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January 4


January 12

A swirling, whirling, freezing, twirling, wonderful, beautiful blur indeed! Forgive me for being away from here for so long! The days have just disappeared in a whoosh of wind and wonder that has turned into, yeah, an ice storm. The photo above is the current state of my mudroom roof, which is pretty scary. I know much of the country is experiencing wild weather right now. I'm on Day 8 of literally not leaving my house, even to go on the (icy) porch. It started with snow and really heavy wind last weekend, and has turned into inches and inches of ice, all over town. School has been closed for over a week, along with canceled ballet lessons and rescheduled doctors' appointments and store shelves absolutely empty of fresh produce. Andy had to work on Tuesday and was able to make it in to work (he takes the bus, which is generally one of the only ways to get around town during a "weather event" like this, as Portland doesn't plow side streets or salt roads) but planned to sleep over at the hospital that night, which he did (that's him, in the hospital gym-turned-employee-hostel). He started his shift the next morning at 2:30 a.m. and was able to make it home the following night, during another lull in the freeze. Conditions are far worse now, so I'm relieved and grateful that he's home (at least until Sunday, when he'll have to go back).

I hope you are all home and warm and safe! My two local friend-group chats have been on overdrive for the past week, as we all navigate lockdown/power outages/nearby fallen trees (Portland has literally lost hundreds of trees this week, and the beautiful picnic shelter where I had Amelia's birthday party a few years ago has been destroyed) and really, really bored children. I've been keeping myself very, very busy preparing some new things for a Valentine's Day launch, coming soon! I've been making soap, earrings, quilt hoops, painted candles, and hand-dyed embroidery floss and having a fantastic time letting myself explore and indulge in some new mediums. I cannot wait to show you. It's been a bit challenging to take photos in literally near-dark conditions, but thank goodness we have had our power on all week, which is much, much more than many of my friends and neighbors can say. So, I'm going to go now and keep working while my electricity continues to stay on, and I bid you all a very happy new year, and hope you are staying cozy and content, and I send you all every wish for wonderful 2024!

(And thank you SO, so much for all of your calendar orders last month — I can't even tell you how stunned and grateful I am for how the calendars were received. They are sold out now but I will definitely bring them back for 2025. Really, truly — thank you so much. XO)


We're in the same boat-luckily I did a massive grocery shopping the week before all this started. My husband works from home and our daughter is off at college, so it's been a restful and quiet week. I know not everyone is so lucky and my heart goes out to them.

We managed to get a bit of ice but I'm so thankful Texas did not pull a 2021 again and what you are seemingly also going through.

I’ve made an audible sigh of relief, and another happier sigh of pleasure… so glad you are managing through this epic event, and managing to blog, to boot!
You have my sympathy and respect. I will always have a crush on your fair city, but I don’t doubt these are challenging days!

Ice is super scary. Thank goodness you didn't lose power on top of it.

We've had lots of snow here in northeast IL this month and sub-zero temps all week. After being housebound for several days, I finally sucked it up and bundled up and went out grocery shopping. Then yesterday to TJ Maxx and today to the bread shop and then a thrift store. Had cabin fever!

Curious as to why Portland doesn't plow side streets or salt roads?

So happy to hear from you! You've been missed! I hope you keep power. That sounds tense.

Oh, goodness! What wild weather! Hoping you continue to have power. I am so intrigued by those earrings and can’t wait to see what you’re up to for the shop.

Whoa. That's a serious ice dam you've got on the roof! Hoping and praying the thaw comes soon! Winter storms can certainly be alarming (no matter how accustomed to them as I am, here in WI). I love winter — but not always!

Michaelanne says: January 21, 2024 at 08:49 AM

I'm so thankful to see you are safe and warm...That was quite a storm!!! We got snow..which I will take any day over ice! The wind knocked down hundreds of trees here..power lines down...Our fence blew over..4x4 posts snapped like twigs! Our hospital continued on with the staff shortages..SO thankful for everyone who makes it in safe in these conditions! Bless Andy! His smile is so heartwarming!
Your creativity is such a joy and a gift to see!!! I missed out on a sad about that!! It looks like the shop is going to be chock full of beauty soon! Thank you for everything!

Oh yes, I am in Portland too and it has been quite the week. Some of my kids and their families have been staying with us due to loss of power. How sad to hear about the picnic many trees have fallen all over! It can be scary. Looking forward to your Valentine launch - I am certain you will have some beautiful things to share.

Mary Jane Smith says: January 22, 2024 at 09:52 AM

I hear you! We have had a ton of snow here in Idaho the last few weeks. A neighbor came by on Saturday afternoon to dig my car out so I was finally able to go somewhere. No ice though thankfully. Do you make your soap in your kitchen? Is it safe to make in a kitchen since it has lye in it? What soap recipe do you use? I've been thinking of trying my hand at soap making. :-)

Bonnie Kramer says: January 23, 2024 at 11:32 PM

Hey there, so glad you are all okay. I was wondering and a bit concerned something was not right. winter! I do love it though. It's time to pull in and do all those things that the garden can't pull us away from. Dream of spring. Hope you thaw soon though. Happy to hear you're all healthy and happy. Stay in touch. It's bread making time.....any good recipes to share?

I love that you have a whole box of pink embroidery floss! Hope the ice is all gone by now!
Happy new year! xoxo

Happy new year! I love all your beautiful creativity and the breakthroughs that happen when I experiment. Heading your way next Monday through Wednesday for a last visit before our daughter heads off on her study abroad program and then…May graduation. Gads! Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday we were carefully consulting your Portland to-do recommendations list and visiting favorite parks, shops and restaurants. xo

Happy New Year to you and your family!! We had a terrible time with ice and horribly cold temps here in the central North. It got to -26 and a lot colder with the wind chill effect. Lovely photos like always! Agatha is so cute and your daughter loves her I can see that. Many thanks, Alicia!

Lovely to find a new post from you.

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