonderful things I’m sure they brought back with them. There are so many absolutely brilliant designs out there! People are just so clever and wonderful. 

Outside, the weather has been slowly but surely turning to spring. We Portlanders are still wearing our heaviest coats and standing in the rain while waiting to pick up our kids most days, but on Saturday it was sunny and in the ’70s, and the power of that warmth and light could not be underestimated. I felt reborn. A friend from my neighborhood-moms chat hosted an impromptu potluck dinner at the pavilion at school and it was just so great to be outside without coats on, eating with new friends and our families, and watching all the kids play on the playground until dusk. Dang. It really takes so little sometimes. Life has felt kind of cold and rainy and quiet and lonely lately, and I really needed a party.

We couldn’t get our yard done so we hired a crew to come and take away the piles of dead oak leaves, cut back last year’s dead perennial growth, and haul away the massive butterfly bush that bit the dust in the snow storm, and also a giant, rotting tree trunk that had been growing mushrooms and was left, inexplicably, in our driveway. I don’t even know when or by whom. (Our driveway is kind of a black hole, bordered by fences and a woodshed, and is too skinny to drive a car up, so we never have.) The guys came the same day we called, and, in a frenzy of leaf blowers (ugh, I know), rakes, and clippers, blew the whole place out. I asked that they cut all of our ornamental grasses back to the ground and that’s what they did — now the borders look like they’ve all had horrendous haircuts, and there are stray pieces of dried grass everywhere, along with some ravaged, forlorn daffodil and tulip leaves that got caught in the crossfire. I should’ve had all of this done before the new growth had started, I know. What can I say. One of the problems in our perennial borders (we have four small ones, all more-or-less identical) is that every single thing in them gets cut back to the ground in early spring. So just as spring is springing and daffodils are sprouting and things are unfurling, our garden looks bald and . . . seriously hacked. It will all fill in, I know. I hope it doesn’t take too long. It could use some compost and mulch, for sure. That would help.

Spring break is next week and I am looking forward to Mimi being home, and getting a chance to just do some fun Mimi-things — going to the mall, going to a movie, maybe getting some new clothes, playing mini-golf with Andy. We will have new designs and kits for you in early April. Everything is here, we just need time to put it all together! I will show you everything at launch, including two new digital versions for things that I am planning for summer. Ah, summer. . . .


This… this post, is a welcome sign of spring, like finding new blossoms in the garden, sunbeams streaming into the kitchen, an open window. You still make me feel as though I have a friend in Portland, a pen pal, a kindred spirit.

I've been enjoying your cross stitch and embroidery patterns for years and decided I should branch out and look for other artists I might enjoy. Scrolled through 1000 instagram posts from Nashville and was thrilled to discover a new favorite pattern and perhaps designer.... It's the most darling cross stitch of a Little Women book. :) I laughed when I clicked through to find more info. Of course, it would be your design. I was away on vacation so had missed your last couple posts. (I did eventually find a couple more treasures Im planning on stitching, so in the end I was successful in my efforts.)

Christine says: March 21, 2023 at 04:04 PM

Your signs of Spring always come much earlier than our signs in Maine. It is always nice to get a little preview.

Oh the joy when a new post from you is there! And the beautiful photos too. Our winter is approaching fast, from one hot spell to having the heater on. Looking forward to all your new designs! Greetings from Downunder 🇦🇺

I ordered (from Acorns and Threads) and just received your Little Women chart. It is wonderful and can’t wait to start it! Thank you!

Sweet, cozy pictures! Happy Spring!

I am so ready for spring too. I even got the urge to clean out the shed - whaaat?! What a bummer about the lost patterns😩 but sounds like you had fun/success despite this. I found a part made Dovegray doll in my spring cleaning (not in the shed!!) So I'm excited to finish it in the next couple of weeks

I literally stopped reading in the middle of this to start garden planning and try to find a landscaper for clean up. We have a guy but I don't think we're getting a great rate. Unfortunately I didn't get to any of it last fall and now feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to be cleaned up before mulch can happen. Mulch is like the caulk and paint of gardening, isn't it? Happiest spring, friend! I hope it's lovely. Ours is going to be very full of travel, Emma's graduation and subsequent move to OH. A very bittersweet season! Keep that Mimi small. ;)

I love your blog so much, I check your blog from time to time on my phone and if I open it and see a new post i immediately close the internet on my phone(so I don’t spoil anything!) and wait until I have a quiet moment to reopen your beautiful blog on my computer screen. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and words with us. I grew up in Beaverton and your blog makes me think of home 💕 Mimi’s little critters set up with, the sock chair cushion is too cute. Happy Easter! 🐣

My son-who-lives-in-Portland-SE called yesterday to tell me that the cherries are blooming. So happy spring to you and your family, and let's hope that there's more rain this year so what was golden last fall stays green all year this year!

Congratulations on your success in Nashville!! All your hard work in this direction is paying off!!

You have such a gift ... you post a photo of a corner of a pillow and I feel soothed and calm and like the world is beautiful. I always come here for that, and have done so for years. I just wanted you to know that :-)

So happy you had such success in Nashville. Any chance you will put together a kit for the "Little Women" pattern? I love it so much, but have never done any cross stitch that wasn't a kit. The thought of selecting my own thread colors is way too daunting - Hah! Seasonal book kits would be so neat. A Christmas Carol (winter), etc. Just a thought. I know you have a million other things you're working on. I love coming to your blog. Always leaves me feeling uplifted so thank you for that. Happy spring!

The cherry blossom photo is gorgeous!

hi posie.. where are the sheets from in the first photo? they're so beautiful.

Delightful as always X

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