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Doing not much. Knitting and knitting and knitting. I have so many chores I should be getting to but . . . it's January. I just want to knit. So I am. And trying not to feel guilty about that. I'll catch up (won't I?) in February. . . .

Cinnamon rolls from Scandikitchen Fika and Hygge cookbook :: Sweet little baby Mimi :: Shawl is My Shetland Adventure pattern in Sunday Knits Angelic fingering in aqua :: Breakfast with my loves at our favorite, Besaw's :: Illustrations from My First Little House Books (which I like as much if not more than the original novels) Going West and Sugar Snow :: Andy and Mimi at the store right now getting ingredients for chicken soup tonight, as we all try to stay healthy :: Ranunculus sweater yoke in Arranmore Fine in progress :: Watched all of the first season of Victoria. Wow. So good!

Anyone watching or listening to good knitting podcasts? I am familiar with Woolful, The Gentle Knitter, and Kammebornia. Are there any others I should check out?


Goodness, those cinnamon-y swirly rolls look out of this world! And your knitting is also faboo.. I'm crocheting a blanket and enjoying it. Don't worry.. all those things you think you need to be doing will still be there when this month is over. :-) Have a super weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I always have the urge to knit in January as well, I think it's deep down in our DNA, the urge to surround ourselves with wool in winter. Have a lovely weekend, stay warm. CJ xx

Did you know that there is a new Little House novel for adults? It's called 'Caroline: Little House Revisited' and tells the story, beginning at the same time as the Little House in the Big Woods book (I think I'm right about this 🤔), but tells the story from Caroline's perspective. It's a great retelling that makes Caroline a nuanced, thinking character. I read it in a few days, I think it really does the original book series justice. I'm hoping this will become a new, adult targeted Little House series.
Always love reading your blog!

those buns look so yummy! I like watching Strikketerapi podcast, can't understand them but they are fun to watch, love their projects.

I have to have that cookbook!! I looked it up and it looks fabulous! Enjoy your chicken soup tonight - we've been eating lots of it this winter. Happy weekend!

I know what you mean about the Little House Books. I'm a fifty-something mom of boys, but found myself purchasing the Going to Town book at an estate sale. I'm hoping to have grand-girls someday to share my love of Little House with them. But I did read all the books to my boys when they were in elementary school. I didn't figure out till recently that I have an ancester who also lived as a little girl in Wisconsin about the same time as Laura, which make her stories all the more special to me. FYI - did you know that Nellie Oleson is buried in Forest Grove, Or? Love your blog & everything you make.

Any McDowell (creatively.Amy on instagram) says: January 19, 2018 at 03:08 PM

FiberTrek is a great podcast along with Ninja Chickens and Little Bobbins Knits. Some good audio podcasts are Squam, very Pink Knits, The Sweet Georgia Show, 2 Knit Lit Chicks and the best one in my opinion is Knitting Pipeline. Hope you find some you enjoy! Happy Knitting!!

Oh, Little House on the Prairie has always been my favorite! Homemade cinnamon rolls too! I've never listened to a knitting pod cast, sounds interesting. I also have't seen Victoria, maybe one of these rainy afternoons! Enjoy your January calm : )

heritage hall says: January 19, 2018 at 03:16 PM

Oh my goodness....Baby Mimi was a gorgeous treasure to begin with.
Beautiful inside and out...No wonder you cherish her so....

We love the Little House series so much- really the perfect family read-aloud...

The Knit Show with Vickie Howell is pretty great!

“Sew Sweet Violet” is a very good podcast as is “Little Bobbins.”. They are both ladies in England and do the most incredible knitting and sewing. Both are very quiet spoken and have a very sweet and calming manner.
I’m having the same sort of January. I just want to hibernate and play with my yarn. The rest will be waiting for me when I’m able to face it.
Blessings, Betsy

deborah wolff says: January 19, 2018 at 06:49 PM

what are those little white things on top of the cinnamon rolls?

I can't wait to read everyone's podcast suggestions! Sew Sweet Violet was the gateway for me :) Kammebornia is awesome and new to me! Any garment sewing ones out there?

Forgive the double comment, but Loop and Bar is also very good!

Violet Bolt says: January 19, 2018 at 07:42 PM

Sweet baby picture. She looks just like an Eloise Wilkin illustration!

Kammebornia is my favorite podcast but there are so many more that I enjoy. Little Bobbins, The Charm of It, Fruity Knitting, The Charm of It, Knitography, Sew Sweet Violet, Stitched In Sweden, Homespun House are just a few to get you started. They're all great podcasts. Hope you will check them out. January knitting is the best!! Happy weekend to you and yours.

Stephanie Kirk says: January 19, 2018 at 09:41 PM

January is so relaxing. I always hope for a big snow so we can all stay in. I agree A Homespun House is great as is a newer one called a Wooden Nest. I salon love Woo, Needles, Hands and Kristy Glass Knits!

I love Little House!
I am knitting a simple little roll brim hat. One for the chemo center and one for my own head if I like it. I have chemo every third week and try to take something to give away each time... hats, books, magazines, whatever I find that I think someone might enjoy.
Be blessed,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
in remission, but still taking treatments.

Dear Alicia,
I love Mandarine’s podcast from the lovely Melody. She’s very sweet and talented!
I do remember your Mimi from the time she was a baby!!Precious!
I’m just reading the whole story of little house on the prairie to My daughter for the second time. Moments that I’m so grateful for..💕💕
Have a lovely day
(Sconeswiththewind in IG)

Oh, sometimes, doing not much is just right. It's been much the same here with a fair old bit of soup making and knitting going on in between the dog walking. Stay cosy!

As usual, so many beautiful images in your posts! I highly recommend Carie from 'The Creative Obsession ' podcast! She is a very talented knitter, quilter, yarn dyer, etc. on the west coast!

Plenty! All of it lovely.

have you heard of the Grocery girls podcast? they are interesting...

Definitely Jooles of Sew Sweet Violet. While reading one of YOUR blog posts a few years ago, I noticed her comment and clicked on her name. (Who knows why!) It took me to her blog, and I think she was just beginning her podcasts on You Tube. Until then, I didn't know this world of crafty/knitting video podcasts existed. Now, I cannot imagine NOT knowing about them. Thank you, Alicia! Sew Sweet Violet, Little Bobbins Knits, Little Tailoress, A Homespun House are probably my favorites. The first three are in the UK, and Molly lives in Germany but is from WI. (It's fun to see what it's like to live in other places of the world.)
BTW, I LOVE your blog, Alicia; it really IS a cozy place to visit. I am continually inspired by your creativity and your photography.
Sending hugs from another native Chicago-area person,

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