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Hello dear friends! Are you as happy as I am that autumn has arrived? I know that not everyone withers and melts in the summer sunshine as I do. But honestly, I lovvvve it when it starts to cool down. I'm so happy when I come downstairs to make coffee in the early morning and can open the back door to that cold air and the sound of crows cawing as they commute back and forth across my neighborhood. I start to feel much more like myself when it's colder.

I've been working on all sorts of new things over the past few months. The first is the final installment of this year's seasonal series and it's called HARVEST MOON.


Harvest Moon is the fourth installment of my seasonal series of samplers (along with Evening Skate, Full-Moon Planting, and Summer Breeze) done on 32-count Belfast linen from Zweigart in Whisper with DMC floss. It has a stitch count of 138w x 168h and on 32-count fabric finishes with a design area of 8.63"w x by 10.5"h (22cm x27). It is also available as a downloadable PDF pattern.

I've also been working on an entirely new collection of mini cross-stitch patterns and kits for beginners and kids. This has been a dream of mine for quite a while and this summer I finally was able to dig into the idea and pull it together. Here are just some of the designs in little 3" hoops done on 8-and 14-count Aida cloth that are some of my favorites:


There are a lot more than these on my web site (and in my brand new Etsy shop) so please have a look! Kits include a printed pattern, Aida fabric, 3" hoop, all floss needed, felt for backing, a ribbon for tying, as well as a tapestry needle and needle threader, all packaged in a recloseable zipper bag so they (and you) can keep everything together and tidy.

Your Kit Includes w imagesBlog

Printed pattern in kit includesBlog

It was so much fun to test these kits out with some of my friends and their kids and see how excited the kids were to start and complete their projects, some of whom had never picked up a needle or hoop before. I just love this picture of beautiful Mila and her bird so much.


I don't know. That photo just almost brings a tear to my eye because . . . KIDS. They're all so sweet and brave and I love them so much. I really just wanted to do something cool for kids because they deserve some good, old-fashioned, analog, non-screen FUN!!! There are a lot more designs on my web site (and in my new Etsy shop) so please check them out! These will make great little presents and stocking stuffers for anyone! More will be coming for Christmas and winter.

Anyway, yes! I have opened my first Etsy shop! When I designed these new patterns and kits I knew I really wanted to get them in front of an audience that is searching for more beginner and kid-centric crafts, so I am really hoping to get some traffic in my Etsy shop. Even though I've had an e-commerce web site for Posie since 2000, I have never had an Etsy shop before and I am so nervous! Excited, but nervous (my resting state)!


When I started doing some research on Etsy this summer, I learned about print-on-demand products, as well, and I have been having so much fun designing some needlework swag in the form of tee shirts (as well as a burgeoning collection of mugs, and tote bags). These items are designed by me but printed to order and shipped directly from various "printing partners" around the country. (I use a company called Printify that manages that process). They will ship separately from other kits or supplies you might order from my shop. They all have FREE shipping right now, so please have a look through the tee shirts on my web site and the tee shirts, mugs, and tote bags in my Etsy shop and let me know what you think. :) I ordered several of the tee shirts and I love them so much. They are soft and comfortable and exactly what I wanted. I got one for Andy.


HOT, right? I know. :) Anyway, I am regularly cracking at least Andy and myself up while designing these, but if you have any ideas for a stitch tee shirt you would like to see, seriously let me know and I will try to make it. I have a running list of ideas and I will be making more in the next few weeks. I'm going to keep most of this swag in my Etsy shop because I think that's where most people are shopping for things like this.

Thank you guys so much for reading this far! This was long! Thank you for bearing with me. These always feel so impossible to write because they actually represent so much alone-time for me, kind of working in little pockets of time that I have and not really having the organization or wherewithal or time to share the process. But now that everyone is back in school and I have more time, I really want to do that more, and expand on the development process because it has been really, really fun. I have a lot more ideas and am currently working on getting my watercolor calendar I was working on last year printed, and I am excited to show you that, as well. Okay, now I will stop talking!!! Thank you!


OMG, Andy's shirt! SO GREAT! I love the one that says "I'm sorry for what I said I was counting." I am not a big graphic tee fan but that just rings my bell. MUST HAVE!

Oh, Alicia, as a person who saves every single one of those adorable Posie card tattoos that you send with your orders, I am over the moon that I can now have a Posie t-shirt 🥰🥰. Would love to see the Posie logo on totes and mugs as well. Love all of your designs and very excited about your Etsy shop - congratulations!

So many gorgeous things, as ever. And the picture of Andy is brilliant, just brilliant. Made me laugh out loud. CJ xx

That picture of Andy is the best! Love the kits, and hope the new shop goes well. The designs are great!

Alicia, the kits are SO AWESOME. I can't believe how much fun Mila had doing hers (and part of mine...). This is going to be a go-to gift for us. I'm so happy you're doing this! xoxoxo

OMG I love your cross stitch apparel! If in the print on demand - there are long sleeves or hoodies - I would be so stoked (I am perpetually freezing). Extra jazzhands for having meaningful extended sizes.

I would love to see your sweet style coupled with holidays -- maybe a sweet creepy cross stitch or sweet merry cross stitch. I am presently wrapping up "no spend September" but in a couple cart awaits me!

For the mugs - I don't know if a cross stitch pattern would show up as lovely as the quilt squares - but that would also be awesome.

Jenni Kelly says: September 28, 2023 at 03:06 PM

That shot of Andy in the kitters cross stitch tee is EVERYTHING.

Suzanne Russell says: September 29, 2023 at 11:07 AM

I think Andy needs a shirt that says “quilting is my passion” too! Love the crossstitch one!

Oh, these kits are wonderful. That's how my daughter learned to crosstitch only I had to make her kits myself. We would have loved these. Also love all your new stuff. I have loved your patterns & followed
your blog for many years. Love keeping up with your precious daughter- have been here since the beginning. You have so much talent and motivational. Enjoyed it all thru the years.❤︎

OMG that pic of Andy is the best!!! So many beautiful items. I live that you are doing kid kits. There was a real gap in the market there so I'm sure they are going to be hugely popular!

I haven't stopped thinking about the adorable mouse birthday party guest since I saw it a week ago. So adorable, I love your aesthetic so much.

I love these little cross stitch patterns for children. I taught the girls (waaaaay back when) using little Christmas ornament patterns. My late mother would also sing your praises because she always said a good cross stitch designer did not need to rely on backstitching.

I am so happy to hear about your new Etsy shop!! Are you going to have the dolls and doll dresses at the Etsy shop too? Love those t-shirts with the Posie logo! I too like the temps in the Fall! Wishing all the success!!

Sally Berg says: October 10, 2023 at 03:38 PM

Thank you for blogging! I have followed you for years. Thank you also for designing for kids/beginners. I started cross stitching when I was a young teen and am still loving it 45 years later! I appreciate you!

Dying!!! Absolutely love this Andy photo. He's a cross-stitch boss.

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