New Designs Now on Sale, and a Spring Parade!

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Good April morning! It's a cold, wet, flowery morning here. My hands are freezing and I'm sitting on a heating pad, but outside I can see my apple tree is starting to leaf out. In that spirit, I have spring designs for you!

FullMoonPlanting for Blog

The first is FULL-MOON PLANTING. Have you ever heard of moon gardening? It's the practice of planting depending on where the moon is in its cycle. The theory is that just as it causes the ocean tides, the moon also affects the amount of water in the soil.  To take advantage of its changing influence, it is said that fruits and vegetables should be planted while the moon is waxing, and root crops should be sowed from the time it is full through its waning phase. This design is the second in my 2022-23 seasonal series, of which Evening Skate is the first. In Full-Moon Planting spring fever has taken hold, and we are busy getting the young garden ready for the season ahead by the light of the full moon. (I'm working on the next in the series right now, and it is called Summer Breeze. . . . I'll have some digitals to show you in a couple of weeks!)

This design area is a little bit bigger than my usual sizes (which I generally like to fit in 8"x10" standard frames). The design area on Full-Moon Planting is 8.63"w x by 10.5"h (22cm x27) on 32-count fabric, or 138 stitches wide x 168 stitches high. The fabric I used for these kits is Belfast linen from Zweigart in Whisper, color 786 cut to size 14" x 16" (36cm x 41cm). Please note: There is only about 2.5" extra fabric widthwise for this design, so please make sure you start your stitching in the middle of the fabric. We definitely try to maximize cutting fabric so as to have zero waste, so this design fits a bit tighter on the fabric called for. I'm starting to think that having full 3" (7.5cm) margins around the design area is a bit big, myself — it's just a lot of extra fabric to crunch up in your hand (if you stitch in a small handheld hoop, as I do) and you wind up cutting off most of it when framing, anyway.

But anyway, this design also uses DMC floss and has such a pretty, springlike palette. (Pro tip: I've never had anyone run out of floss with any of my kits [at least, not that I've ever heard about!] but if you like to stitch a lot of my kits, keep any extra floss you end up with when you're finished in a little bag. I have a palette of just over two hundred colors, but I use a lot of the same colors over and over again, so you might someday find a need for a little bit of floss in one of those colors.)

Kits include a professionally printed full-color pattern with a four-page chart, the fabric, and all the floss you need, along with a piece of chipboard that you can use to make a floss caddy. To do that, cut lengthwise strips of chipboard about 2" (5cm) wide. Mark 1" (2.5cm) sections across the top of each until you have 10 marks. Snip a ½" (1cm) -deep notch at each mark. Label each notch with the color number of the floss. Separate the colors and place the floss in your labeled floss caddy. You may have to double up in some notches. Please note, in case you have not purchased a kit from me before: We include all of the floss in one big hank of thirty-five colors that you will need to separate yourself. It is not as hard as it seems! The color chart will list a color chip, the name of the color, and the number of lengths included, and with that information you can do this within a few minutes, I promise.

The frame is not included in the kit. :) The kit is available here. The PDF pattern-only is available here with both full-color and black-and-white four-page charts. This is a big pattern. I recommend printing PDF patterns at 100% (no scaling) at high quality for best results.

Spring Splendor for Blog

This is SPRING SPLENDOR. I love this design. I just love it. It's simple yet elegant and so pretty and sweet. It's 122 stitches wide x 90 stitches high, or 7.6"w x by 5.6"h (19cm x14cm) on 32-count fabric, and fits into an 8" x 10" frame. (The frame in my photo is a vintage one I think I found on eBay or at my local antique mall — believe it or not, it's pretty easy to find a white vintage frame like this, if you like this look. Check eBay or Etsy.) This design uses some absolutely gorgeous hand-overdyed floss from Weeks Dye Works (and I honestly can't say enough about how much I love working with this company — they are some of my very favorite people in the embroidery industry, and I love using their floss). It also uses some DMC floss. Our kits include WDW floss for the stitches that call for it as well as DMC floss, and a conversion for the WDW colors to DMC is also given in the pattern itself (you'll only get the WDW floss and not the DMC-conversion-for-those-colors floss). Please note, as above, that the floss comes in a hank and you will receive a piece of chipboard in your kit to make a floss caddy. 

This design uses some "one-over-one" stitches for all of the body text (not the initial caps). That means you will be stitching with one ply of floss over one thread of fabric. This, too, seems intimidating until you start doing it, and then you will find that it's actually super fun. I used the same alphabet that I created for The Stitcher's RSVP (which is back in stock, by the way, see below) and I don't know why but I just love this font. It's just sweet and clean and also kind of modern, which I think helps keep this design from being overly fussy.

I also absolutely love the color of the fabric used, which is 32-count linen called Touch of Blue by Wichelt.

Kits include a professionally printed full-color pattern with a two-page chart, the fabric, and all the floss you need. The kit is available here. The PDF pattern-only is available here with both full-color and black-and-white four-page charts. I recommend printing PDF patterns at 100% (no scaling) at high quality for best results. 

Little Women for Blog

And last of the new designs is Little Women. This design is only available as a PDF pattern. I designed it after I saw the Greta Gerwig version of the movie is 2019 but it's taken me a while to release it, and it was my Nashville Needlework Market exclusive, so I've had to wait at least thirty days since launching it there before I was able to make it available myself. When I posted it on Instagram before market, a few people gave me suggestions for other book titles to design, and I've since designed ones for two of Amelia's and my other favorites that we've read aloud together, The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables. I will be releasing those later this summer and will have digitals of the designs to show you in a few weeks. I had no idea I was going to love designing book-inspired compositions so much! I love them! I really enjoy the limitations that designing to a theme imposes, and I love interpreting the elements. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this pattern, which was my #1 seller at Nashville. :) It done on 32-count linen in Chestnut from Wichelt with DMC floss and is available as a downloadable PDF pattern here.


And because it's spring and you may be in the mood for treating yourself to a few other goodies, I thought I'd collect all of my spring designs and offerings through the years in one long spring parade of flowery things on this cold and rainy day. We still have a good supply of my favorite lotion bar, Forest Flower. Made with beeswax from local bees; coconut oil; shea butter; a touch of lanolin; and essential oils of cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, clary sage, bergamot, sandalwood, and jasmine absolute, I wanted them to smell like a walk in the woods after a spring rain.

Beauty1 blog

You might like my design for the (partial) A Tender Year series, April. I was planning on finishing this series in embroidery, but instead, apparently, I've done it in painting. Remember all of my watercolors I was doing last fall? I did finish an entire year's worth of them and will be launching a 2024 calendar later this year. But I just couldn't get all the embroidery done, so I'm hoping to finish the second six-months' of designs next year (fingers crossed; I am so busy I honestly can't find time to do it all). Anyway, the calendar, which is based on the Tender Year concept, is really pretty and I will be showing you that and maybe asking for some feedback on what format you would like to see it all printed in. More on that later. . . .

Beauty blog

Here is my darling Blackberries and Heather-bells, which I designed after Amelia and I finished listening to the audiobook of The Secret Garden when she was in kindergarten. She was probably a bit too young for it then, but gosh, I remember this as one of the great reading/listening experiences of my life. I absolutely love this book. Blackberries and Heather-bells has long-since sold out as a kit, but it is available as a PDF pattern. Try searching for a "6-inch Flexi-hoop" online to frame it as I have.


Oh, Time of Flowers. Gosh, this design will always be magical to me. When Andy and I were young and first living in Missoula, I remember that someone had a sidewalk garden with a bleeding heart plant in it and it was the first time I'd ever seen one, and I was just captivated. I think of it every time I see this design.

Cover 2.0blog

Whan That Aprille. Also one of my favorites (designed in spring 2021) that never really sells that well but I ask WHYYYY??? Why you guys? Why don't people like this design??? I love this design! Please explain!


Sweet little Spring Wreath kit. People often ask me if I crocheted the little goose in this photo. I did not, but I bought it finished at the long-gone Daisy Kingdom store that we used to have here in Portland many, many years. Lord how I miss that store! Oh that store was the greatest. I still carry my umbrella I bought there for $5 when they were going out of business. I think I've had it for almost twenty years. [I checked: They closed the store in 2004. :(.]

Blog Image

Things of Spring is only available as a PDF pattern, as this particular fabric I used is (naturally, as soon as I picked it) discontinued. I might suggest Peaceful Purple, which is a bit more "purple" and less pink than this but still pretty, I think.


We still have a few Flower and Frond jewelry-making kits available. Flower and Frond was only ever available as a kit, because the directions are completely specific to the materials in the kit. I loved making these. I should find the necklace I kept and wear it today.

Blog Beauty

Lastly, the Daisychain ABCs Sampler Pattern is always available as a downloadable PDF. It is done in crewelwork, with Appletons crewel wool, which you can find here and in other places online and on Etsy. It's kind of fun to stitch with at this time of year because it's wooly and kind of craggy and really makes you feel like you're close to the source (sheep) somehow. And sheep always make me glad it's spring.

Okay guys, I'm going to stop now and let you go. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you so much for your interest and your orders (in advance, and in the past) over all of these many years! Thank you for indulging my parade of past designs, as well. I get kind of emotional seeing the seasonal stuff all collected together. It gets me in the mood for the season, and oh my goodness would you believe it — the sun just came out! Wah! [Sobs, grateful tear.]

P.S. I forgot to tell you that we've reprinted and kitted The Stitcher's RSVP and it is also in the shop while supplies last!

Cover jpg web blog


I love Whan That Aprille and its 3 companions. I buy many of your kits and patterns, and that has turned into more of a collection of projects not yet done. But I stitched all four of these and just haven't done anything with them. Not even framed them.

I just cannot work on linen, so have mostly stopped buying the kits as I end up buying aida cloth and giving the linen to a more experienced, patient and talented stitcher friend.

I just remembered the tabby cat one I must stitch up next. The kitty looks like my cat, Fern. I love her name, but she came with it.

How I wish I might cross stitch or embroider because your patterns are lovely. There are too many other projects in other media for me to complete, but I always enjoy seeing your latest creation. They are such a reflection of you.

I think Aprille might not sell because of the use of black. It feels a tad heavy - which is not consistent with your work.

Ohhhh...I want to stitch Little Women and the other books when they are ready! You have the most charming designs, Alicia. And I still have a twinge when reminded of Daisy Kingdom - it was my fav Portland stop after Powell's, while my husband went to his music and electronics stores. We would have breakfast in an old house that was next to a perfumery(?). Good old days 😊

Ooh,these are all so lovely, and some of them particularly so.Spring Spendour and Little women are my favourites (a much loved book that I read so many times now). Funny though, I cannot stand the latest film of it. I look forward to the others in the series.I wish I had the stamina and eyesight for these I really do.They are all so sweet, and you work so hard at them, but how lovely to know that 'you' created all these.

I think there are definitely people who are attracted by black backgrounds too, so no worries there. People should go where the flow takes them with their work I think - why should people not do something different or unusual?

I am definitely not a stitcher, but if I was these are the kits I would be working on! Maybe when I retire and have more time I can start a new hobby. You probably are already aware of this podcast, but if not I think you would love it. Fruity knitting. This YouTube episode is about a visit to PEI and includes a visit to the birthplace and museum of Ann of Green Gables, a woolen mill, alpaca farm and a fascinating discussion of saltwater knitting.
Prince Edward Island & Saltwater Mittens - Ep. 126 - Fruity Knitting.

Thank you for all the joy your posts bring. Even just looking at these beautiful samplers makes me feel calm and peaceful. You are such a brilliant designer and business woman.

I never heard of moon gardening. I'll have to try it this year. Though, we had a 'wintery mix' today in Camas so I feel as though the gardening season will be very short this year.

DonnaRay Evans says: April 12, 2023 at 03:49 PM

I love your designs, Alicia! I used your Time of Flowers to make a wedding sampler for two gay women, one who grew up next door and was our son's best friend all through school. I left the sheep out, scooted one girl over and stitched a second holding hands under the wreath of flowers. They fit so well it was like you designed it for two brides! Both brides wore white wedding dresses so I stitched the dresses in white and the arch of flowers in soft pastels. I included the bleeding heart (their hearts are full of works with Hospice and the other with foster care). I didn't include the fiddlehead and other designs below. I just continued the tiny flowers down to balance it out a bit. The sampler came out beautifully and they loved it! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your family life, also. It's fun to watch you all grow!

I love Whan Than Aprille! It's one of my favorites of your designs. I bought it and plan to stitch it soon. When I worked for the newspaper here, one of the section staffs would recite the whole Prologue every spring.

Love it😘😘
Good article 😍🥰

I love all of your designs and your talent for sooo many things is amazing. I can't pinpoint why "Whan Than Aprille" isn't a great seller - I like it, but there is always something else you do that I love more and can't wait! I'm looking forward to the upcoming "Tender Years" calendar embroidery. I find it difficult to make time for all of my various stitching as well - there isn't enough hours in the day for sure! Happy Spring.

Jean Cogdill says: June 19, 2023 at 05:50 AM

I've been away awhile but I'm catching up on all your wonderful blog posts.
What a wonderful idea to do the book titles. Sooo many to choose from. I know that this may seem like a book for a younger child... but it really is good and the characters in it would be perfect for your creativity. What about Wind In The Willows? Good luck on all your wonderful projects.
Jean from Utah

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